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  1. Thanks! Fav books are stormlight archives, my favourite characters are Vasher, Jasnah, Hoid and Kelsier.least favourite is probably Shallan. I honestly don't think I can pick a favourite magic system, probably mistborns allomancy though if I had to choose
  2. Hey y'all Just thought I would finally do one of these,im very awkward and not confident whatsoever at making posts so that is probably why this took over a year of being a member to do, starting to come out of my shell a bit more with all the RoW chapters coming out now lol, I dont have any "cosmere aware" friends to talk with so that may have something to do with it. I've read all the cosmere books so the group has kind of become an obsession with me in between books, I swear I could mindlessly scroll on here for hours searching for answers to questions. Anyways just wanted to finally say hello to all of you and that I absolutley LOVE being a part of this, makes me feel good that there are people as obsessed as I am haha
  3. I was thinking this same thing when I read that, I might be wrong but I can't see either one being interested in eachother romantically, Hoid is obviously coaching her and teaching her about the cosmere, Navani knows next to nothing about the cosmere or Hoids place in it so she couldn't possibly understand Jasnahs interest in Hoid. I would even speculate Hoid is the influencer in Jasnah freeing the Alethi slaves.
  4. It just seems to perfect a situation to me, with his ability to escape undetected it wouldnt be hard for him to release important information. Anyone who knows the blackthorn would know that the help of a talented general and tactician would be appealing to him and would be a good way to get into the high ranks very quickly, we still don't know details about exactly what happened in Herdaz. Almost instantly the mink was able to divert everyone away from the original objective, Alethkar. His reasons made sense but it seemed to easy.
  5. Its possible the mink is a spy, something seems fishy about it
  6. I think Hoid should set up in Urithiru as a psychiatrist. Its obviously needed and i think he is the only one qualified
  7. So Kal gave Yunfah 10 days and Dalinar gave Kal 10. Im hoping that there may be something more than irony at work here. Perhaps the decisions conflict eachotger somehow? Maybe Yunfah decision helps Kaladin at the last minute?
  8. It may be a sleepless thats trying to contact Navani but in the same note it doesn't really seem like there style,I know we have seen very little from them but it seems more likely that one would meet her face to face...or cremling to face at least. I would think that they would use scare tactics beyond simple threats or at least disguise themselves to talk to Navani. Could even be that there is one amongst Dalinars men and its watching Navani, could be the agent providing info to Iali
  9. For the people who are asking if Moash bonded with a pain spren, is that possible? I may have missed something but I thought they cant form a bond with "lesser spren".
  10. Am i the only only one hoping for a love interest with Kaladin and Leshwi?? I mean is that to weird for me to hope for lol tell me if I'm to far off here but I defenitley felt some tension
  11. Hello there