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  1. I don't remember much about the Windblades other than they exist. But a Windrunner of the fifth ideal working with an Elsecaller and Stonewarden both of the fifth ideal could have formed those.
  2. The only way out of the cease fire is for the contest to end in a draw or not end. In which case Odium can fight until the contest is decided. He knows Dalinar won't kill a child. Remember the Rift.
  3. The main benefit of replacing the heralds with spren, would be spren are incapable of breaking their word, unlike humans. Which means the oath pact would be binding. What if the heralds become the "spren" of the new heralds. Two years and then preview chapters? I can't wait.
  4. Thank you for providing an excellent topic. Before the Knights Radiant and spren bond, the Heralds did lots of the heavy lifting. Thanks to there being a long time between desolations things worked out ok. BUT humanity lost a little ground every time. It is likely the fused kept getting more and more of an edge until the Knights Radiant were formed. This in turn shifted the balance heavily in favor of the humans, until the Fused learned how to deal with it. Eventually, because of the high casualties, even the Knights Radiant wasn't enough. Radiants need time to train and progress with their powers. The Fused just need spare bodies. Also, singers with their different forms have a big advantage in terms of not needing armor or as much training, for whatever they are doing. The form provides natural talent. Warform provides strength and armor. Humans have to train to gain a soldier's physic which is still weaker than warform. I think as was said by Isilel that the humans were just ground down.
  5. If Moash has a redemption arc (since he might). Kaladin is going to hopefully reforge the oathpact. Moash still has Jezrian's honor blade. Perhaps what Moash does is sacrifice himself and Kaladin allows it and even deals the killing blow while swearing the fifth ideal. Something like, "I will allow others to die protecting, so long as it is honorable."
  6. Yes she can. Nothing against Jasnah or Shallan, I just imagine (if the contest turns out to be a duel and not an eating contest) Odium's champion will be decked out in plate. Remember how tough Eshoni was in Words of Radiance. And she was only a regal with 5-7 years of combat experience. The surge of transformation wouldn't work on plate or anything carrying enough stormlight (I think)
  7. Wouldn't Nale be technically the best fighter that Odium has? If Kaladin has been shown to beat the best of the Fused besides El, I would imagine that every Herald is more than a match for a Fused 1v1. Dalinar, Adolin, Szeth, and Kaladin are currently the best team Radiant has to offer. Nothing against Jasnah or Shallan, they just don't have the same sort of combat experience. Kaladin bowed out of the duel. Dalinar said he was going to be the champion. Adolin doesn't have access to stormlight. So very likely it will be Dalinar. Can Dalinar borrow Kaladin's plate? Or maybe form a bond with his old plate and Oathbringer (bringing them to life somehow). Sort of what Kalak does. But even then, it is still a Herald.
  8. Yeah it is a chilling cliffhanger isn't it? This is where I think Hoid's bond is going to come into play. His spren is going to meet back up with him. Hoid is going to try to perform the same trick again (since she didn't witness his awesomeness) and explain that she has seen him do it before. Right before meeting Odium. Then Hoid will know what happened. But likely, this won't happen till it is our almost is too late to do anything to change the plan.
  9. How heart breaking would it be if Ishar forcibly takes Szeth's and Kaladin's Nale bonds, kills them. Bondsmith, Skybreaker, Windrunner. I think that would be terrifying. I'm still curious of how powerful Heralds are. I do think that Ishar is going to be the one that is used for Kaladin's big reveal. Can Szeth use division to temporarily correct madness. Wait.. Wait I've got it, cleansing Shinovar... Szeth swears idea bringing Ishar back to sanity briefly he fixes stuff, and then reveals Kaladin's Child of Tanavast connection.
  10. This is still what under two years into the conflict? The Fused have been continually surprised by how good the Radiants are when stripped of their powers. Perhaps we can call that a theme of RoW. How ironic it would be if El is the champion and he goes in expecting to be invulnerable to a shard blade, and Dalinar, the good old Blackthorn shows up with a long sword LOL. Aluminum does very poorly against steel, or so I've heard :-p One problem is, that with the new Odium, he knows Dalinar too well, and might predict that.
  11. So I did like the idea that the last two oaths would be about leadership. But the protection theme seems to be going strong. I do think, "I will protect myself so that I may continue to protect others" would be a great 5th ideal. It would bring Kaladin's arc to a good conclusion. He seems to be on this path now. It could also be something like, "I protect by continuing to lead." OR Life is more than protecting other
  12. I can see most of the knights and spren break their oaths rather than kill defenseless Parshmen.
  13. I think that is a great point. Think of it like a hail mary in football. Every desolation, the victory that stopped or contained the Singers became more and more desperate. And when the singers had realms and armis and fortresses, I think the humans just were able to stop the Singers ability to wage war for a time. But the singers have so many natural advantages. It isn't until the Knights Radiant and surge binders that the humans start to make gains, but these are countered by the singers. The only opportunity to wipe the Singers out was when most of them were Parshmen, but human greed (and maybe decency) stopped them from doing that. But yeah, Rabboni came to that conclusion too. The cycle must stop and someone has to pass into the void.
  14. I think the oath pact was altered in someway. Kalek was concerned that it wouldn't hold Odium, but they seemed to have altered their blades. Was Honor already dying at the time of the Prelude for TWOKs?
  15. You don't think Navani would leave in order to be with her beloved Dalinar? The Fused just lost their top scientist. Taravangian certainly could spin this in a way that he is the hero, and Dalinar is going off to be noble and kill insane gods. In a way it would be the same sort of WHHHAT plot flip that happened in the mistborn series.