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  1. "Past friendship? I sure do hope that it can continue. But yes to holding to the law of what is right!" I raise my glass. Later I leave with him as you indicated.
  2. "Well... that sure does sound fun, I'm not much of a spy but i suppose I could make it work"
  3. "Hmmm. Quite interesting, if you vow by your position as a skybreaker that this is true then I will have to believe that this law is bad. And I will therefore help you."
  4. I become gradually more convinced that the law is bad. "Well, what do you say we agree to disagree. At least for now." I say with a smile.
  5. "Ok, let's agree that the law is flawed and corrupt, for the sake of argument. The land is in chaos and we need to bring order to that chaos. Now I believe that if we institute a new law, even if it's a good one, that people will revolt. The only option that I can foresee working is to bring stability with this law and then, after order is installed we then can, and should bring a new, better law to this land."
  6. Railan becomes more and more convinced as he hears Jarson talk, but he's not fully convinced. "Hmm. Well, you certainly make a lot of good points, and I definitely agree that the people running this law are corrupt however as for the law itself it seems fine. Yes, it is somewhat shaky, much more so then I would like, but it is still a law and the only one the people know. We all know that if we take what the people are used to away from them chaos will ensue. So, from what I can tell, for now at least we must stick to this law, there is time for changes in the law once we bring peace and stability to this land."
  7. Railan thinks that he might as well give Jason a chance at explaining why he thought the law was broken. "Explain why you think the law is broken." I say in a non-aggressive voice.
  8. Railan (me) beggins for the first time considering his friends point that the law is flawed. "So how's it been going with you lately? It's been a while since we've talked."
  9. Yes, I know that this wouldn't work.
  10. Ok, this involves both Stormlight Archive and Skyward, but I think it fits here. Spensa is an edgedancer but is unaware of her powers due to the lack of stormlight. M-Bot, her artificial intelligence fighter ship is her spren, a cultivation spren. Reason 1: At one point in Skyward when the deaths of the cadets are being listed, Spensa tries to remember the names of the dead. This is very similar to the second ideal of the Edgedancers; "I will remember those who have been forgotten." Reason 2: M-Bot is very obsessed with mushrooms and various forms of fungus. M-Bot also tries to avoid combat (at least early on in the book I'm not done) similarly to Wyndle, Spensa expresses that having M-Bot is like having a weapon that didn't want her to swing it, very similar to Wyndle who will not become a sword but insists on being a rod. Edgedancer bond to cultivation spren, and M-Bot acts like a cultivation spren herself.
  11. Um... Good question. I myself am unsure of my strategy and playstyle. As most people probably know I have never played this game or a game like it before. But as for last cycle, I didn't trust Elkanah so I tried to get some information about him with the truthwatchers lense. This backfired however. I did not foresee the eliminators coming for him after what I did. This was mu fault and I should have seen what would happen.
  12. You don't have to believe this but, I am a free kingdomer. And yes my playstyle is weird. Mainly because i've never played mafia or werewolf elimination games.
  13. There is definitely a lot of PM's involved in this game that make it very hard to follow.