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  1. Yes, that's an interesting possibility. There's quote in part 2 about the Sibling being created to fight Odium.
  2. Yes! Oathbringer made him really interesting, and his descent into apathy was relatable. I was curious about his destiny. Now, he's just weird and crazy - like, deifying Kaladin and ordering Fused and being basically psychotic. Like he's basically Heath Ledgerman's Joker...
  3. Yes, that makes sense. So when was the Sibling created? And was it somehow designed to inhabit Urithiru? Does Urithiru predate the Sibling, do they predate Urithiru, or were they created at the exact same time by the same action? Did the Sibling actually create Urithiru, or did the KR build the whole structure and add in fabrials and all that, and then the Sibling just stepped into it? What is Navani's connection with Light? The Sibling creates Towerlight, and it seems Navani can too. But what can it be used for? It powers Fabrials, or at least the tower's fabrials. Can Navani use Towerlight to power her Surgebinding? If she infuses other people with Towerlight, can they power Surgebinding with it? If so, it could solve the Weeping problem or mitigate it. Even if I'm wrong about Navani producing Towerlight or it powering Surgbeinding, Stormlight can be extracted from it - if slowly.
  4. Well, Spren are sentient Investiture. I think it makes sense that changing which kind of Investiture a Spren is made from would change the nature of that Spren, even to the point of making it forget who it used to be. Interestingly, Sja Anat seems to do somewhat similar to lesser (and now Radiant) Spren. I wonder if the affinity between her power and what Odium did to her allows her to understand it better and resist it the way she is. Personal note: I had always assumed that the Unmade were one entity, and the Unmaking was Odium splitting his Godspren into 9 lesser Spren for unknown reasons.
  5. If Raboniel had succeeded, and the extent of the Sibling's consciousness had been discovered, would they have become the 10th Unmade? If so, this suggests that Roshar was home to numerous Bondsmith-level (or near bondsmith level) spren, and possibly an entire shadesmar ecology of superspren which Odium then corrupted. It also suggests that Bondsmiths aren't actually limited to 3 members, their Spren species is just endangered . I'm also surprised that the Sibling is the child of Honor and Cultivation, I'd seen some WOB indicating that their child would be human with some extra abilities, not a Spren.
  6. I think you're mostly right, except for the fact that Spren can be connected to the Physical Realm. I think if Ishar just connected Spren to the PR, they would just take on the forms bonded Spren do. I think there must be different kinds of connection, even to your realm. For example, humans have one kind of connection to the PR and a different to the CR, while Spren have a connection to the CR different from a human's. I think Ishar didn't just give Spren connections to the PR ,but gave them the same kind of Connection that humans have to the PR. This, to me, is what would induce their complete physical transfer to the PR including the construction of bodies. I wonder what these Spren looked like in Shadesmar before they died.
  7. I don't think Odium is just all of Adonalsium's emotions. It was described (by Wit, I think) as "God's divine wrath, separated from the virtues that gave it context". I think this is what makes Odium so terrifying - all this power, with a destructive bent to it, that has none of the checks that the rest of Adonalsium provided. As for Rayse claiming to be the God of all emotions, I feel like that is an individual notion. I theorize that all the Shards feel incomplete to some extent. We can see this very obviously in Ruin and Preservation: neither can accomplish its desires without the other, so they reluctantly team up. Similarly, despite the pact a LOT of Shards decide to work together - possibly because of similar gaps in their powers. Rayse doesn't want to work with anyone else, so to cope with knowing he only has 1/16th of God but feeling as powerful as Ado itself, he pretends he is special and actually has a much greater domain than is true.
  8. I made a threat about this, and Ishar speculation in general. Some suspect that he's doing this to kill Spren and end the KR. However, this strikes me as too simplistic considering the method and the observations about Spren viability in the physical realm.
  9. Yes. The Epigraphs suggest that Mishram is very, very important to Roshar. Further, the that Raboniel was "unmaking " the Sibling suggests that the other Unmade could be pre-Odium spren similar to Stormdaddy and Nightweirdo
  10. Oooh that makes a lot of sense! I like that!
  11. So, I read the book pretty quickly. But as I recall this part, Shallan bonded Testament as a very young child. She advanced far enough in oaths to summon a blade. I'm a little confused about the timeline. Testament is the Shardblade used to kill her mother, but was Testament alive at this time? I would assume so, since she appeared physically in a smaller form. Did Shallan then break her oaths in horror at what she'd done? Hiw does this work out with her months of not speaking? Or, did Shallan kill Testament and use her corpse to kill her mother? If so, why did she break her bond with Testament?
  12. Ok, so I'm really, really glad Ishar showed up. Like when he was mentioned in OB I was pissed that nothing happened... but now I'm just like totally reeling after everything we've learned about and from him: 1. He recovered his Honorblade 1.1 He can literally just manipulate any connection?!?! The implications are insane To what extent can Dalinar do this? 1.2 The Shin serve the Unmade somehow? This connects to an earlier comment (can someone find it?) About an Unmade taking up residence in Shinovar 2. His insanity. He's delusional. But, like Taln, the perpendicularity inspired a lucid period. Why does the perpendicularity do this, but only sometimes? Is it the presence of Honor somehow? 2.1 He implies he wants to refound the Oathpact, during his lucid moment. Will this happen? I've heard it suggested that the series will end with a new oathpact refounded using the main characters as heralds, but it is frequently met with derision. I don't like this theory, for reasons i won't go into unless asked. However, considering the other twists in this book (looking at you, mr. T) I doubt Brandon will go with this approach. I do see this as plausible, however: 3. THE SPREN. THE DAMNATION SPREN. What. The. Actual. storm. ISHAR!!! why is he doing this? What is he even doing? How could he possibly do this? Is he manipulating connection somehow? I don't like it.
  13. So, I definitely knew the whole Odium-glowing thing was going somewhere, probably some kind of weakness. I had absolutely no idea Taravangian would ascend. What confuses me is: 1) what will Taravangian do if he wins the duel 2) why is he pretending to be Rayse
  14. Hang on... white hair, and possible investiture from another world? Could that be Hoid?
  15. I'm personally curious about what in-universe book RoW is named after. Could it be an ancient singer text, or is Venli or Rlain going to write an account of the true desolation?