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  1. okay, I just finished it, and I just have a few questions to clear everything up: How long before Way of Kings is this? this is only a few hundred years after Nightblood is created, and then it needs to travel to Roshar... Also, speaking of Way of Kings, does breath act like stormlight, in a way? In the Way of Kings, you need a great amount of stormlight to be able to hold Nightblood, and on Nalthis, you need a great amount of breaths to wield him.
  2. Oooh. Now I see
  3. Just a thought. Not all of us are going to be alive when the Cosmere is finished. Heck, BRANDON might not even be alive!! There's so much that needs to happen, that he might have to pass of the Cosmere to another author
  4. Okay. Right after Siri starts talking to Susebron, she asks "Scoot" what happened to the other God Kings. The answer she gets is that they gave up their breath. One God King supposedly gave up his breath to cure some diseases. What troubles me about this is this. How? I thought maybe one of his breaths went to one of the people who were sick, and the extra breath helped heal their sickness. But if that's the case, then what happens to the thousands of other breaths once all the sick people are cured? And if that's the case, (him giving up his breaths to help the sick people) isn't contact needed to transfer a breath? He can only give up his breath once, and it's all or nothing.
  5. I'm not yet done with the book, but I just wanted to ask this question. Can anybody become an Awakener? I assume all you have to do is have an extra few breaths, which you can gain by buying them. but is that it? Is that all you need?
  6. Okay. I'm just trying to get my facts about Odium straight. He is the shard of hatred, and is going about the cosmere killing the other shards, trying to become the last "god". but then he made a deal with Honor, that if he could get a bondsmith to let him go, then he could leave, but then the desolation happened, and he got stuck on Roshar. yes?
  7. Hello! I don't know why you would be reading this, cause I probably won't be submitting answers to any questions. But. If you are, then hello!! I'm very into Sanderson writing, and I'm working my way to buying all his published works. I absolutely love Rock music, but only if it's clean. I have many questions about the Cosmere, so I look forward to hearing from you guys


  8. I'm kinda confused on Hoid. I know he's traveling the cosmere, collecting types of investiture, but do we know his final goal? I've heard that he's trying to keep all the shards separate, and I've heard that he's trying to gather them together. help?
  9. Hello! I'm a huge Sanderfan, and I'm almost done with the cosmere. I have Warbreaker, Elantris, and the Arcanum Unbounded left. I have many questions that slowly get answered by my friend every other day, so I'm excited to join the 17thShard!
  10. Hello All!! I'm not new to Sanderson and the Cosmere, but I am new to how everything connects. Can someone please explain to me the background of the Cosmere? ie. Adonalsium, the shattering, shard planets, etc.