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  1. *lets sequence win*
  2. I have this one dream where I'm in my bed in the morning and I go to brush my teeth in the bathroom but my mom's already in there and so I spit at her and then I wake up (in the dream) and I have no memory of the past 2 minutes and I go to brush my teeth in the bathroom but my mom's already in there and so I spit at her and then I wake up again (in the dream) and it's just an endless dream
  3. My dad's making me stay home because I was exposed to covid and he's been sick too

    I have nothing to dooooo

  4. Val ran after him, wishing she was a bit faster.
  5. Val shook her head. "I... nevermind."
  6. Val nodded and quickly pulled her hood up, stepping to the door. "Lead the way," she said quietly.
  7. Dreri jumped up from her seat and froze, panicking at the sudden action. A moment later, Val relaxed and looked back at the door to make sure there were no others. "What is it?" she asked.
  8. I should be asleep so I can actually wake up tomorrow

    I'm going back to school tomorrow and I don't want to


    Hmmm maybe the stress for today was really for tomorrow and my brain just hates me and so it and life just plan how to make me miserable

    I'm tired but I'm too anxious to sleep

    1. Tesh



      I'm sorry, that really scudding sucks and is all too relatable.

      I'd suggest waiting half an hour and watching some YouTube videos or reading a book, and then try going to sleep again. That usually helps me.

      I mean hopefully you're asleep now, but... yeah.

      Night, Vapor.

      *more hugs*

    2. Boomerang Guy

      Boomerang Guy

      I start Tuesday and this trimester has been really hard. My anxiety is going nuts.

  9. It's my shardiversary


     the stress leading up to this is not worth it

    um... idk what to say

    thank you to my 82 followers who I'm not going to name one by one because they're all amazing and I can't find the words this is like the third draft because I gave up on that, you make existence have a purpose besides the monotonous day by day

    I don't have any art or anything. No writing.

    Happy New Year! Let's all hope this one is better than the last.

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    2. Flying


      Happy shardiversary!! 

    3. AonEne


      Never feel obligated to write something long, it is stressful! <3 Love ya, happy Shardiversary! 

    4. DramaQueen


      Happy Shardiversary, Vapsy!!! I love you so friggin much!!

  10. spoilers for every movie

    My dad wasn't able to see it when I saw it because it was with my mom and her dad and y'know... they don't live together anymore, so I get an excuse to take him to see it on Friday and I'm sooo excited, but I'll probably be posting more opinions afterwards. soooo.... Yay
  11. Val peeked out from inside (that one guy that i definitely wasn't to lazy to go check the name of)'s house and quickly ducked back. I should be out there right now, helping them. But she knew that Dreri would take control if she did any more than watch.
  12. spoilers for every movie

    okay i love this movie all of it all y'all have like these super in depth analyses and I have like... this So I reeaaaaallly like Tobey Maguire's Spiderman because it was the first one I saw and I really like the way he's the nerdy, friendly neighborhood Spiderman. To me he's not like this super hot brilliant perfect guy, he's less attractive even though i like him more, and you can see his flaws a lot better. At least that's what I think. I kinda relate to him more I guess because he's not perfect British amazing Tom Holland. The banter stuff between all the spidermen was fantastic, and I loved it. The way the three spidermen kinda balanced each other out like with Tobey's older maturity and understanding and Andrew's humor and Tom's youngness with all their nerdiness and amazingness it kinda reminded me of me and my siblings so I loved it.