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  1. No! I really hope not Wouldn't that be hard though if we're going to have Knights Radiant in the future? Relevant WOB: OrangeJedi (paraphrased) Are there a significant number of Shardblades that have made it off Roshar? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) Define significant. OrangeJedi (paraphrased) More than 1 / A number of them are that could come up later. Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) There is a connection between spren and Roshar that normally prevents spren, even dead ones, from leaving the planet. Note I said normally; do not imagine a large trade of Shardblades going off world. Miscellaneous 2018 (Oct. 25, 2018) So Team Radiant probably couldn't leave with their spren...
  2. The writing on the first step reminds me of Thaylen glyphs, though I still don't recognize them... could it be some sort of archaic thaylen, or is that purely coincidental?
  3. I'm trying to imagine Lighteyes like Jasnah looking very proper while using a slide whistle... For stringed instruments, even if you used your freehand to pluck, it would be very hard to press down the strings with your safehand without muting them. If you used a your safehand (and a pick) to pluck then there would probably still be the same problem. (Since a havah, which a proper lighteyes would wear, has very long sleeves) First post, yay!