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  1. I think the two are very different. Vin is Preservation's chosen to be its vessel. Dalinar is just someone Odium wants to turn, and believes would be very effective when invested. Odium has no intention of dying.
  2. But it wouldn't necessarily be getting smaller, just sharper. But then you could chop his arms off and not give him stormlight. Little good a shardblade does if you don't have arms.
  3. I think that, specifically the memories, would replace the intent of the breaths
  4. No, I am saying that the spren can change its shape to be one atom thick.
  5. I don't think the spren needs to be touching his hands to be a blade, and do you mean bound as in handcuffs or gloves? I don't think that will affect a blade with an edge an atom thick.
  6. But in the Cosmere, you don't need a brain to think (cognitive shadows). Experiments: measuring Leeching/Nicrobursting speed Nicrobursting Necrosil and Duralumin Asking Harmony for things to do
  7. Why wouldn't they be able to manifest their blade, which would then be able to cut the aluminum? Yes, I know aluminum is not easy to cut with a shardblade, but a live blade that the spren could make extremely sharp? That should be able to do it.
  8. Would that trap them though? We still don't know how spren transition between realms.
  9. Except you could maybe, with the right knowledge, bring them back.
  10. Climb down the tower? Unless you're envisioning holding them with a rod connected to a cage, in which case they can climb on the rod. They can make handholds with their shardblade as they go.
  11. But they could just walk down the tower.
  12. The question is basically can we capture their spren. I don't think we know enough about the Cognitive realm yet to know yet though. Couldn't they still transition to the physical realm? Yes, but how much? it would not be feasible to hold them hundreds of feet in the air.
  13. Yes, the fact that they used monks to teleport in the middle of a city, instead of just kidnapping people to use, shows that they do need monks to sacrifice, at least for some some things
  14. True, I just thought it went wherever Odium wanted it to go.
  15. Wait, it circles the whole planet? Would the Radiants have a huge advantage when it is over water then?