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  1. It was so cute. Hope your marriage is going well!
  2. Thank you so much!! My friend will love it!
  3. Hello! I'm not sure this is the best forum for this question, so forgive me if it isn't. I'm looking for that coppermind article of Eric (Chaos) proposing to Jess (LadyLameness). It was really cute, and I want to show my friend. Any idea where I can find it? If I can find it at all?
  4. just because of how powerful the fullborn is, I figure the best way to even out the odds is to give the radiant spren bonds. and as many sets of plate as is reasonably possible
  5. Who would win in a fight? A Fullborn or a Knight Radiant with all 10 surges? To keep the fight fair, each contender will have had 1 year with their full capabilities. The fight will take place where there is enough metal for the Fullborn to move around, but not enough to make it unfair. To start of with, the Fullborn will have full metalminds, and full metal reserves. The Radiant will have maxed Stormlight as well. Considering the healing capabilities, the fight will end when someone has "decapitated" their opponent. They are NOT aware of each other's capabilities. Please keep in mind that the Fullborn would be from Era 2, and would have access to the new metals such as cadmium, bendalloy, nicrosil, etc.
  6. So, I know that it's possible for a Mistborn to burn a shardblade, but this is my question. If you were a Mistborn and a Knight Radiant, (like Hoid) could you burn a shardblade without summoning the blade into the physical realm? Would this only work for shard-bearers that aren't Knights? Would this harm your spren?
  7. ooooh. okay. thank you so much. that answers a lot
  8. I love the responses, but where in the books is this mentioned?
  9. I recently saw this meme, and I couldn't remember where this Hoid mentions instant noodles. Do any of you know?
  10. okay, makes sense. But where did it go? Why don't we see it in Elantris?
  11. Okay, I just finished Emperor's Soul. I'm a little confused as to what happened to soul stamping. In the story, it mentions "Aon" Reo, which I think is the Aon for Destruction. But that doesn't matter. Did soul stamping just evolve INTO Aons? they both are typically the same Idea. You draw a stamp/Aon and then an action happens. Is soul stamping the old version of Aons?
  12. Ire

    If they're from Elantris, why do they end up on Scadrial? Also, where is this mentioned?
  13. Ire

    Okay. I haven't quite yet finished Emporer's Soul, but in the prologue of it, Kriss mentions the Ire. These people also appear in Mistborn: Secret History. Is there a connection? Kriss appears in Secret History, and I believe (it's been a while) she advises Kelsier to go to the Ire. What could a people in the.. spiritual realm(?) know about the planet of Sel?
  14. Kinda unimportant question. Is there an Aon for sound? I was just thinking.(SPOILERS FOR THE RITHMATIST AHEAD) In the Rithmatist, there is a drawing that sucks out sound. do you think an Aon could do that? if so, and if it exists, what does it look like??
  15. okay, I just finished it, and I just have a few questions to clear everything up: How long before Way of Kings is this? this is only a few hundred years after Nightblood is created, and then it needs to travel to Roshar... Also, speaking of Way of Kings, does breath act like stormlight, in a way? In the Way of Kings, you need a great amount of stormlight to be able to hold Nightblood, and on Nalthis, you need a great amount of breaths to wield him.