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    I don't seem to understand how to stay in one place.
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    Music, music, music, music, music--OK no seriously. Music, books, wandering around the Internet (what of it is accessible), good food, good conversation, getting lost in whichever town I live in and discovering interesting stuff, discovering interesting stuff in general, drums, resonant metal, resonant spaces, MUDs and associated types of games, audiogames somewhat, chewing on impossible questions, listening to how other people's existences work, and of course, music.

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  1. We're back. And have 150 notifications to go through. Clearly no one planned this one well lol!

    We had medical stuff to deal with. A roommate to rescue and move in, which was a big source of anxiety mid pandemic, but it's all sorting out.

    And then there's all the complexity with the fronting crew, and the system expanding, but we won't go into that here, mainly because trying to describe that would just be a series of shots of our face, looking all the different variations of confused it's looked lately, and no text. A bit too abstract, even if we could see enough to record it.

    So have a variety of noises which together sound like Philip Glass and Robert Rich collaborated when they were both super sleep deprived, which essentially boils down to a hi from all of us.

    1. SingingMosaic


      And Tipper. Should have mentioned Tipper.

    2. AonEne


      Hi back to everyone, sorry for the notifications! I hope the medical stuff went well?