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  1. I've been pondering on this a lot. Is it actually meat if it's Soulcasted? It seems counterintuitive to say that Soulcasted food is meat since meat is decaying flesh. Where does the flesh come from when it's Soulcasted!? Shadesmar???
  2. Vegan or vegetarian, but no one seems to be 100% certain. I'll have to look out for it when I do the re-reads!
  3. You guys have triggered a rush of information come flooding back to me! (I still can't tag people, meh) I will refocus the question... Soulcasting isn't accesible to all of Roshar. Flangria is mainly accesible through warcamps. Some cultures, like the Reshi and the Purelakers, must still depend on fishing and farming...I'm assuming. Which of these cultures -that don't have access to Flangria- are more probable to have a plant based lifestyle?
  4. Hi everyone! I'm unable to recall off the top of my head if there exists a culture in Roshar that eats only or mainly plants. Anyone know or suspect of any? Please excuse me if this has already been discussed! I was unable to find anything relating to it.
  5. Nice! I'm sure those who have been waiting for a decade feel the same.
  6. I do! And hope The Doors of Stone's August 20, 2020 release date proves to be NOT a rumor. But I won't hold breath. I could die.
  7. Haiku
  8. So Mote It Be
  9. Hello, everyone! I apologize if the topic has already been discussed. I've been pondering on the possibility of Nightblood becoming a Vessel. He is a sapient being with a desire to KILL ALL EVIL and can Connect. If he were to access more Investiture and was put under the appropriate circumstances, I feel he could Ascend. Nightblood is one of my favorite characters and it troubles me that he might become something even more threatening to the Cosmere.
  10. Thank you, The traveller. Indeed, I am! Honorless, I recently finished The King Killer Chronicles from Patrick Rothfuss and am anxiously waiting for the third book. I also enjoy Paulo Coelho and Gabriel García Márquez. Although I've unintentionally set them aside since I started reading the Cosmere.
  11. Hi! Some of you have already welcomed me. Im so grateful to you having taken the time to do so as I familiarized myself with navigating the Community before posting an introduction. I've been enjoying the Fan-Art the most these past couple of days. Especially the artwork of Skyward/Starsight, which the internet seems to be lacking. I beg the artists for more. The first book I read from Sanderson was The Way of Kings. Needless to say, I fell in Love. At the time, I was oblivious to what I had delved into as I was unaware of the fact that the Stormlight Archive was part of something WAY BIGGER than itself. I've read everything from the Cosmere with the exception of White Sand. Although, I did read it's excerpt from Arcanum Unbounded. Thank you again for being so welcoming.
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      I thank you! I relate to your inability to navigate nowhere. There's no biological compass on this body whatsoever either..

  13. Please give us more of this beautiful Art! 

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