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  1. Tangerine hugged Ollie from behind.
  2. *Sneak attackle hug*

    1. Vapor



    2. Tani


      *stomps Fadran*

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Maddie The Succulent

      Maddie The Succulent

      Thank you! Sorry this is late but I just saw this so that proves I should check my profile more…

  4. Val bit her lip, but put her hands down.
  5. "Some people."
  6. Val nervously messed with her hair.
  7. Ara reached over and gave Nico the biggest hug she’d ever given, which wasn’t actually all that big.
  8. “Then we need to stop her.” Ara sat down next to him and looked Nico right in the eye. “So she can’t make you do stuff.”
  9. “Then don’t,” Ara said softly.
  10. “But are you happy doing it?”
  11. Ara’s face looked more solemn, and she looked up at Nico. “People who kill other people need to be stopped.”
  12. “Then we’ll help you! I can kick really hard.”
  13. Ara decided to switch her tactic and gave him puppy eyes. “But you can protect us. We can stop her from being bad.”