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  1. I think because it gives you a better idea of the actual lenght. For example a book could have 300 pages but lot of drawings or ilustrations
  2. I ve read a lot, not anymore because I get tired that things never changes (at least in marvel and dc). I read more manga (at the moment only one piece tho )
  3. It s amazing, but not, i found it searching for stormlight 8 bit
  4. still reading the first one (half way). Nice magic sistem, and I m loving the art (the colors used are great)
  5. this is usefull "agree in spanish"
  6. A friend printed for me, now just need painting
  7. I first read Misborn era 1. I find him searching in google for good phantasy books. I loved his style and his magic system and well... everything (except the edgy character from book 2)
  8. hahha maybe, there is a ton of bookd in backlog (and games and series) Thanks Well i can say the cover is nice, maybe today i ll start it
  9. noted really want to keep reading but at the same time i don t want to run out of books, so im reading Abercrombie too
  10. thanks for the advices. Well in that case i will read edgedancer and oathbringer after White sand (and i think a few stories from arcanum)
  11. Yes sounds good but was confusing when I was looking for the spanish version, so i ended reading it in english hehe. I m reading the graphic novel, didnĀ“t know about the prose version
  12. Hello all, new here. Reading White Sands (already finished: Elantris, Warbreaker (for an unknown reason called "The Breath of the gods" here), Mistborn Era 1, The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance)