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  1. Ya Bokoblins and Moblins are both pigish creatures but they were originaly Dog monsters. Wonder why they changed it.
  2. Hey McWafy! Could you possibly rearrange your signature, or move some of it to your About Me? We're trying to keep them shorter. ^_^ 

    1. McWafy


      Sure thing! No problem. :D

    2. AonEne
  3. Ugh... Thats sooo frustrating!
  4. Wow this thread grows fast.
  6. Yay! This thread is not dead! I am Playing my second three heart run in Majoras Mask and it is my 6th or 7th playthrough of the game! My Favorite 3d Zeldas are probably MM, OoT, TP, WW. Minish Cap is my favorite 2d Zelda game. Hence my Profile pic.
  7. Thats like saying: Heart or Lungs ?
  8. Meesa also in school. *chortles mischievously* *wins*
  9. Nothing is true-er than this.
  10. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaffles.........................
  11. That is profound my friend.
  12. yee chortles
  13. *Chortles with devine defiance*