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    I thought this said IQ and I got excited.

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    I swim competitively. If I'm not swimming I either have my head in a book or on the computer. Sometimes(not offten) I catch a movie

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  1. Vax

    Does anyone have any idea on what Vax is? I've been digging fairly hard and haven't found anything. My main theory is that it is a different name for Yolen. Or at least has something to do with the shattering.
  2. Aloha. Happy Monday. *sarcasm*

  3. Happy Fathers day to all you dads out there!

  4. That I'm not funny. Sorry should have made that more clear.
  5. I second this.
  6. Worthless
  7. I'll take a truth.
  8. Sorry life got busy. I don't think I can participate. Sorry y'all.
  9. I second that.
  10. Sweet that sounds like a great party gag. Have some candy eggs. I have 9% milk anyone want it.
  11. Higher body tempature results in being faster physically but slower mentaly. Lower body temoature results in being slower physically but faster mentaly. Pick your poisin... Hot tubs
  12. Who ever said anything about cosplay. He might be acting for a movie.
  13. Gets dirty clothes. *Inserts someone's criminal record.*
  14. Gets hours of laughter. *Inserts $1.25*
  15. Gets the unpublished book but published. *Inserts hate mail from everyone who didn't get anything back from the machine.*