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  1. I believe the Stormfather says that the oathpact is seperate from what cultivation and honor did. He said the former was based on the latter.
  2. horror

    Not to derail but I agree that it’s ashyn and my head cannon has always been that Reya’s Tear is actually a play on Odium. If Odium came with the humans to Roshar maybe he had something to do with the destruction of Ashyn. And Reya’s is relatively close to Rayse. But that could or be a connection that I completely made up.
  3. I will preface this with this. I’m not an emotional guy and I’ve never (before this) cried over a book, even when I first read these scenes. So I was just talking with a friend. They were having a hard time. And I told them the Immortal Words. Life before death, Strength before Weakness, Journey before Destination. They asked me what this meant and I explained what it meant and where it was from that life is all about the journey and such. But then I told them about Bridge 4. I explained all that Kaladin and everybody around him went through. I explained the bridge crews and I talked about when Kaladin was standing before honor chasm and Syl convinced him it was worth at least one more shot. As I was going through this I started getting emotional, and by the time I got to the end where Kaladin and Bridge 4 decide to save Dalinar instead of taking their possible only shot at freedom. And Dalinar repaying them and all they went through with a weapon worth kingdoms. I started tearing up. Retelling the story showed to me just how powerful the Bridge Four arc is. I personally believe it might be the single most powerful single arc ever written and as I said retelling it actually led me to start crying. What other scenes have caused you to have had reactions like this to any Stormlight arcs/scenes or any in the cosmere in general?
  4. So say Vasher or someone is able to finally figure out awakening through Stormlight, seeing as it would be a (semi) reasonable next step, as he has already discovered how to fuel his divine breath with Stormlight. It seems as if he could easily become one the strongest/most invested people on Roshar, as Stormlight is of course much easier to find and use then Breath, of course this could depend on the actual conversion of 1 breath to how much Stormlight. But for example, during a high storm could he reach levels never reached by anyone on Nalthis for example?