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    I don't seem to understand how to stay in one place.
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    Music, music, music, music, music--OK no seriously. Music, books, wandering around the Internet (what of it is accessible), good food, good conversation, getting lost in whichever town I live in and discovering interesting stuff, discovering interesting stuff in general, drums, resonant metal, resonant spaces, MUDs and associated types of games, audiogames somewhat, chewing on impossible questions, listening to how other people's existences work, and of course, music.

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  1. Hi all,

    We wanted to show up and let people know we haven't disappeared, we had a major shift in the configuration of fronters after leaving a difficult living situation in the end of 2020. Now we're living in a place that's really bad for our health, but when we get out of there in the next few months, we're hoping to come back around. -Ammonite (no not the reference, I still don't even know what that is. I just think ammonites are cool and good luck pronouncing my actual name, I can't even do it).

    1. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai

      Good luck, it'll be nice to see you again!

    2. AonEne


      I hope you're all okay and can get to a good place soon!