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  1. I find it hilarious how weird you think arranged marriage is and for someone with that much of an age difference. I lived in India for 3 years and marriages like that are very common.
  2. Welcome! Do you have a favorite character?
  3. Keep reading. You see some Herald stuff that really helps boost the Oathbringer ending.
  4. I don't think that Tien is alive, both because of Kal's arc and because Brandon just isn't that nice. But, we do know that he was a Radiant.
  5. There is a Shardcast episode that briefly mentions this theory, but in more of a joking manner. This is where I always hoped that Brandon would take this Order, but I don't know if that would be to overpowered for an Order. Like on a battle field, if you have a large group moving just send out 2-3 Skybreakers to blow them up. But man, I do love this theory.
  6. Since a Mistborn main job is basically to kill people, most would probably disuse them selves as Coinshots, but in a political setting a seeker would probably be more useful.
  7. oathbringer

    He'd better not!
  8. oathbringer

    I don't think we have conformation about that but we do know that Taln will be the Stoneward for book 7.
  9. So I almost never remember my dreams, but the times that I do I've never been a different gender.
  10. Brandon mentioned in a live steam a few weeks ago that Michael Whelan had just decided on a sketch. So I would assume we'll get a cover in the next month or so.
  11. Um, did you eat a copy of WoR?
  12. Yeah, I didn't have a problem with the seasons having individual conflicts. But I would have changed the order keep season 1 where it is (it has probably the conflict of any season, but it didn't do a good job handling it). I would make season 4 the second season then keep season 3 where it is and have season 2 for the grand finale.
  13. So, I just finished LOK and I had so many problems with it, am I the only one or do a lot of people have issues with it?
  14. Well I got Windrunner (which I'm very proud about) but I still think I'm more of a Stoneward.
  15. Yep, era 1 hit me with some serious PBD.