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  1. You know, its slightly sad to start doing all the math just to realize at the end that the answer is infinity. Also brandon has stated that the shards could have been shattered into different numbers and different intents so do that math......
  2. Wait so does the you get one or them all still work. I mean just because we haven't seen one with 2 of the 16 normal metals (a very small percentage) doesn't mean it can't happen with one of the other.......
  3. Has he said anything about what happens if you alloy Lerasium with Aluminum?
  4. If you read this with a dark tone or thought then it makes it sound really bad. lol.
  5. With the "!" it gives us an undefined error.
  6. You know.... Nightblood is a tool....
  7. Dare: Give a random person a hug.
  8. Dare: Draw a comic strip but the only thing allowed to be in the comic strip are things in the room you in. Does that make sense?
  9. Truth: When was the biggest lie you have ever told. Dare: Walk on your hands for the next 5 minutes. Truth: Have you ever gone skydiving? Dare: Next time you see someone you love speak all of your sentances to them backwards.
  10. It took me 30 seconds to realize it wasn't going to resolve.
  11. Ok. Thanks for the advice! I didn't know there was other books.
  12. I'm going to challenge you. I'd like a meme. Best of luck!
  13. Hey!! Welcome to the shard! What books have you read and what is your favorite?
  14. Any dune readers out there? Just found it and I love it!!!
  15. True true.