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  1. Hmm. Perhaps he put some false information in his breaths? Or imperfect information, maybe. If Hoid knew that he'd lost perfect pitch, he wouldn't have thought the encounter went exactly as imagined unless he knew what would happen. Unless, of course, he doesn't know what it is that was fiddling with his perfect pitch. I just don't know.
  2. It's possible she didn't know she could leave, or could have even thought she'd end up a deadeye if she left. It's likely that's what would happen, actually, considering what DID happen to Testament.
  3. At first I would have agreed, it just seemed too easy, especially because I wanted Pattern to not actually be betraying Shallan. But it does actually line up with other information we have. Wit was being spied on by a Sleepless disguising one of its cremlings as a pen - which could actually be Mraize himself, as I've seen theories speculating he could be a rogue Sleepless. And Shallan is able to talk to Wit through the Seon, and I don't think that is a trick since he shares with Shallan the information about opening the box to get to the Seon safely - Mraize certainly would not have shared this information. We know now that it wasn't another GB agent who killed Ialai, but Radiant. I think Mraize is just blowing smoke, trying to keep Shallan on edge to keep her going along with his plans. Even though Pattern loves lies, it's noted that he's not very good at telling them himself, and I just don't think that's fake. You could end up being right, or there could be more to it, but I just don't think Pattern is a double agent.
  4. One big difference is that in the Recreance, both the Radiants and their spren decided to break the bond. With Shallan and Testament, it was just Shallan. I think it's safe to assume that Testament didn't want to break the bond, so that could be the difference.
  5. To me, there were enough oddities that it could go either way. That said, I fear you are right. I think a lot of us are probably feeling that way about Wit after this book.
  6. I really like the idea that it was Navani's flooding of Light that permanently crippled him. He killed her son, and I really just wanted her to have destroyed him outright. Still, that moment was so triumphant to me. I yelled "HA" out loud, scaring the crap out of my cats.
  7. Perhaps. I guess we'll have to wait and see until we have more information.
  8. I'd acknowledge this except that Riino is actually living in Shadesmar. I think this is evidence that he's not just some refugee or an isolated case, but that the whole group has a presence on Roshar and don't seem to be all that secretive about it.
  9. Well, at the very least it confirms that a group calling themselves the Eyree are selling Selish technology. We know they can leave Sel as they are on Scadrial, or at least the edges of it, and they can distill the Dor into something portable that can sustain them. Why wouldn't they extend their presence to Roshar, which we know is relatively easy to get to?
  10. We know the shopkeeper was keeping Testament with him, though I don't think she'd need to be restrained. From the honorspren we know that the deadeyes only leave the fortress when they are summoned, but return to where they were in Shadesmar once dismissed. It's possible many of the deadeye wander Shadesmar according to wear their bearer is in the Physical Realm, but it seems like they can be in different "locations" in the two realms.
  11. Thank you! I think it's perhaps one of the least interesting of the Cosmere crossover tidbits, but it's interesting to have confirmation that the Ire are on Roshar. I wonder if they have a fortress like they do on Scadrial somewhere in Shadesmar, or perhaps they're able to subsist on Stormlight like Vasher seems to. Since travel in the Selish Cognitive Realm is dangerous, I don't think they'd constantly be traveling to and fro.
  12. As to the WoB, I want to point out that I think you're reading that wrong. Brandon refused to confirm if Kelsier was even associated with the Ghostbloods, just dropping hints. This should be read as "Kelsier is indeed a leader of something, but not necessarily the Ghostbloods" rather than "Kelsier is one of the leaders of the Ghostbloods". Kelsier could indeed still be just one of a ruling council, but he could also be at the top of the ladder.
  13. I think the deadeyes are related to Ba-Ado-Mishram being imprisoned. Shallan and Adolin are going to go on a quest to find and free Ba-Ado-Mishram, which will allow them to truly reawaken the deadeyes, starting with Maya, who will complete her bond with Adolin.
  14. The last line gives me hope that Wit somehow is the one that got ahead: that it "had gone exactly as he had imagined." Still, that epilogue was truly terrifying.
  15. I do agree that Dalinar being the Champion is a bit of misdirection. I did pay special attention to the wording of the final agreement. Although Dalinar says he'll be his own champion, the agreement just stipulates that they both will appoint a champion. He can definitely still appoint someone else. Taln would be interesting. Can Dalinar, perhaps with Navani's help, use his powers of Connection to heal Taln's "madness"? I actually am not convinced that Taln is simply mad - remember Taln breaking is not what precipitated the Return, if I'm not mistaken. The way it happened might be what stuck him in his loop. I also agree about it not being a tie if no one dies. There are no stipulations on when the fight ends, other than a death. It could theoretically last for years. The only way I could see a draw actually happening is mutual destruction. A limbo state with the fight ongoing could be the loophole T.Odium sees, I suppose. He'd still be bound to Roshar but not to either the win or lose scenarios, and wouldn't have to cease hostilities. I don't know, though, it seems anticlimactic to me.