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  1. So it's mentioned that Odium is on braze. Braze being the planet next furthest from the Rosharan star. It is also mentioned odium is trapped in bonds he cannot break. The problem is that Odium can't use his full power with these bonds. Odium is definitely very powerful - enough to shatter Honour and send cultivation into hiding- but how much exactly can he do? He maintains much power with his army, and can still appear like he is on (planet) Roshar Once again, if this discussion happened before please enter a link
  2. I have to say, this is of course personal preference Though the difference in battle strategy is windrunners are very much scouts (adhesion and gravitation) , while Skybreakers (having division as well as gravitation) Now comes to the oaths, we can all agree that the Skybreakers imitate nale, who is -or was- justice. The Skybreakers follow an external code, no matter how fundimentally flawed. The windrunners imitate jezrien himself, the king of heralds. How this works in differencr to the other orders, who follow their leaders personalities, the windrunners are not leaders or kings, but rather scouts as I mentioned earlier. The windrunners, follow their own code, what they think is right, which can also be flawed, as nale said himself that men are flawed. There may actually be some kind of moral clash between Kaladin and Szeth later on. Though I am a fan of the Skybreakers (hence the username) there isn't really a better option
  3. Thanks
  4. Thanks, though in Warbreaker 'vasher' a specifies that they do not know much of breath, and I know other theories that stormlight is simply hundreds of breaths, maybe in Warbreaker if someone was to reach (X) heightening they may somehow find the ability to soulcast. This theory wa powered by how Nightblood still consumed stormlight but (it seems to be) a slower rate Though that's a wierd idea, my point is that anything relating to breaths we can't be entirely sure about, as they don't know about breaths themselves, in Warbreaker they also find that the returned Are also unknown to them. Though I do not know much of past conversations so I can't be entirely sure this hasnt already been disproved.
  5. I was rereading today and found something strange in the book. at the part when Shallan fights off the unmade Re-Shephir she theorises that the unmade was searching for something it lost. Now this matches close to how the inquisitors and koloss where described. Trying to find what they had lost in themselves. I'm not too sure why this would be of massive importance, but it suggests odium - or another being on roshar - knows how to use Hemulargy. This could lead on to something In future on roshar, though I can't yet figure it out
  6. stormlight

    Thanks, this has been really helpful
  7. If it was me I would probably choose Azir , I would chose a vorin nation but their restrictions on men reading are too much
  8. stormlight

    Note: I am a bit new to this, if there was already a discussion on this please send a link So I was re-reading Oathbringer today and had a sudden realisation that we dont know all of the Orders Surges. all we really know are the surges of those in the book, and we dont know some of the second surges (eg. Lightweaver has the surges of Illusion and Transformation, but what about Dustbringers?) What I have been able to peice together (Note: I did this earlier in like 15 mins, so If you see something wrong please tell me) Windrunner: Surges of Gravitation and -(Not sure) Lightweaver: Surges of Illumination and Transformation Edgedancer: Surges of Transportation and -(Not sure) Dustbringer: Surges of Division and -(Not sure) Skybreaker: Surges of Gravitation and Division Bondsmith: Do they even have surges? are they just all of them? So basically any theories, etc.? Also if someone has all of the Orders Glyphs that would be great