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  1. @The Traveller For sure will do. About 8 hours left give or take.
  2. @Wander89 Short for Cytomorphenstein actually, a sort of online nom de plume Ive used for various forums and gaming for about a decade or so. Sorry to dissapoint.
  3. @Honorless thanks for the heads up, I will most definitely check it out!
  4. @ILuvHats I should say I am not a fan of Shallan but I like Vale and Pattern just fine. My favorite character? Oh man, its super tough to pick. Out of the major characters I may have to say Dalinar right now. Of the support characters, three way tie between moash szeth and rock. @Honorless I grabbed the graphic novel on kindle sp I could read it on my tablet. I like Oathbringer but so far before finishing it, Words of Radiance is still my favorite.
  5. You arent bad at all, but the wrong hand is covered
  6. Hello all. I am Cyto. It took a long time and three people to convince me to read the Way of Kings, about three years. After having thoroughly exhausted the the Song of Ice and Fire materials, I geared myself up for an epic conclusion to a high fantasy adaptation and was utterly destroyed by the lackluster conclusion. I had a hole in my soul that hungered for decent high fantasy and decided to give the way of kings a try. Thank you to P.D. for sending me the paperback for Xmas. Thank you N.S. for telling me that I ought to have it read to me like a real Alethi man, and thank you B.M. for picking them up alongside me so Id have someone to talk to incessantly about it. I havent finished Oathbringer yet but am close, NO SPOILERS!!! (Wags finger). I HATE Shallan.
  7. I am a Dustbringer, a Releaser. My Spren is Knell. I have spoken my 2nd Ideal. 

    "Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination"

    "I suffer no evil to thrive, I break the unjust bond, stone to ash" 


    The Way of Kings

    Words of Radiance



    In progress:

    Oathbringer ~80%

    White Sands ~5%

    1. Invocation


      Hey if you've thought through Oaths like that, you should come RP in the Alleyverse with us!

    2. Cyto


      Im confused as to why this is crossed out, but okay. I was actually debating making a roll20 game when I finished oathbringer so I would be down. 

    3. Honorless


      Don't forget to read Warbreaker!