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  1. @classicalkhlennium hey there! I am so sorry that I just saw this! I would be honored to be featured on the wiki! Feel free to use any of the Brandon-verse fan art I post here!
  2. I I love this! Great drawing!
  3. Oh ok! Thank you for telling me!
  4. Thank you! I've started designing the ships for these guys too! Gotta get more artists working on this series. There is so much to play around with!
  5. So I was thinking that for me, one of the coolest aspects about this new series by Brandon Sanderson is that it allows for endless possibilities for fan-content when it comes to alien species. Starsight describes the Superiority as filled with variety without number, and if a species as "aggressive" as the Burl are allowed to join, then just about any alien species could join as long as the species isn't openly hostile towards the Superiority. Obviously you can't make up your own "primary intelligence" species, because those spots are peopled by a limited number of races that Sanderson already has filled. I thought that maybe we can fill this thread with everyone's own ideas for "Fan-Species".
  6. Some Burly Burls
  7. Oh I'm the exact same way. Particularly since the narrator used an especially feminine voice for Morriumur.
  8. I’m messing with the Diones for my alien species pages and thought I’d show you all the WIP! i know Morriumur’s face is supposed to have different features for each, but I only learned that after I drew this.
  9. Alien page for the Varvax! To the bottom right are designs for Winzek and the Cleaning Lady, and some interaction shots of the Krell in their exo-suits. I heard some feedback that the exo-suits might not be completely accurate, so... my bad!
  10. Mistborn! Sazed's arc was incredible, and while Reckoners wasn't my favorite overall, the ending was nailed so well! Brandon's is truly a master at the mystery box, but instead of a bunch of cheap magic tricks, there are profound and lovely insights into truth, goodness and beauty!
  11. Finally finished shading these guys. Featuring Lord Hesho, a bodyguard, and some other sketches, including a senator asking how to vote.
  12. Lord Hesho and a member of his constituency

    © Brent Donoho

  13. My name is Brent and I’ve been an avid listener to both “Writing Excuses” and all Brandon’s work on audible. I joined because I just started doing fanart of Starsight and wanted to post them here. I wasn’t able to post it because of the site’s restrictions on new members, so I’m participating in other capacities until then