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  1. Is it Navani? Though I'm not sure about clue #1.
  2. I too have always loved mythology, but I never noticed that. I there is a chance that that was one purpose, consider that Brandon loves to draw from other cultures and put it in his books.
  3. I've often pondered the idea of making a Cosmere deck of cards, but I'm not quite sure how to do it. I was thinking of giving each Knight's Radiant order a card, but there are are 13 cards and 10 orders.
  4. Maybe you could choose a Boon card, but you would have to randomly draw a Bane card?
  5. Well if we are going to make WoA Boardwalk, than maybe we should make the PoH Park Place? Would we make properties based on perpendicularity's? OB SPOILERS!
  6. That could work considering there are 8 Shardworlds we know of (so far).
  7. Yeah
  8. That would be super cool! You could make the Pits of Hathsin jail.
  9. Board games are one of my favorite family bonding experiences, so I'm in.
  10. We totally need a Nightblood sticker!
  11. I'm doing good, but at the moment I'm bored out of my mind. All the things that used to take up my time are now gone. Although because I'm homeschooled I still have school. Even though my city is one of the biggest, highways and parks are deserted. Even though it's spring break. My main goal is to NOT go insane, but the odds aren't exactly in my favor.
  12. Do you have a drive-thru? And if so I'll take a Chasmfiend Feces.
  13. @HemalurgicStickBreaker Welcome to the Shard! Do you have a favorite Cosmere book?
  14. Many people think that this is simply a move to tell big media companies that he is serious about making a Mistborn movie, but so far I don't think we have any other information.
  15. Transformation can be used as a weapon, but not to enhance weapons. Unless you could shoot an arrow, vaporize it to go around an obstacle and reform it on the other side?