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  1. The cycle is over. Due to IRL stuff the night will be posted a few hours later than normal
  2. PAFO If your action successfully targets an actor, you will lose your income for that cycle. It counts against whoever sent the action request in closest to the end of the cycle.
  3. Illwei and Lknik were fighting, a fiery debate that eventually devolved into accusations and name calling. Illwei struck the final blow by calling Lknik a "diseased feeling smeared on the bottom of an old shoe". That was the last straw for Lknik, he had the support of the spectators who had gathered around to watch the jeering. Lknik stormed off in a huff, with jeers and jabs following after him. Later that day Illwei gave a speech denouncing Yasdv, exposing supposed embezzlement and intentions to go back on her word regarding promised policy. There were no longer any other advisors to go against his word, nobody to oppose his accusations. Yasdv worked to deny these new accusations but the damage was done. The next day the election results came. Yasdv was done for. Tyedls spies had done their work wonderfully, and Tyedl walked away from the election with a new position, new power, new ambition. Yasdv had lost. Elkanah has been lynched, they were a member of the Loyal Campaign Staff. The game is over, the Undercover Emissaries have won. Vote Count Elkanah (1): Illwei Illwei (0): Elkanah Players List Dead Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G5RF5PXsesnnicXVNiKXF9eggh0UKBbSkBAloyRXkpQ/edit?usp=sharing Elim Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DcwLdsi9KRnd6YF2H6Vl8H3M7ltC__OO7k_aRKlzcik/edit?usp=sharing GM Master Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1slJNRnOFfZcFRUYT5R8p8q78y418Ifi5cirwef_wz0k/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Sorry guys, cycle is closed, aftermath will be up very shortly. . .
  5. Illwei and Lknik looked at each other from down the street, both suspicious of one another. The meeting with Tyedl was in fifteen minutes, and neither of them had slept well last night. There were precautions to take and preparations to be made, and both of them knew that it would all come to a head today. The dam was about ready to burst. The two of them walked into the meeting hall and immediately heard Yasdv staring at a short page boy with a furrowed brow. The two advisors ran over to Yasdv and heard the words coming from the page. “Mancia is dead brightness, their body was found in a well just this morning and the guards are doing a full investigation.” The news was still surprising despite all of the other deaths that had happened with this political campaign. This only left one question to be asked: Which of the two remaining advisors were the impostor? Pyro was killed, they were a member of the loyal campaign staff Player List Day Seven has begun - and will end in approximately 24 hours, on Friday September 18, 0100 UTC
  6. Mancia, Faleast, Lknik, and Illwei stood in a square on the edge of the cliff. They were all that remained of Yasdv’s advisory panel. This politicking had drained their resources and time, it would be a touch-and-go election no matter what. The four of them were fighting, there was at least one more of Tyedl’s spies in their midst, and they were split into two groups. Illwei and Faleast were both being accused, and the two factions were in heated debate. The advisors were arguing for hours, but after the camps were formed there was no shaking them, no compromise. Yasdv watched from afar, a mournful visage painted across her face. Her advisors couldn’t come to a conclusion, the spies had done their jobs wonderfully. She was becoming weary of these politicking games, and she was nearly ready to just end it. But not quite yet. In the end it came to a brawl. Yasdv jumped as all four of her distinguished aristocrats began to throw punches and push each other around. In the fray Faleast fell off the cliff into the crashing waves below. The other three stilled, the decision having been made. Faleast’s rooms were searched, but no connection to Tyedl arose. There was still an infection in Yasdv’s advisory panel, one she hadn’t gotten rid of. Vote Count: Ashbringer (2): Illwei, Elkanah Illwei (2): Ashbringer, The Young Pyromancer Ashbringer has been lynched, they were a member of the loyal campaign staff Player List Night Six has begun, and will end in approximately 24 hours, on Thursday September 17, 0100 UTC.
  7. Eliminators win when they outnumber the village - as stated in the rules doc.
  8. Lord Silberfarben was killed, they were a member of the Loyal campaign Staff. Day six has begun and will end in approximately 48 hours, on Wednesday September 16th, 0100 UTC Player List
  9. Vote Count: Kynedath (4): Elkanah, The Young Pyromancer, Ashbringer, Illwei Kynedath has been lynched, they were an Undercover Emissary Player List Night Five has begun and will end in approximately 24 hours, Monday August 14, 0100 UTC