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  1. We thought about Elend and the only reason that we did not go with that is because Elend means misery in German.
  2. Good afternoon everyone! I'm just dropping in to introduce myself and shout my fandom to the world. Well, I've kinda already done that, but you know. I first read Brandon Sanderson when he completed the Wheel of Time, after Robert Jordan died. I was so impressed with how he picked up that story, that I started reading everything I can get my hands on. My husband is a huge fan, and when we got pregnant we decided to name out son Kaladin Elias. We chose Elias, after Elyas from the WoT series, and it also allows us to call him Kal-El. Some of my family and friends expressed doubt when we told them Kal's name, but when I told them that I had pushed for Kaladin, when my hubby really wanted to name him Waxillium, they agreed that Kaladin is a good name. I'm currently reading/listening to the Stormlight Archive for the 3rd time. I have a long commute and have a job that allows me to listen while I do mindless calculations, so I probably listen to 30+ hours of audiobook a week. I have read and/or listened to all of the Cosmere books. This last reading of Stormlight Archive (I'm just getting into Words of Radiance right now), has also inspired me to really look at the worlds closer. Everytime i go through the books, I pick up something new that I had never thought about before.