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  1. whoa....countless thanks for the fast action!!! I can surely grow new ideasd based on that!! Thanks again!
  2. If you have the time and inspiration for such a sketch, I'd obviously not say no. We could agree on a paid job as well. But my big picture is (imagine this on the leg/thigh) a picture of a mistborn with the cloak, in the air, fighting either an inquisitor or the lord ruler with the spikes and ashes as the background. I found an image that MIGHT be a good starting point And your concept might work as a 'header' or 'footer'. Also, somewhere in the image, a Terrisman watching everything in an 'allknowing' way. And a kendra doing something...a bit undecided what. My problem is that I can rarely visualise something if I'm being told about it. But I might as well, after I see your sketch, decide to drop the whole story and only keep the symbols and make something out of it. I'm rather open to ideas, as long as I get that feeling of 'YES, I MUST HAVE THIS N MY SKIN'
  3. Thanks for the ideas. I actually wrote such a long post to a few tattoo artists and gave them tons of pics from the web so they have an idea about the cncepts, but none of them has gotten back to me with a drawing yet. So yeah, I have the ideas in words, i just need someone who would commit to make a drawing out of them. Preferably someone who has been through the books to be able to add their personal touch when my idea is not finalized...but just an idea. Once again, thanks for the inputs!
  4. Thanks everyone for the input, but I do actually want a story that includes symbols...cloaks...spikes, earrings and humans and Kandras. I have seen those tables you have suggested, but I need someone to put things in perspective
  5. Hey everyone. Please move this topic to the relevant subcategory, can't really make up my mind where it belongs. I'm trying to get a ltattoo based on the Mistborn stories but all the tattoo artists I checked with haven't read the books yet. So I'd like to check if I find anyone here with drawing skills who'd be willing to help me with the design that I can then get to the tattoo shop. Thanks in advance! /Andrea