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  1. Where did you go?

  2. In my welding class we have a plasma table that cuts out whatever I want so I made the Glyph.
  3. I got bored in welding.
  4. When you run out of upvotes at 8 IN THE MORNING!!!

    1. Chinkoln


      As long as they were all used on my memes, they were well spent:P

  5. theory

    There are only 10 surges, Adhesion, Gravitation, Division, Abrasion, Progression, Illumination, Transformation, Transportation, Cohesion, and Tension.
  6. I know I don't post very much so you guys probably don't really know me all that much but, this week at school is hope week. If you've followed me for a while you should know that suicide and depression has been very involved in my life. Please if you need any help reach out. I'm very friendly and always here to help. Suicide is not a way out and will not end your problems. 

  7. Isn't the combined color of black and white gray?
  8. Makes sense as to why it would work too. I mean emotions are hard.
  9. Could I take a dare?
  10. Nice! IDK how many books are in my house. Probably not more than 500 because most of my family doesn't read and the ones that do read ebooks.
  11. Full Feruchemist. Life would be so much easier!
  12. You know, its slightly sad to start doing all the math just to realize at the end that the answer is infinity. Also brandon has stated that the shards could have been shattered into different numbers and different intents so do that math......
  13. Wait so does the you get one or them all still work. I mean just because we haven't seen one with 2 of the 16 normal metals (a very small percentage) doesn't mean it can't happen with one of the other.......
  14. Has he said anything about what happens if you alloy Lerasium with Aluminum?