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  1. I was talking about this with one of my friends, (he has never read the book but just based on what I explained about the magic system) he said it would make a better animated series than a movie.
  2. By the way, the sonic movie turned out reasonably ok and also we have good examples of good cgi, for example in the first avengers the hulk was completely cgi also we should just hope that they don’t try to rush it because again the sonic is decently good in the move when, to my guess they didn’t really rush it.
  3. Now that I am thinking about it, if I hadn't listened to the book first, I would have probably given Nightblood the voice Matt Mercer gives Craven edge.
  4. I really like the theory and I completely works with the shown oaths. It also fits the way each order is shown so far.
  5. I'd have to say lift, but Kal and Dalinar are close 2nds
  6. I was reading through this and on page 8 or 9 it said what about the Wax and Wayne series, and I personally think Robert Downey Junior would make a good Wax
  7. I would personally prefer live-action, purely because it can go well and it just looks better most the time in my opinion.
  8. Well, I listened to the audiobooks because I had them in my library so I just think that they Nightblood sounds like what Michael Kramer made them sound like.
  9. yeah I remember pointing this out to one of my friends, and grabbing the book straight from my shelf to check if it was in the book.
  10. Tineye, which is 1 good because I thought I would be one and 2 slightly funny because my surname includes the word Tin as the main part of it.
  11. horror

    My chart for my own metals, it is unfinished but if you have any ideas please respond. Allomancy Pushing Pulling Feruchemy Pushing Pulling Hemalurgy Pushing Pulling Internal Titanium Nital Titanium Stores Durability MetalFlesh Nital Titanium Steals Life-force (extends lifespan by the amount the person had left when spiked) Nital External Mercury Pushes things into the CR MistBreaker Arquerite Pulls things from the CR into the PR Conjurer Mercury Stores Realmatic Connection SmokeSeer Arquerite Stores Physical Mass (unknown effects) MassMaker Mercury Aquerite