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  1. Did you know there is a hidden pineapple in every episode of Psych? If you haven't seen Psych its a very good show and I highly recomend it.
  2. The pail hits cow who tumbles backwards at the same time the "camera" goes off. (Is it a camera or something else?)
  3. Someone should do Dairy Farmer.
  4. Go jump and down spining in circles reciting a poem.
  5. Oh this is hard. Don't really watch much movies. Does it have to be one I have seen? Probably. So I'll have to go with the World of Warcraft movie.
  6. Hmm thats unfortunate. I thrive in confusion.
  7. Pretty (girls, or guys if thats your type)
  8. Entertaining and relatable. 7/10
  9. Dairy Farmer iron pulls on strange copper beam next to the ledge
  10. withdrawing
  11. Sloth hits Dairy Farmer and they tumble off a cliff. (cliff has a lake below it)