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  1. I read the WoK in 2 weeks, than a few days later WoR in another 2 weeks and the next day started on OB which I finished in 10 days.
  2. So, far no one has broken a shardblade or shardtool, but we have seen shardplate break. Plus, it would be a lot more affective at covering eye slits and while... we've seen people die from a knife in the eye, so I would say you could use a shield with shard plate.
  3. Yeah, I should have know I spelled it wrong when the red dots didn't show up.
  4. So I read the book and I liked it a decent amount. I went on the read the sequel which just fell apart at the end. But about the first books, the ending was (in my opinion) very unsatisfying.
  5. It really depends on the time for me. Towards the beginning of the WoK Shallan was really boring at least to me (upon a reread she is quite a bit more interesting especially since I know her motives). But, in the end, it has to go to Rysn. I just feel as though she doesn't really have much plot or character. I know a ton of people love her, but she is, in my opinion, the most boring SA character.
  6. I find it hilarious how weird you think arranged marriage is and for someone with that much of an age difference. I lived in India for 3 years and marriages like that are very common.
  7. Welcome! Do you have a favorite character?
  8. Keep reading. You see some Herald stuff that really helps boost the Oathbringer ending.
  9. I don't think that Tien is alive, both because of Kal's arc and because Brandon just isn't that nice. But, we do know that he was a Radiant.
  10. There is a Shardcast episode that briefly mentions this theory, but in more of a joking manner. This is where I always hoped that Brandon would take this Order, but I don't know if that would be to overpowered for an Order. Like on a battle field, if you have a large group moving just send out 2-3 Skybreakers to blow them up. But man, I do love this theory.
  11. Since a Mistborn main job is basically to kill people, most would probably disuse them selves as Coinshots, but in a political setting a seeker would probably be more useful.
  12. oathbringer

    He'd better not!
  13. oathbringer

    I don't think we have conformation about that but we do know that Taln will be the Stoneward for book 7.
  14. So I almost never remember my dreams, but the times that I do I've never been a different gender.