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Image Comments posted by Chasmgoat

  1. 5 hours ago, JesterLavorre said:

    This looks awesome! I have some experience with miniature painting, and this is way better than anything I’ve done.


    also, that looks really fun to paint! with all the little crevices and stuff

    I like it!


  2. Thats awesome, I love blender a lot (yes, I do know this wasn't made with blender, but you did mention blender) And I do agree, a rock lobster would be way easier than a human face.


  3. 18 minutes ago, Ookla the Sugar Skull said:

    @Ookla the KnightThe head would look bad 3d printed, but I'm gonna try to print it separately with some adjustments... I'll probably remove the weaving/interlacing parts on the head and just make it a big chunk, and I'll tell you how it goes!

    @Chasmgoat I'm glad you appreciate it! I spent a full day until 3AM just messing with it and I didn't expect it to go anywhere because same. My inspiration was my brother coaching me through drawing fingers in 2D and the rest was easy once I had a good finger to work with.

    this is what my hands look like, and this is after importing one and trying to rig it.



    It looks weird. I am really bad at organics.


  4. 22 minutes ago, Vapor said:

    Only five minutes? Wow.

    well, five minutes for the set up and everything, and then an hour for the rendering but since I am unable to make that go any faster, I don't include rendering.


  5. 4 minutes ago, Ookla the Shadowed said:

    Soft bodies are fun! Ummm. You wanna make one of the honorblades, and I dunno, send me the file...

    low poly or would you like a higher poly count? and I assume you would want texturing... Can I even send you a file?


  6. Just now, revelryintheart said:

    For the stormlight, I would color it white/greenish-white and have it only tinted with the original color on the outside (if that makes sense). I don't know anything about 3D stuff but if I were drawing stormlight that's how I would do it.

    Looks great!!

    so a core of green and a hint of blue on the outside?
    3D stuff can get difficult... I am not sure if I could do it very well...