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  1. @Fatebreaker because it's his plot, and anyone else who wants to comment, make suggestions, or put forth possible interactions. This has been some weeks in coming and there are some elements of it that most wouldn't feel comfortable having sprung on them and that I wouldn't be comfortable springing on anyone either and some that, if they come up, would have to be talked about. This is a sliver of the thing that my brain was turning over that I mentioned in previous posts, though that either didn't go anywhere or is still down there somewhere simmering.
  2. I actually hadn't thought through this very much, mainly because I figured a spren could and would pick anyone regardless of whether people thought it was a good idea or not so I just figured they'd work it out. But now I'm having all kinds of ideas. I've been lucky to have a brain with powerful mapping abilities and a level of automatic information gathering and processing that scares me sometimes which, contrary to the belief of a lot of sighted people I meet, is sadly not something we all have. Thinking about what I could do with different surges is a lot of fun. I think this is also why I tend to relate to Brandon's nonhumans or heavily modified humans, as a side note. He points out differences in sensory systems, and then just leaves you to imagine them. And because I think I missed your welcome post either that or you've been here a while lurking, hi, welcome! If you want to compare accessibility notes or anything feel free to message me.
  3. Listeners were the group who lived out on the Shattered Plains, hiding from Odium's forces for thousands of years. Singers are the species as a whole, but this seems sort of complicated socially, as this is a name internally pushed by the Fused or at least some of them. Hope this helps.
  4. Ah Dot probably couldn't be a Steelrunner, I just went to the Sleepless page on the Coppermind and it said that while a hordeling could gain or lose something from hemalurgy, it would disconnect from the rest. Though apparently they can mimic a Larkin's abilities given enough time to specialize? So who knows what they can or can't grow to do over time... Or would that be AV handwavium? I've been everywhere and done strange questionable things and now I can do things? lol What I'll probably have him do is specialize his hordelings to create a very fast form which can sometimes pour on the speed, at a cost. So now on to his backstory. Oooo this will be fun.
  5. The Shard consumed the entirety of this original post in my spoiler tag. So the tags in it didn't end up coming through, I'm reposting it here with them outside, I hope that is OK. I'll tag both of you, because you've both helped me with this character and their updates. Sorry for any confusion that may have caused. @Sorana @I think I am here.
  6. That would make sense, anyway he could probably make one through his normal means. Seeing as how original Dot often uses it to play pranks on people anyway, and would probably be fine without it, because his eye doesn't do anything mechanical for him in the Numenera system.
  7. True. So this would leave the mechanics as they currently stand at: A Sleepless with a flying eye and the ability to sense people, artifabrian and Investiture scholar, with a compact crossbow modified less for sheer damage and more for truer aim, the intent is less to kill and more to put someone out of chasing or attacking him. Them? That's probably just a matter of preference... Now to chew on weaknesses and backstory. Building a character this way around is interesting for me, generally I do them backstory first, and have no idea what they're called until the end. I've also never modified a character between systems, it is surprisingly fun. Should exercise my rusty squeaky brain more.
  8. OK. Thanks guys, this has given me much clearer ideas of Dot's framework. My only question is this, how would we handle the Steelrunning? Or would it just be unneeded since all the bits of him can scurry around rapidly anyway. I kind of like the idea of a Sleepless who is a mixture of things, whose particular life experiences have led them so far into and so far out of the lives of other creatures that they could get attached to people, and relate to them, but in ways that would probably subtly unsettle some of said people. I'm not sure if I can pull someone with this many complex nuances off, but I love a challenge. @Sorana @18th Shard
  9. @Ashbringer I like the idea of Dot being an artifabrian. So this would leave that, his scholarship, his bow, and his spiked Steelrunning. And @18th Shard The weirder, the better. If that's the only way to go with the eye I might, I could also easily see his personality fitting a Sleepless well. Just one that got more involved with other beings than most. It does also fit my mental image of the original Dot, who is biologically 29, but in my head is an unknown and large number of years older. @ZincAboutIt I thought about doing that but I'll wait until people get a feel for how I do things and how I handle the ooc behind the scenes stuff because I agree, something like that sounds like it could be fun if you really knew who you were roleplaying with.
  10. Honestly we could probably scrap empathy, I would be really hesitant with it so it would rarely appear anyway because I wouldn't want to bust into everyone else's RP, just interact with it. Taking that out and expanding the weird could be fun. I was going to approach DA people soon, depending on the Nnimm update, to ask about their potential involvement, because someone said something along the lines of you know you're allowed to say hey the DA messed me up, and it just got stuck in my head. But would there be anything wrong with having more than one character in that environment? Future characters would inevitably branch out to other areas, I try not to put myself in one environment too much because I gotta compromise with distractable brain. lol The reason I was thinking DA Dot in response to your post was because A: he could keep the eye, I mean, who knows how he got it, with all the messing with parts of existence people really shouldn't have been able to mess with who knows what would happen to you, and the eye is fun. Coming up with how he got it would also be fun. And B, there's a lot of potential outlet for the weird quality there, even if it isn't mechanical. Also I kind of want to get rid of his blade, and leave him with some type of small bow or other projectile weapon, enhanced mainly through normal modifications. Not an instant kill by any means, if he got in a fight his entire strategy would be get the high ground as fast as possible and shoot. His eye can't go very far from him and I imagine it's very vulnerable. It can go around corners, if he's close to the corner, so he would usually use it to scoot along a ceiling and slide around a corner and look ahead of him, or to zoom in closer to something he's messing with or look at it from a different angle. So we have the eye, his bow which mainly has better balanced arrows/bolts, his scholarship investiture, his general handiwork I can fix/break/improvise random stuff type skill, his steel feruchemy or the way I'm thinking more likely spiked steel feruchemy and possibly an aviar? I like that idea. Someone who's always sticking their nose around corners and into nooks and crannies and messing with things would live longer if there was a creature able to mentally go hey don't do that, you'll die. I'm going to start messing with his backstory but first I hope to find some cool DA people to figure out if they want Dot, what kind of background he could have there, how to make him more interesting using their ideas and experience and that mental section I wrote in the post above. Which I'll stick in a spoiler here for easy reference. @Sorana @18th Shard And anyone else who wants to chime in, thoughts? For weaknesses I kind of want to put a twist on that one, since it's so common, so I'm chewing on it, and thinking of some more.
  11. Me, too!
  12. Nnimm update: There are weakness changes because of their backstory changes, and a skill addition. One weakness was never rated, and I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t give enough information? The numbers from the old sheet are still there.
  13. This for some reason got my brain turning over stuff about Rock and now one of my new favorite ideas is Rock is another Bondsmith. Also for some reason I'm only seeing half of this thread? Interesting...
  14. I want to change him so that he comes from one of the AV worlds, or half worlds, or simply unmappable places, and to change him mechanically to whatever fits best. Here's his character sheet, with most of the extra Numenera mechanic stuff that wouldn't make any sense removed, and a bit of explanation for his original context. Note that I expect most of this will be lumped into single abilities and some of it will disappear completely, either for being not applicable or or not able to fit in the point cap. @Sorana Warning: Quite long. What he feels like: Context: Character, still in his original context: