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  1. Kelly grabs her sniper from her back and looks around, worried. Unconsciously she puts her back to the others, trying to form a circle.
  2. Val giggles and covers her mouth, grinning.
  3. She must be very... hot.
  4. Rosalie snuck out of a person’s room, closing the door quietly and pocketing a bag. She looked around, hoping nobody had seen her.
  5. No you aren't.
  6. Never. Never ever.
  7. Too bad for you.
  8. I don't think so.
  9. are you sure?
  10. Yes, it is so.
  11. Val sighed, listening to Aerith talk to Concerto. Dreri spoke up. Sounds like those muskets could end up being a problem. Valerie nodded, thinking.
  12. Rosalie grinned. "I like you, kid."