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  1. That was a chaotic end to that round. I’m going to lead off with The Unknown Novel . My suspicions from previous rounds still stands. I was expecting the attack on myself and it’s nice to see im still alive. current suspicions fall on TUN and Archer (sorry pal, Kas’s switch was an interesting last second move). I have some lighter suspicions on conq as well. If I’m right on all three that means that all 3 voted on Wizard. That would be a strong move but they seemed somewhat spaced out which would have hidden them. I’m open to dissenting opinions on who is an elim
  2. I can understand not writing extensive posts. I’m not as eloquent as some of the other players and it definitely shows in the Length of my posts. I would love to here a defense or what your thoughts are. I don’t want to exe a player without hearing a defense or what their vote would be.
  3. Maybe I didnt clarify the best. Other peoples thoughts summed up my same ideas but it’s good to clarify what I support. Wizard was defended by Fifth making him very suspicious. Novel has been in a bit of a heated discussion with Kas. I doubt both are elim but I feel that one is. Currently leaning towards Novel but I want to see how Wizard flips. Joe and Devotary supported the exe of Fifth when they didn’t have to. which leaves me thinking they’re village. It would be an incredibly Interesting play to exe a teammate while they weren’t solidly on the block
  4. After reviewing cycle two I think my previous reads from C2 haven't changed much. Right now Wandering Wizard stands as the most likely elim. I don't feel like there's a good defense or another suspect right now. I have a feeling that SteelDancer or LuckSpren may be an elim which could be hurting the elim team. It is a bit hard to figure out if they are guilty without any interactions Haha, that's what I get for doing a post right before I fall asleep. I should have clarified what I actually meant. The Elims will probably be more aggressive because they need to catch up. I could see an elim hiding behind their lense to avoid easy detection. Scanning and encouraging giving lenses could be a way to slow down the Elims while gathering information. I'm not sure what that would look like or if it would work. It could be a way to soft clear people with suspicions on them.
  5. Maybe they considered it a safe kill? With Fifth as the exe they may have wanted a kill that would provide limited information for the village. Putting on my elim-TGK hat for a second. I would probably aim for a mis-lynch this cycle and get another kill while aiming to shatter lenses as much as I can. This would even out the loss of Fifth. also: still haven’t done my C2 review. I’ll get that done tomorrow but I’m feeling similar to Joe and Conq
  6. Wow, I'm not surprised Fifth was an Elim I still didn't expect it to pan out. I feel that Fifth was following Kasimir's lead to try to throw suspicion on him. I could be wrong but that's my current hunch. I need to read through the last cycle to try and determine the probabilities of who else is elim. I will post my thoughts soon. We're now down to three, possibly two, elims. edit: weird wording
  7. I thought I had been fairly responsive. Did I miss anything? I think my schedule is somewhat opposite of everyone and while I was active there weren't any new posts to respond to
  8. I noticed a long post from C1. That's what I was referring to and I could see others doing the same. Considering there were already votes for the exe, and I didn't have any need to vote should honestly clear me of this. I feel that voting with 0 information or bandwagoning doesn't help me or add any additional investigation for the village. The trouble with voting on me is that it does open up a 'C1 lynch or no' discussion. Because that is my only real way to defend against accusations. I'd like to distance myself from C1 Meta discussion because I do have strong opinions and they don't necessarily represent my alignment. I believe that the current votes against me are in the same vane as voting against someone because they opposed a CC vote. So I felt this C1 had plenty of votes and I wasn't needed to provide any additional information. It actually seems that my not voting has given me more fodder than my voting. Because I have a small bandwagon formed. I feel that it is an Elim move to vote this way and force me into a Meta discussion corner. This would distract from actually relevant information. Fifth
  9. Okay, now to digest the amount of information I have. Having my name shortened to "King" is new. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because there is a new crowd but it was previously TGK. Whatever works does work! Yea I didn't clarify about being safe from kills. I don't know if I would have phrased it so bluntly in the synopsis. Was there anything else I missed? I would appreciate enlightenment I do believe that there is a difference between abstaining without contributing and objecting to be involved. I believe I was in the later. Pretty quickly into the round votes were being cast and I don't feel that my vote would have contributed. Most of the conversation was well beyond my Meta knowledge and, like I said, is good discussion but I feel my vote ends up being swayed by other players votes. Otherwise, it's either killing an inactive or RNG. I know it's information and some of the CC arguments have some founding but if I vote C1 I see several scenarios as a more quiet/returning player voting. 1 - I end up in a bandwagon and have a small amount of guilt immediately subscribed 2 - I end up as a losing vote which has a similar effect. It can tie me to another players actions 3 - I end up killing an elim which doesn't prove my innocence and if a bandwagon exists can have some game consequences which I've seen go good and bad. 4 - The vote is random and doesn't mean anything Honestly I feel that Meta C1 discussion has the detrimental effects because the concepts are fairly old and I believe both sides have very good arguments but it can start to feel like reading competing theses. Adding to that discussion is a lot of work that doesn't yield much C1. Those are my thoughts on the C1 discussion I don't think I will dwell on it much more. As for my thoughts on the game: - A Joe in the Bush has a couple posts but only contributed a bit in C1 and I don't know what drove the vote. Honestly I can understand the approach. @A Joe in the Bush was there a method to your vote? - Steeldancer hasn't posted anything of immediate consequence. I would love to see more activity - JNV a good post C1 but I don't have any lean towards village or Elim - The Wandering Wizard self described as cautious new player, an understandable approach but an easy hide for an elim as well. The vote and the retraction is somewhat typical C1 activity. I think I have a slight elim read - Fifth Scholar was in on the exe and has been quiet this cycle. @Fifth Scholar any thoughts on the results of C1? - The Unknown Novel A couple posts, no real read - Droughtbringer No posts yet? I may have missed one but I don't think I did. The inactivity filter will take them if not - The_God_King good guy, never led me astray - Kasimir very active, very engaged. Haven't played with them but something is striking me as a bit off. I'm getting an elim vibe but I don't have the evidence to back it up yet - Conquestor was in on the exe, the vote made sense and the switch cinched it. no read - Devotary of Spontaneity voted near the end to seal Ashbringer's exe. Don't love it but C1 is a weird beast - Luckspren some RP, no real read yet
  10. Man there have been some crazy long posts and I appreciate the passion going into the discussion. I see this discussion as important meta discussion but I don’t think it adds any immediate information to this game. Some might disagree and I’d gladly discuss my lack of Sherlock level deduction skills . For this cycle, I will continue to hold my vote.
  11. McGee had a bad habit. He liked things tidy but the Library archive was anything but. Those piles of books and articles were always scattered randomly and if only he could spend some time organizing. Those dastardly librarians had the most clever organizational scheme, but that was the first step. After that, you would need catalogs, and supervisors, and then.... darn, that's how the librarians get you! McGee needed to find a puzzle to do before his head exploded. Also, what are the curses for Alcatraz? I need some good expletives to fill in my RP! After being gone for a while seeing CC discussion brings back great memories. I think I used to have strong opinions on that but I think those have mellowed out. The more discussion the better! I think I'm going to hold my vote (for now) because I don't think I personally have enough information quite yet So thoughts on lenses: Courier's Lenses - Safe way to send PM's but I'm not sure how useful it could be Disguiser's Lense - A good way to stay somewhat safe from other lenses but doubles your chances of being killed by Elim. Dangerous but useful Tracker's Lenses - Seeing actions, straightforward application Translator’s Lenses - An interesting use to see some behind-the-scenes madness but the random nature could leave it a bit vulnerable to misinterpretation. Truthfinder's Lenses - Blocking is always useful, straightforward application Windstormer's Lenses - Similar to the Disguiser's Lense but without the drawback, One shot and limits ability to have other lenses. Almost feels like it could be detrimental since it doesn't stop the exe Voidstromer's Lenses - A great way to stir the pot, I feel that this one could result in some interesting passing of lenses but could also give the Elim's the lenses they want
  12. I'll sign up a Mcgee, who may have always been here or may have walked in yesterday, no one is quite sure I'm pretty sure QF42 was my first game so this should be fun! I'm a bit rusty, please forgive any procedural blunders!
  13. The actual rules are missing the backgrounds, everything else should be consistent. Background activated on a time frame. Realmatic activated Day 2, Chemistry and History activated Night 2 and 3 (I can’t remember the order), medical activated Day 3. Realmatic should have showed the true origin of any votes in the final vote count for a specific person @Illwei Originally the backgrounds were misdirects with the exception of medical
  14. You connected everyone and broke down a lot of barriers that normal blackout games have. It was crazy to see how much information you had gathered rather quickly
  15. the distribution didn't take into account the backgrounds since it wasn't meant to mean anything. Our bad for not catching it . The backgrounds were too strong. Before that a weak elim team with abilities and the ability to gather information quicker meant that they would quickly outpace the village until the end. A clever @Kasimir solved the game and helped the village a lot. There were others but he did a lot of leg work with the PMs. If I were to rerun the game from scratch I would have closed PMs from the start.