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  1. Think you mean Ishar and nort Kalak. Fully agree with you Mr. T is gonna be tricky
  2. Super cool project! Great playlist too, I've never heard of The Score but now I've gotta check em out more.
  3. yooo i was also thinking keeper as the K sound. In-world the book is probably gonna be a Shin text so Keeper of Wrath might make sense in regards to the Truthless. I was thinking if its gonna be a Shin text it might be "the Keepers Own Wisdom" referencing either the shamans that were holding onto the honourblades for the Heralds or referencing the Heralds themselves as the keepers of the Oathpact
  4. In mistborn three there was mo ash and mo problems, in stormlight for there was moash and mo problems.
  5. Ottolenghi by Loyle Karner has a similar vibe, so does Talk About Us by Kofi Stone. Both are on spotify. I don't know much of their other work but my buddy's a huge fan of those two.
  6. Oh true I forgot Odium had a way around it, thanks for the reminder! A group against Todium would be super cool, a 17th shard type group but without the non partisan pact could do some crazy stuff in the cosmere.
  7. wouldn't becoming fused trap them in The Rosharan System? dk if that'll happen when other paths to near immortality exist without any weird connection stuff happening (examples being the seventeenth shard folk that visited Roshar in WOK). I'm not really sure how the fused work so you might be right tho.
  8. true. It might be different between different types of spren though (inkspren and honourspren not liking each other and all that). I hope it isnt since a dual knight radiant would be sick. Maybe if the surges overlap (lightweaver elsecaller combo being able to soulcast in two ways) there will be some mistborn style compounding.
  9. I liked the idea of him with the listeners too but agree that thats not gonna happen at this point. Dyou think Taravangian becoming Odium will change Moash's position among the fused? T has different motivations than Rayse so maybe he won't need a herald killer. Getting fired by Odium would bring all of Moash's feelings back which could spark some things. Moash suicide might be in the cards to represent the path Kal could have taken.
  10. Yo that'd be so sick, I think in the past Sanderson's RAFO'd whether you can bond two spren (DAWNSHARD SPOILER) so having multiple surges could be even easier than getting an honourblade. If my crazy theory is right though, I'd imagine Moash would give up his honourblade but that doesn't negate the fact we could be seeing people with more than two surges in the coming books.
  11. I agree that something crazy would have to happen to get Moash back, and something equally crazy would have to happen to have Navani accept him. Do you guys want a redemption for Moash? Given how he represents the path Kaladin could have went down, I kinda want him to be redeemed as like a Sasuke to Kal's Naruto type way.
  12. I thought about this while thinking about how Sanderson has treated other "inexcusable actions" OB spoilers below: RoW Spoilers: A lot of similarities right? I dismissed the similarities since there aren't any Bondsmith spren I see vibing with Moash but then Sanderson released that Knight Radiant order quiz, and he spoke about how even though they don't become radiant, Bondsmith squires still swore oaths simply for the ideals they represent. I could see Moash working under the current bondsmith in order to repent Bondsmith Ideals really go along with Moash and would be perfect for a redemption arc. Of course I don't like Moash for what he's done, but Dalinar's done just as bad and he's my favourite character in fiction, so the presentation is really the reason I forgive one over the other. The presentation as Moash as a villain makes me think this is unlikely but I just thought this would be a cool way for his story to go
  13. I think that Moash is following in old Dalinar's footsteps. Moash is following the same path as Dalinar in his OB flashbacks. He lives for violence, does something irredeemable (killing elhokar for Moash, The Rift for Dalinar), tries to escape the pain (Odium feeling-sucking with Moash, Drug abuse and Cultivation memory-sucking with Dalinar). It is for this reason I think that Kaladin will bring Moash back to his side. Redemption is such a big theme in SA so him returnign would really be a powerful moment. As I was writing about this, I realised how much young Dalinar and Moash have in common. It also made me think about how Brandon said the Bondsmith squires would swear oaths knowing they would gain nothing from them. Moash's story would resolve nicely with something like swearing of the bondsmith third ideal (if I must fall, I will rise a better man) as a squire under Dalinar.
  14. I believe that it said the sibling is a combination of honor and cultivation, this is why it uses that combination of stormlight (honor) and lifelight (cultivation). I think it was called "towerlight"
  15. I've been lurking here for a while but i've never been on a forum. Excited to read some fan theories and add some of my dumbass ideas to the mix. Got into Sanderson because I thought the WoK cover looked cool and two years later I've read the entire cosmere and the wheel of time! I'm starting starsight right now and I'm excited to see where it goes.