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  1. problem is that this is all based on trusting the elims, which is never a good idea. It leaves the village vulnerable and reveals the roles we need to defeat them in the end. Long term this plan (if Bleeder doesn't die tonight) ends with either bleeder getting lucky or the elims knowing enough about us to kill us. We've been saying we'll kill pyro one cycle from now for the last 3 cycles. I'm thinking it's time Also note to pyro. You're a confirmed elim and something inside my head is telling me not to trust a confirmed elim. Nothing personal
  2. guys this whole thread is a bit crazy. The village cannot work with the elims. If we work with them they will pick off villagers (because they know that bleeder isn't an elim). This means that more and more villagers will be picked off instead of elims. By the time we kill bleeder the elims will be powerful enough to just vote to disperse or kill off everyone. I will vote for Pyro because he is a known elim
  3. This whole block voting is a bit crazy! not bad but very different than other games. Just from percentage I don't think I've seen such high differences between players votes before this game.
  4. Do we really trust pyro? The amount of sifting you have to do through his stuff to find any good information. I may have missed confirmation on his role from another player but another elim may be feeding him that information.
  5. I'm a bit unsure why we're letting pyro live. I understand he's not very dangerous if we know who he is. The problem is that this game is role madness. He could have a vote manipulation or other action that could be actively helping the elims. I know Elkanah may be Bleeder but the chances are slim (he's the most likely but for me it's only a bit more than other players). For now I'm throwing my vote on the sure bet pyro
  6. Games not won yet! Still a bit of sleuthing to do to solve it
  7. I don't even know what these last couple of pages in the cycle even mean. I'm just going to wait hear in the corner and let the ceiling stop spinning No analysis because I don't think there's been much since yesterday when I was posting. Next cycle will bring some interesting information
  8. Either way a lynch is preferable to us not knowing. If you pull good and were messing around it changes some things up. If your elim it secures some current thought processes edit: lynch or kill. A good clarification
  9. this edit: it's okay it's a lot of posts of sift through. I've been lucky and have stayed mostly on top and I'm still lost
  10. I don't trust who can manipulate votes. I think I trust my fate to lynching straw this cycle without anything fancy
  11. Wow that's quite the revelation! Good job team. The only reason I can see him coming out is to protect Straw. Straw probably has an ability that even for one more turn may be potent enough to be worth saving. An interesting gambit to say the least but plausible. The problem is that I am not familiar enough with any of the roles to decide which one would be worth protecting. Anyone have an idea?
  12. I'm wondering what your continued analysis on that whole exchange is. I'm a bit lost as well
  13. Somehow I missed all the fun of the game being partially cracked! I don't really have any information that could help prove or disprove a lynch on Straw. Sorry been reading all day at work and finally sat down to write this. Straw
  14. Grammarly breaks the quote function. Chaos is probably making sure I don't keep using it and tries to make sure no damage is done. Which is okay since it sounds like a pretty serious problem. I'm surprised Chaos took care of it so quick