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  1. "Next time, you should warn someone before you faint and leave them to die, just some advice..." "anyway, this is Korodin, and we are at Everest. He flew us here."
  2. "you won't faint and you know the way" "if so, let's go"
  3. "sure." Chasq looks at the hand and accepts it. "so, uh how does this work?"
  4. no. I play tuba too.
  5. we did not remove anything! we added bits. We started with 37 smurfs and then the old priest threw a cheese grater in the air, it hit me in the head and I don't remember the rest... But no smurfs were harmed.
  6. no smurfs were harmed, don't worry.
  7. it involved a cheese grater and an old priest...
  8. I tested it last night and it actually takes 41.98 smurfs to screw in a lightbulb... Anyway, 42 is a great number.
  9. What is your favorite half of your toenail of your left pinky toe?
  10. actually, it is not 42... 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. It is not the answer to the question "what is the meaning of the universe"
  11. actually, it is not debatable. I am an idiot and that is final.
  12. I am going to assume that the hand turkey is male. If it were female (and vorin) would it be considered a safe body?

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    2. Aspiring Writer

      Aspiring Writer

      it would be considered naked. And if it's naked, there's a chance it wants to be mating. And the great words of pattern, NO MATING!

    3. Ghanderflaffle


      I would prefer not to look at the hand turkey, thank you much.

    4. Condensation


      Hey, I think we all feel the same way.

  13. when did you change your profile picture?

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    2. AonEne


      Thanks! And no, this is still a dragon. What do you mean by wave thing? 

    3. Frustration


      the one with the golden lines, that looked like a wave traveling down a string.

    4. AonEne


      It’s also a dragon lol