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  1. Hi all, how are you? I was listening "Odium's Shardcast" and I think they mentioned "splintering is not permanent". Is it possible to restore a splintered Shard? Can a new Vessel claim it after that process?
  2. True, if I were Odium I think I would go after them anyways...I believe at his point the only one who knows a lot and has info on them is (as you mentioned) Hoid. Nevertheless, it would be great to find out that one of the original 16 regreted his/her decision and tried to go back...we'll have to wait and know them all.
  3. Thanks! It's clear! I can't imagine one of the original 16 giving it willingly though...perhaps if they thought they were next on Odium's list.
  4. Hi All! I think I´ve read about how shards affect Vessels personalities and how, at some point, they end up being more the "feature" they chose over the person they once were. What would happen if the gave their power away? Apart from that residual power, would they be the person they used to? And is there any WoB regarding any Vessel who gave the power at some point (like dude I can't handle the pressure) and lived like a "normal" guy? Or are all the vessels who haven't died the original ones?
  5. Thanks! And what about their "powers"? I see like Shallan can change her look and Lift can become "slippy"...besides the fact they can both fly and stuff...what are the main differences?
  6. Hi all! I've been trying to get more info about each order's "special talents" for what I have read so far both seem similar in very aspects. Could you help me distinguish them? Is it all about the ideals and law commitment? Thanks!