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  1. The Way of Kings - 10 Oathbringer - 8 Hero of Ages - 8 Secret History - 10 Warbreaker - 9 The Emperor's Soul - 8 hurt The Emperor's Soul, heal Hero of Ages
  2. there is no escape, it appears

    (it actually is now. I can't seem to sleep :l)

  4. Happy birthday! (Albeit a tad early) 

  5. Results of the recent polling on the poisoned cup scenarios:
    Poll 1 (which cup would you drink from?):
    about 91% of people selected that they would drink from the cup in front of them. I was expecting it to be closer to 50% so this is very interesting. Out of 66 people, only 6 selected the cup in front of the other person.

    Poll 2 (which cup would you poison?):
    I had far less people this time around, however, roughly 48% of people selected the option saying that they would poison the cup in front of the kidnapper and 52% would poison their own. That is, 15 out of 31 people selected that they would poison the cup in front of the kidnapper.

    I am quite shocked by this and will eventually poll more people and develop it more.
    The majority of people would end up dying when picking the poison for the majority of people who drink.

    anyway, thank you for participating in the surveys! 
    (for legal purposes, I am not saying that you should use this information to poison people)

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    2. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      See, you didn't include an option in the second poll.

      If I'm the one with the poison, then I'd just splash it in the other guy's face

    3. ookla the POKE VOTE

      ookla the POKE VOTE

      Fadran I don’t think that’s the point of poison :P

    4. Frustration


      I'm pretty sure you're supposed to spend years building up an immunity to Alkane powder, and then poison both cups 

  6. Thank you to anyone who filled out my previous form, I have another one! after this one I think I will show the results of both.
    But I would greatly appreciate it if y'all could fill this one out

  7. could y'all fill out this survey for me?

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    2. dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnex


      also your animated profile banner is super awesome and way cooler than mine and now i want to change it
      i can't compete with this =P.

    3. Robin Sedai
    4. Chasmgoat


      thank you to anyone who fills it out, I will post the results and maybe a related second survey in the near future.

  8. Mr. Goat woke up at this point, in the fiesta already, as it had to end. Quite unfortunate.
  9. Gerald decided to completely give in to his madness and not expect anything unsurprising. "Destroying a universe is a rather odd thing to do on a Thursday, even for money. Unless of course, you already had your tea for the day."
  10. "I'm in an airport! That's rather disturbing. I should be in the lobby beneath my penthouse." He frantically rushes towards the counter. "Hello! anyone there!" At this time, he hears Rena's explanation. "So I'm in an insane asylum, perfect." He runs his hands through his hair as he paces around. He hated not knowing what was happening. And if it was somehow true... Nah, it couldn't be true. GERALD, GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF. Be posh, not not posh. No, that was a terribly phrased sentence. Oh well, he calmed himself and found a seat.
  11. Gerald was puzzled. "The courthouse gives haircuts now, does it?" Surely it didn't. He didn't even confirm it was the waiting room for the courthouse. What a mistake. He steps aside for the people entering as he ponders. "And what are you two here for?" He then looked at his watch, he was going to be late if he couldn't find where he needed to be.
  12. Gerald was a posh man. Or so he thought. He had everything a posh person is supposed to have, Britishness, a nice suit, a monocle, a fancy accent, and a love for tea. Not only was he posh, but he would consider himself the poshest. Or would of course, if he didn't spend his nights street racing. Of course, who's to say that sitting behind the wheel, ready for the countdown, and then burning rubber isn't posh. He was confident there was some culture that would appreciate it, somewhere, but not here. He was currently having a nice sip of tea, looking out his window at the town below. He sighed, life is way too slow. ***3 Days Later*** Well, he admitted, that was unexpected. Usually, the authorities let them do their races, as long as they make sure it's safe enough for bystanders. Something changed last night. The authorities arrived, and now, well, now he had a court summons. Of course, with with the brilliantly stupid thing he did, it makes perfect sense that they were arrested. Fantastic. Just what he needed on an awful Thursday morning. It's not like it could get any worse. "Stephen, I'm heading out!", He called to his butler. He made his way to the elevator and was listening to the awful music. Someone really needed to replace the speakers. These were broken so much they were incomprehensible. Ding, he reached the first floor. He stepped into the lobby. Hmmm... this was odd. He wasn't sure where he was. The elevator did take him to the first floor, yes? He looked around, seeing an unfamiliar waiting room. He frowned. The elevator behind vanished into the wall. This was quite peculiar. There didn't seem to be an attendant anywhere, only a lady on a couch. "Excuse me, miss, where are we?"
  13. Hey! How's life going?

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    2. Experience


      Oh you're still doing it online?

    3. Chasmgoat


      yup, by choice. This school is entirely online. I love it.
      How are you doing?

    4. Experience


      That's interesting, I can't bear online school. Life's going pretty good, but it's storming busy. 

  14. technosupport

    He could've been lopen