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  1. Truthwatchers - Keenspren Skybreakers - Starspren
  2. Funny, I kind of see Nale as more of an anti-hero.
  3. Agreed, maybe a mercy killing because he was going insane and she just happened to form plans around that?
  4. I don't think it will be social darwinism as the definition is in favour of things like political conservatism and imperialism. Both things that go against growth and passion. I'd argue more of Ultra Darwinism like Spartan-Era Eugenics and social acceptance/indifference of cannabilism when necessary.
  5. For some reason I don't think Odium 'killed' Honor the way we think. Perhaps the God of law broke a fundamental big one and Honor thinks Odium was the cause and Odium just took credit for it. Just spitballing, hardly any thought to this.
  6. Completely agree.
  7. The fused that battled Jasnah used Progression. I agree if Odium had his own surge it would replace Adhesion.
  8. Oh not at all. I was disputing that their connection about the Dustbringers and Skybreakers sharing a surge just because they have dubious standards hardly means there's a connection to Odium. This thread after all is arguing for Odium's surge not Cultivation, hence my confusion. As for the Progression it's possible but I was focusing on the example rather than the idea itself and the explanation for me doesn't hold weight. But it's possible I guess.
  9. I agree, typing this up I knew I was grasping at straws as I was trying to keep the theme of protection and I was thinking, 'what is the next step after protecting people from external threats, subjective protection and acceptance of helplessness in some situations.' Maybe with Kal's new life path he seems to be taking, 'I will protect the best way possible.' On the other hand, the choice of wording might be what exactly sets ideal five against the rest.
  10. Maybe or maybe she's just farther along her ideals like Kaladin. Lift had sworn the third ideal not long after Kaladin, who knows how far she's progressed. The surges themselves had nothing to do with Kaladin and Lift being conscious otherwise Teft who was also pretty far along wouldn't have been passed out for so long. I'm finding it difficult to understand where you're trying to go with this point and how it relates to the OP.
  11. Yes, she is a unique case because she's the only radiant that uses Lifelight to fuel her Surgebinding hence why she cna only invest when she eats food.
  12. No RoW pretty much made this open and shut. If there is a 'unique' surge to a Shard, it's Adhesion for Honor. Dustbringers are actually neutral. Skybreakers just happen to be following a crazy millenia old man cos he's the most based Skybreaker available which isn't saying much.
  13. Not sure if I have much to go off of this but I think it will be something like "I will lead by example." We forget that other big attribute for Windrunners is leadership and the best way to lead is by being something that people want to aspire to. This also ties into protecting people from themselves as with a lack of positive role models you tend to lean towards quite a few things you'll regret.
  14. Bondsmiths - Gloryspren? Windrunners - Windspren Skybreakers - Starspren? Dustbringers - Flamespren? Edgedancers - Keenspren? Truthwatchers - Rainspren? Lightweavers - Creationspren? Elsecallers - Logicspren? Willshapers - Musicspren? Stonewards - Stonespren?
  15. What? Surge spren?