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  1. Yay this exists! The whole system isn't nonbinary but I am so *waves* Aww yay someone has a cat. This makes me happy, I don't have one, so I just have to think about petting cats and other people petting cats. I'm here for anarchy. I have this whole idea of how an anarchist world might look that's been growing in my head for a while. It wouldn't be utterly without social structure, which implies guidelines at least if not rules, because I don't think humans, as social creatures, could actually manage that but it would be as close as we could get it. -Feather
  2. Oh I can see that, going to go check it out now.
  3. You know what handpans are, I'm so happy! I love handpans and anyway I'll quit before I get off topic. I can see handpans in part of Stormlight. Did you have any impressions that made you think of them in Mistborn, anything you were thinking of when you thought of that? I'm curious. I don't have one. It has been a source of my sadness for a long time.
  4. Kiss Raodan, on the cheek so Sarene doesn't kill me, marry Elend for his books, kill Adolin. Oops Adolin isn't dead and I'm in seven pieces. Oh well. Kmk Arclow, the Stump and Yeden.
  5. I'll go through this list, too, because it seems like we have fairly similar tastes in books. Also, admittedly, I'm a little glad I'm not entirely alone. When I did my introduction, I posted a massive list of songs--either things that almost made it onto my Spotify Stormlight playlist, or things that I resonated with. Welcome and I hope you have fun here.
  6. Oooo. I hope you enjoy the books, but I'm also sad that you too shall join us in waiting and gnawing on the bits of information Brandon drops. Sad not because it isn't fun, but because waiting for Stormlight 4 is killing me. Anyway I hope you have fun here.
  7. Kiss Jasnah (she probably wouldn't let me), marry Renarin and sorry Adolin, you'll kill me before I can kill you, if your cousin didn't get there first. lol Ais, Rlain and Ashweather Cett. Just to throw some really unlikely people together. Edit: oops. lol
  8. Oh, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks.
  9. For some reason, my post count won't change. I don't know if this is because early posts are vanishing (that would be a bit difficult to find out) or if it's just stuck. Unless old content is vanishing, it doesn't seem to be interfering with anything else. I figured I would let you know and see if anyone else is having that problem. Edit: It did just go up when I posted that, but it hasn't been going up for a while before? Strange.
  10. Kiss Wax, couldn't be that bad, marry Lightsong, because that relationship would be mostly a technicality anyway and he would probably be cool about it, kill Wyndle, not because I don't like him, but because I can't, so it's fine. Eshonai, Wayne, and Glys. It's fine if we have repeats right? This would die pretty fast without them and I'm pretty sure I've been seeing them.
  11. I'm cool with it though most people don't know me, just putting that out there. Who knows, it might come up later. I don't know one of the people in this one so I can't think of what to do for it. lol I don't want to kill you for not knowing you.
  12. Global Drum Project! It's so good, I discovered it years ago and have never gotten enough of it.
  13. Rereading the series in preparation for RoW, and there are finer points I missed, as well as some things to keep in mind that Brandon does better or differently than others (the man is seriously brilliant) that contribute, so I'll be revisiting this. And probably overthinking it.
  14. Sleepthief's new album, and by new I mean most recent, Mortal Longing. The last time I heard anything of theirs was in 2011.
  15. When I saw this earlier I missed the fact that there was an entire new page and a third clue, lol. But yeah she got it first.