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  1. "How cruel is @Chasmessian? Very cruel. Cruel enough to rarely break the wall in order to punish his character." Sloopadoop the old reads on a sign that happened to fall out of the sky in front of him.
  2. The hoppy happy hippy hungry hippo who gets too disappointed and writes horrible rom-com comics and is confused at the unending future of the 17th Sharders (plus their bloodthirsty kittens) is named Andrew.
  3. The Way of Kings - 5 Words of Radiance - 5 Edgedancer - 4 Oathbringer - 7 Dawnshard - 4 Rhythm of War - 4 Mistborn: The Final Empire - 5 The Hero of Ages - 6 The Alloy of Law - 2 The Bands of Mourning - 4 Secret History - 5 Elantris - 6 Warbreaker - 6 The Emperor's Soul - 5 Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell - 6 Sixth of the Dusk - 5 Arcanum Unbounded - 3 heal HoA, hurt emperor's soul
  4. They added an E to the acronym since Lov was a forbidden word.
  5. The happy hippy hippo who gets too disappointed and writes horrible rom-com comics and is confused at the unending future of the Radiant Sharders (plus their bloodthirsty kittens) is named Andrew.
  6. The happy, depressed hippy who gets too disappointed and writes dark rom-com comics and is confused at the unending future of the Radiant Sharders plus my bloodthirsty kittens is named Andrew.
  7. Hey. I'm returning... I guess

    (I was Chasmgoat, but I don't like goats so I changed, my name is based of the greek teumessian fox)

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    2. The Storming Stormfather
    3. AonEne


      WHat do we call you if not goaty 

    4. Chasmessian


      You can call me Goaty, I am still Goaty if not Chasmgoat

  8. So I know I left the shard a while ago... And I'm not even going to try and keep up with notifs and stuff.

    anyway, I am posting this in regards to the fortnite/mistborn thing.

    I have traced myself to the Cosmere.

    My dad was specifically mentioned in a comic series (heroes, and it's made by DC comics and therefore part of the DC universe infinite)

    batman is both in the DC universe infinite and in fortnite.

    Kelsier is in fortnite and from the cosmere.

    Also, since I am linked to all of this, I am also linked to the following things due to similar connections:

    Marvel, capcom, smash bros, Minecraft, terraria, portal, the half-life games, kool-aid man, tomb raider, and many, many more.

    But yeah. anyway, time to leave again.

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

    1. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      Now that is an impressive résumé

  9. I sent you a friend request. Also, we could make a club on the site. One last thing, Try out bullet chess. It's fun. It's chess but with 1 min. timers. Ok, made a club. This link should work: if not, in "clubs" search for 17th shard chess club. I think I made it so I have to manually let you in, but I'll see if I can make it where you are automatically entered in.
  10. Doctors, they benefit from your disease and pain.

    Dentists, they benefit from your bad teeth.

    Therapists, they benefit from your mental issues.

    Teachers, they benefit from your lack of knowledge.

    Restaurants, they benefit from your hunger.

    but Thieves, Robbers, and Burglars?

    They actually care about you.

    They benefit from your good fortune in life.

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    2. Blake Hawklow

      Blake Hawklow

      Very true...

    3. Frustration


      This makes me the most fair being to ever exsist, I benefit from everyone.

    4. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      impresive, most impressive.

  11. Fehn coughs, "I'm not even completely sure you are human" he mutters
  12. N'Fehn frowns "Not sure why people need something to do, but you are very weird so I guess it makes sense..."