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  1. Daily Report 11-04-766 Thanks to the Shard’s impressive knowledge of investiture the team has found a way to de-invest the diseases that are ravaging the interns. The diseases have been contained from spreading beyond the university. Silverlight Police Report 11-04-766 An Ashyn infiltrator was caught today attempting to burn down the University. While in police custody Farns admitted guilt and ended up dying from previous exposure to disease. The affects of however long he was diseased for must have finally caught up. Incident Report 11-21-767 Over a year has passed since the Ashyn Study went horribly wrong. After Farns was captured no further sabotage was reported and a thorough vetting of all university students and personel cleared the university of any Ashyn Infiltrators. Though a few oddities were found among the interns none were worrisome enough to remove. Dozens of people died as a direct result of the study. It was decided by the university administrators and 17th shard leadership that Ashyn would be off limit. Even the thought of an infection spreading to Roshar or other investiture rich planets caused the most fervent researchers to agree. For now the secrets of Ashyn will stay beyond our reach... Matrim (6): Ashbringer, TJ Shade, Frozen Mint, Illwei, Kasimir, Lahilt Lahilt (3): Matrim, Araris, Vapor Matrim was an Infiltrator The Loyal Interns are victorious! RULES DEAD DOC ELIM DOC Elkanah's God-Like Spread Sheet After game thoughts
  2. The actual rules are missing the backgrounds, everything else should be consistent. Background activated on a time frame. Realmatic activated Day 2, Chemistry and History activated Night 2 and 3 (I can’t remember the order), medical activated Day 3. Realmatic should have showed the true origin of any votes in the final vote count for a specific person @Illwei Originally the backgrounds were misdirects with the exception of medical
  3. You connected everyone and broke down a lot of barriers that normal blackout games have. It was crazy to see how much information you had gathered rather quickly
  4. the distribution didn't take into account the backgrounds since it wasn't meant to mean anything. Our bad for not catching it . The backgrounds were too strong. Before that a weak elim team with abilities and the ability to gather information quicker meant that they would quickly outpace the village until the end. A clever @Kasimir solved the game and helped the village a lot. There were others but he did a lot of leg work with the PMs. If I were to rerun the game from scratch I would have closed PMs from the start.
  5. Content Warning: The streets of Silverlight shone with ethereal light. Dust clung to the boots of the researchers as they walked to the university. Samples filled their packs and journals brimmed with accounts of floating cities and investiture being used by the most mundane creature. Their work had finally finished after nearly two years of exhaustive study. The work of these researchers had gone phenomenally! They had scattered across Ashyn to collect anything that could further their research. Their samples would further the knowledge of the Shard by decades! With their work concluded the researchers returned to their homes to recover from their journeys. Now the interns needed to sort through the data. Little did the researchers know that they were being watched. While the Shard had studied Ashyn, Ashyn had studied the Shard. Slowly and surely they had implanted operatives into Silverlight and a few had made it into the university. While the researchers were highly vetted, the interns were only given a cursory check. Strange things happened with the study: samples went missing, fires destroyed important files, and an intern suspiciously died. The study needed to continue, but the interns were wary of their peers. The various worlds they had come from would make it hard for the other interns to pin who was lying. Find the Ashyn infiltrators, continue the study, and find the secrets of investiture This is a Blackout game Your GMs for this game will be @Elkanah and @The_God_King A big thank you to @Elbereth for being our gracious IM! Things You Know: FAQ: We have found that cosmetic roles tend to increase overall fun in these games. We recommend choosing a background and name fitting your character. The events of this take place after the events of Elantris but before Mistborn Era 1. For those who don't spend hours comparing world timelines this is also before the Stormlight Archive Series and Warbreaker. If anyone has timeline requests let me know and we'll see how it fits in. For the most part it's before everything but Elantris and Emperor's Souls Player List Spec Doc Start Date: Sunday, August 2nd at 9 PM MDT
  6. The cycle is closed
  7. Thanks for the feedback! it would be auto immunity like the tough guy it's a conversion role that if you are able to stay alive you join the heroes, I'm on the fence leaning not including it in the game. It is very thematic but I dont think it introduces much to gameplay If you are targeted to be killed or Killed the player who targeted you loses their next action. It's intentionally weak. I haven't played around with it much but I was going to rank the powers and give priority to the weakest powers. So the top one on my list has no ability other than being first priority
  8. Hey all! In prepping my Infinity Blade game I am looking for minor roles to add. The game is going to include a large amount of lesser roles that players will rotate through. If any of you have suggestions I'd love to hear them. A couple clarifications, there is a difference between "kill" and "Kill". "Kill" removes you from the game, "kill" switches your role. If you're familiar with Infinity Blade this makes sense. I'm currently still working on standardizing terminology. Here's the current list:
  9. Daily Report 06-04-766 Stormlight has been removed from most of the university. With exception to specific rooms dedicated to researching a way to remove the infectious material from the university. Investiture is heavily monitored and separate living quarters have been established to house the interns. Quarantine Day 6 The diseases have been pinned down and Rosharin medical experts are being brought in to combat the spread I apologize about the lack of RP this cycle, Lotus has been killed! They were a loyal intern and had a background in history, they also had Tension - Action: Remove someone's vote, your vote will be assigned randomly to someone with at least one vote
  10. The cycle is now closed! Double Post for clarity of cycle closure
  11. Just missed! It should be fixed
  12. Quarantine Day 3 The first medical team has all but succumbed to disease. Hazmat restrictions are in place. A potential cure had to be tested. Through a less than ethical process Straw was chosen to be the first victim subject. The test had only begun before the doctors noticed anomalys about him. His legs were bowed, he had signs of continual rashes across his bodies, and he muttered in a strange language as they strapped him down. After injecting the cure it was found to be a potent truth serum and he talked for hours. He talked about his fascination with history and how Ashyn had so easily infiltrated the university. Sadly the "cure" proved to be deadly. Maybe we could refine it to stop future infiltrations... Straw was lynched! He was an Infiltrator. He had a background in History and Cohesion - Action: Add a vote Straw (11) - Ashbringer, Matrim, Araris, TJ Shade, Lotus, Vapor, Kasimir, Lahilt, StrikerEZ, Illwei Matrim (1) - Frozen Mint Apparently fall semester is starting soon and cleaning checks took a good amount of time. Sorry about the delayed roll over! It's good to be back!
  13. Quick rule clarification: you have one action each day, and one action each night. However, you can only do each unique action once each full cycle
  14. Since the condition was revealed I can openly discuss its mechanics: The action could be used as an action multiple times
  15. Daily Report 13-01-766 The effects seem to be spreading throughout the lab. The floating sample z12 has started making the lead weighing it down float. The light glowing from sample 7 has spread to the interns’ hands creating an interesting effect that could be monetized. The entire time these samples are absorbing an increasingly large amount of investiture. The stormlight reserves are running a little low. A trip to Roshar may be prudent. The travel requests are slowed by funds being diverted by unknown parties. Incident Report 13-01-766 An accident in the lab led to the unfortunate demise of Lord-son-son-son-Silberfarben. The chemical storage locker in lab B exploded early in the morning while Silberfarben was sorting the inventory. Very little was left of Silberfarben and only the check-in logs in the office could confirm he was there. Most of lab B was destroyed. Silberfarben was so careful with his samples the only explanation could be sabotage. Extra care is now being taken with the monitoring and storage of chemicals. Silberfarben was killed! He was a Loyal Intern. His background in history hadn't prepared him for sabotage. Upon examining his notes, you find that he had found himself with regenerative properties. Action: Target one player remove their condition
  16. The Cycle is closed
  17. The vote count is accurate
  18. The body found was of a non-player infiltrator. It has no relevance to the game other than flavor
  19. Daily Report 50-10-765 Stormlight seems to be the key to unlocking the samples. This shouldn’t have been a surprise, stormlight is one of the rawest forms of investiture available. Chromatic Breaths seem to work as well but they are prohibitively rare and is limiting our progress with the sample. The limited understanding of them doesn’t help either. The samples are organized now, but the effects they are exhibiting are spreading to whatever we put near them. Samples continue to go missing but figuring out who exactly is stealing them has proven… disastrous. Police Report 50-10-765 In the middle of the day a break-in occurred in one of our offsite labs. Tara Night had been put in the post due to mob enforced disciplinary action. She fought valiantly and even killed one her assailants, but ultimately met an untimely end. Before the intruders could retrieve their comrade, aid had arrived. They were forced to flee. The body the Shard found was odd… it had numerous signs of being riddled with several diseases simultaneously. The corpse was of Ashyn descent but a clever application of make up and prosthetics had hidden the fact. It appears we have underestimated the infiltrators. Illwei (3): TJ Shade, Frozen Mint, Straw Ashbringer (2): Matrim’s Dice, Devotary Mist (4): Sart, Illwei, Araris Kasimir (1): Vapor, Kasimir Devotary of Spontaneity (1): Lahilt Lord_Silberfarben (1): Ashbringer StrikerEZ (1): The Young Pyromancer Mist was lynched! She was a Loyal Intern and had a background in History Her journal revealed she had somehow begun to manifest an innate form of soulcasting, at the dire cost of her body slowly transforming as well. Action: kill target player; you die as well. Clarifications Player List
  20. Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time. That looks correct and it matches what I have @Ashbringer
  21. Just a reminder, Day 1 closes at 8 PM MDT (Approximately 3 hours from now) and Night 1 will pick up around 9 PM MDT
  22. While I do favor the PAFO, I can answer some questions. Every player is aware of what actions they can take and I will clarify as much as possible.
  23. Since confirming specific wording within the GM chat could immediately break the game (as with any SE game) I'm going to veto this for now. @Elbereth can supersede me as the IM, if she thinks differently. @TJ Shade
  24. PMs must include GMs and IM, and can include any amount of players