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    I thought this said IQ and I got excited.

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    I swim competitively. If I'm not swimming I either have my head in a book or on the computer. Sometimes(not offten) I catch a movie

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  1. But I dared him/her to do it. WTWTTSW your on a family vacation.
  2. Whats your favoirte time to take a nap? Whats your saying? How bored are you right now?
  3. We were comparing a fake world with our world. I don't honestly know what I was suposed to learn but it was fun.
  4. When your in history class and your teacher asks what your source is and you pull up the coppermind.
  5. How did you get mod? Whats your favorite part about this site?
  6. I'm going to have to say that my favorite organ is the brain. Because then I can think. Or you know sell it for lots of money.
  7. HAHA no sorry, I'm in Utah. But my uncle lives in Washington and he talks about the red sky and ash.
  8. Thats what I think when I look at the Washington sky.
  9. I'm scared of drowning. Now this doesn't seem irrational but let me give you some background. I'm a really good swimmer. I swim races for fun. I'm a lifeguard. I have saved people from drowning. I have almost endless endurance. And a good 4th of the swim team is a lifeguard too so if I do by chance start to struggle they can help me. But I am terrified of drowning. There have been times where I skip out on swim practice because I'm to scared.
  10. YES YES YES.
  11. If I had to chose a favorite it would be Twix. But I like pretty much all candy. I like to think I'm really good with computers. I have taken a few programing classes and helped my dad build a computer so I'd like to think I'm good with them. YES!!! Ummm probably Shinovar.
  12. I'm scared of my friends leaving me. If its because they die, move, or just hate me. It's probably the thing I'm scared of most.
  13. I'm scared of pity liking. Like when someone likes me out of pity. I also hate when people pity me because then I feel like I'm taking advantage of people.