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  1. I sent you a friend request. Also, we could make a club on the site. One last thing, Try out bullet chess. It's fun. It's chess but with 1 min. timers. Ok, made a club. This link should work: if not, in "clubs" search for 17th shard chess club. I think I made it so I have to manually let you in, but I'll see if I can make it where you are automatically entered in.
  2. Doctors, they benefit from your disease and pain.

    Dentists, they benefit from your bad teeth.

    Therapists, they benefit from your mental issues.

    Teachers, they benefit from your lack of knowledge.

    Restaurants, they benefit from your hunger.

    but Thieves, Robbers, and Burglars?

    They actually care about you.

    They benefit from your good fortune in life.

    1. Chinkoln


      Brandon Sanderson, benefits from our desire to read, empathize with characters, and hate on other characters

    2. Matrim's Dice
    3. Blake Hawklow

      Blake Hawklow

      Very true...

  3. Fehn coughs, "I'm not even completely sure you are human" he mutters
  4. N'Fehn frowns "Not sure why people need something to do, but you are very weird so I guess it makes sense..."
  5. "Mist is thicc Vapor" - @Channelknight Fadran
  6. "So... camp fixing? I don't see why it needs to be fixed."
  7. Hi, As the title suggests I am asking you guys what your weirdest fear is. (it does not have to necessarily be weird). My weirdest fear is the fear of wrists. I am not joking. It is called carpophobia. I am unable to look at the underside of a wrist without being grossed out. I have to constantly wear long sleeves and jackets to cover my wrists. It is a very strange fear and so I thought I would share it here with you peoples.
  8. I'm not quite sure what you mean by quirk
  9. "Err... Greetings... ____, who I don't know either"
  10. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. midnight13


      Thank you! :)

  11. Hey everyone, for a project, I need to send a survey to a lot of people. At least 50. I have 55 followers (even though most won't see this) anyway, please, please, please fill this out and share it with friends or family!

    It's a very short survey, only 2 questions.

    Thank you!

    Also, if it doesn't work let me know

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    2. Spock



      Good luck on your project!

    3. The Unknown Order

      The Unknown Order

      I did it. How many have responded so far?

    4. Blake Hawklow
  12. "beard tastes good with butter and flaky salt" - @Doomstick
  13. I play chess. I consider myself pretty good at it. So I decided to do something cool. I sent a friend request to Magnus Carlsen. If you don't know who that is, he is the Chess World Champion. He is known to some as the greatest chess player to ever live.
    Now, If he accepts this friend request, (which is more likely than you would think as some of his friends have low ELO ranking and are not very active), then I will challenge him to a match. I will put it on daily so we each have 1 day per turn. 
    My goal is not to win, but merely to put him in check. I don't know if that's possible. but I want to be able to say that I played the World Chess Champion and put him in check. Because that would be epic.

    I just really hope this works

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    2. Chasmgoat


    3. Chinkoln


      Any update?

    4. Chasmgoat


      hehe, A funny one, yes.

      I think it was about an hour after I sent the challenge that an article was published. but I hadn't read it or seen it until several days later.

      Basically, the article was saying how Magnus Carlsen retired. I was shocked at this and then realized he retired about an hour after I challenged him. Which was really funny. Then I realized that while it was published march 31st for me, it was published in April fools for them so it was a prank which is slightly sad.

      Anyway, I doubt anything will happen for a while as he isn't very active on the site

  14. I have TPBM has run out of ideas for TPBM, cause I sure have... I suppose I could just not post
  15. It's properly pronounced as "Fish". English is weird. Anyway, I used to but now I don't as I have discovered a personal meaning. TPBM is confused/curious about something in life.
  16. I have... Because surely a major scholar has asked somebody "How are you today?" but more seriously, I have indeed. TPBM knows the correct pronunciation of Ghoti
  17. Indeed I do TPBM would rather be somewhere else (as in location, not the shard)
  18. no, I do not. TPBM didn't read this message until after an hour from the time I posted this.
  19. This account violates the Shards advertising policy (I think)

  20. I decided to make "Chasmgoat" into some glyphs, cause why not?
    Note: I am not exactly sure how the glyphs work and am too lazy to fully comprehend it and examine existing glyphs, so if it does not really mean "Chasmgoat"  oh well, I don't care.



    I'm planning on 3d printing a pillar, dagger, goat statue, or all of the above with one of these designs engraved into it.

    1. Chinkoln


      I wish I had a 3D printer... I would have items and characters from the Cosmere being printed 24/7

  21. Indeed TPBM is cold