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  1. I believe it was implied that surviving Listeners were being harvested as bodies for the Fused. This may include Thude's group - assuming they weren't washed away by a Highstorm. I do, however, think that Venli will have an impact on Singer loyalties.
  2. True. Probably helps enforce a class hierarchy
  3. So the Azish Bureaucracy is famous enough throughout Roshar that they joke about it in Alethkar. But it seems incongruous to me that they can have this enormous bureaucracy which apparently requires constant filling out of official forms without something like a printing press. I know that xylography (woodblock printing) is an option, but it's far from an easy task - especially on such a massive scale. They have forms for things as simple as dietary restrictions - not just messages scribbled out, but actual forms. Sigzil gives us more hints about just how much paperwork is involved in even an ordinary Azish person's life. This means there's probably thousands of different forms - which entails many, many times that number of carved woodblocks if the Azish government remains this densely bureacratic throughout the entire country. Not to mention, those woodblocks have to be replaced, and if Azish Bureaucracy is anything like ours, they have to be updated as well. Paper manufacturing is another issue, but a smaller one. I imagine that, if nothing else, massive amounts of paper can be made through soulcasting. Anyone have ideas on how the Azish support their bureaucracy? -Spanreeds do solve some problems, like making copies of forms for records, but unless you can create more than two paired spanreeds it would still take a crazy amount of effort to make all those forms. -Jasnah is precise enough that she can soulcast fire into words, but fabrials can't achieve that precision, and there aren't enough. -could the Azish have something like a Gutenberg press? My initial impression of Rosharan technology leads me to believe otherwise, but I could be wrong. Some other fabrial could be involved, or maybe the Azish are just more mechanically inclined.
  4. Good point. But I believe every set of Shardplate we've seen was 'dead' and I wonder if things will be different when the KR get their Shardplate (I know there's speculation that Jasnah already has hers, I think she does, but we haven't had any in-depth info on it). Maybe the KR can manipulate the shape of their armor the way they do their Blades.
  5. My first thought is that if the LR burned duralumin and atium to see the ultimate consequences of his actions, he could've had a vision of the post-Catacendre world. His work with the Kandra, the storate caverns and everyone else, after all, guided the survival of the Originators and the Final Ascension. To him, however, this might have been interpreted as "oh, well, I guess I live long enough to use the Well of Ascension and fix everything I did to the world! Yay me!"
  6. So, interesting thought: if there was a set of Shardplate with an edge on some of plates, would those edges cut the same way a Shardblade does?
  7. Kaladin always receives a boost when he swears oaths, he was counting on this later on. I don't know if it manifests the same way for Lightweavers, but I think Elhokar would have at least gained the ability to heal. Drehy and Skar were making solid gains during that battle too, so I don't think Elhokar's death was inevitable. My question regarding him is why he was seen as Lightweaver material?
  8. @The Young Pyromancer who counts as a murderer? Murder is a legal term so it varies from place to place. Would it go by the legal code of wherever it happens to be?
  9. You're right, as per the Hemalurgic table. So we're back to either Lerasium stealing human's Preservation-related attributes, or abilities being an umbrella term for those and Metalborn powers. But interestingly, the WoB on H-Atium says it can be used to mimic any other spike, which includes those Preservation attributes. So, Preservation abilities seem more likely.
  10. I don't see any reason why Preservation couldn't make a new base metal that's only active in one Art. The same could be true for Harmony - but he has to keep both powers in balance, and as we heard in Mistborn Era 2 he sees "the need for both" so while theoretically there shouldn't be anything stopping him from making a one-art metal, I wonder if he could actually bring himself to do it. Hemalurgy is different from the other two Arts, though. It can be used by anyone, anywhere - it's possible Trellium is only Hemalurgically viable.
  11. ANY Sentient Awakened object will have some major issues - humans aren't created with a singular overriding drive. We choose to enact a changeable purpose, while Nightblood exists to do something it doesn't actually understand. "Become and extension of my will " actually seems like a very reasonable command: presumably, this sword would be able to read minds and so can understand your will. It probably will also create an implicit obedience. The only problems I see are A) is "my" the creator or whoever happens to wield it? And the physical limitations of a sword. There are a lot of things people want to do where a sword is useless. How would this sword deal with that? Regarding Nightblood, it "cannot tempt the hearts of men who are pure". This is a very interesting statement, and I constantly wonder what the hell it means - what are the qualifications for "purity"? Is it some sort of moral goodness, in which case Nightblood is inadvertantly tapping into some kind of universal moral truth. I'm inclined to think that this is a heurism or misunderstanding on Vasher's part. It's a vague, unscientific statement he makes regarding a topic he almost invariably discusses in academic terms.
  12. Well, there are 20 known Hemalurgically viable metals (16 basic metals, Lerasium, Atium, Malatium and Trellium). 21 if we count Odium's metal, which is used to steal attributes from Jezrien. But according to WoB this is not Hemalurgy. So, the Hemalurgic metals all occur on Scadrial or are created by Trell who has a vested interest in making a Hemalurgically viable metal. I did not include the other 31 God Metal alloys associated with Scadrial's Shards since we don't know their names or powers.
  13. Oathbringer says that after Moash killed Jezrien, the sapphire in the pommel takes on a "subdued glow". It's implied or said that Jezrien's soul is somehow trapped and prevented from returning to Braize - stolen by the dagger, hence the Hemalurgic aspect. But it seems like in this case, rather than the spike storing the stolen attribute, it transferred the attribute to the gemstone. I also am not sure if it is Jezrien's entire soul that was stolen, or just part of his spiritweb - maybe his Connection to Honor, created by the Oathpact? It's also interesting that the dagger leaves Nightblood-esque wounds. EDIT: another difference between the dagger and Hemalurgy is Intent - we know that proper Hemalurgy requires the Intent to create a spike, otherwise we'd probably have people randomly losing attributes any time they're stabbed or pierced with Hemalurgically viable metal. So, while the fundamental principle is the same: stealing parts of a spiritweb, this Odium-lurgy(terrible name, I know...) doesn't seem to require Intent, and may store stolen spiritweb fragments in gemstones rather than metal. ALTHOUGH it is also possible that Odium was guiding Moash , and maybe that gave him enough Intent for the spike to take? Ruin did this to an Urteau soldier, guiding his sword to stab through a Pewterarm and spike Spook. But while Moash is obviously under Odium's influence, he doesn't hear his voice, it seems more like he's being manipulated than controlled. Or maybe something else is at play, involving some kind of Intent-storing Fabrial?
  14. damnation so much for our Shardic Overlord Chiri-Chiri
  15. This, along with what we know about Lerasium Savanthood, makes me believe what people are saying about Lerasium granting increased spiritual connection. -could someone who burned lots of Lerasium be able to communicate with Preservation/Harmony without the need to be spiked? The word "abilities" isn't made clear, but it seems odd that the same word would describe two different effects in two similar contexts. If you're correct, I would expect the word "attributes " - which you used - to describe what H-Lerasium steals. It seems overpowered, but I'm inclined to think that Lerasium steals all Metalborn powers.