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  1. technosupport

    ah. I was unaware of this...
  2. technosupport

    that's pretty accurate. though I am not sure what the raven is for. I didn't watch the entire thing.
  3. *sigh* whelp. @[email protected]@AmazingGoob, how are y'all doing?
  4. technosupport

    made me think of windrunners
  5. "dancing kelsier can cure any hurt" - @Scarletfox
  6. technosupport

    Hello. I am here. indeed. yep. not sure what to say. Techno is really cool. space filling message to appear like I am have a lot worth saying. Lorem ipsum. Nature decided Techno wasn't good for business as everything else dies, but not him. So it's trying its hardest with the cancer. But Techno never dies.
  7. I can help with a bunch, I would imagine
  8. very cool! now I just wish I had pets...
  9. The hopeful hopping happy hippy hungry hippo who gets too disappointed, writes award-winning Rosharan movies, and is confused at the unending future of the 17th Sharders (plus their bloodthirsty kittens) is potentially named President President the President.
  10. "for what reason?" Sloopadoop the old raises an eyebrow as the person seems to wave their hands at something not there.
  11. "Well hello there! How are you?"
  12. "hey folks" Sloopadoop the old's voice echoes throughout the world, "Can we not break the fourth wall for the next two posts so I can lose a organ?" Sloopadoop frowns. "I didn't mean to say that, it would appear that some strange being is controlling my mouth."
  13. "I doubt it's that one, as I actually have never even owned a dog." Sloopadoop the old yawns and lays down on the ground for a nap.