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  1. I convert myself. I can't figure out colors on mobile so excuse that
  2. I vote for vapor... And I am almost at 1000 posts... I need to not post anymore for a while
  3. I shall elect myself. I guess...
  4. "Well, strange may not be the right word... but the way you maneuvered him was something alright"
  5. That was pretty interesting, Fie admitted to himself. Not much idea of what just happened, but it was interesting nevertheless. Fie stops using his crystals and starts walking the direction of Kuno. He had trained his bird to help him walk without crystals. It helped. A slight nibble on the ear to turn right, a squak to slow down. Although, sometimes it didn't always work. Fie stumbled on a rock as he tried catching up. What's the point? Burning his last few crystals, Fie takes a stride along Kuno. "That interaction was... strange."
  6. "uh... no?"
  7. I convert myself coins: 4 cards: 1
  8. "I am not very deep-minded right now, I spon...spon... sponanoissly become deep-minded. So, my answer is to have fun!"
  9. "I am Chasm! the shallow but sometimes very deep minded goatten!"
  10. We miss you Turtle! er.... eltruT...

  11. Chasm wakes up. "That was a LONG nap." He shakes himself out of the snow and looks around. He sees the kippies. There were a lot more than when he fell asleep. "HI!"
  12. I rolled a 17 on intimidation, I have a +3 in charisma I also have +2 due to proficiency bonus. So a total of a whopping 22 "No thank you, I am free all day and so the mayor does not need an appointment to meet me. I would like directions to him." Lander says confidently