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  1. Vapor smiled at Ene. "I totally understand. I don't know that I feel the same way, but I understand."
  2. "Yes," replied Vapor and Jek simultaneously.
  3. "Sure," Vapor says. "Does it matter?"
  4. "If Vin knew there was some other metal compound that could help her in whatever thing she was facing at the moment, I think she would have risked her life to find it if she had some sort of information about the metal."
  5. Jek walked up. "I'm not so sure about that. I could see Vin risking her life to find another metal compound if she knew another compound would help her."
  6. Jek shrugs. "I don't know." Vapor pulls him to the side. "Wasn't your dad there to help?" "No, he was gone." "Dead?" "He left us when I was 8. I had to keep our family alive. But now..." "They're gone too?" "Er... Yes."
  7. The man walked over to Enter. "Your mind is broken? I think... I think I can help. I'm Jek. My mother's mind was broken when she had my younger brother, and I had to help take care of her a lot." He paused and went to his bag. "Here, take this," he said as he pulled out a metalmind. "I got it from a temple. This wasn't stolen, I promise," he said to Vapor hastily. "I earned this one. I'm not sure what it does, but it kept my mother from ruining her mind completely."
  8. Vapor follows, gaping at the sight. The man awkwardly follows behind.
  9. "Okay. Well, if nobody else needs help then… Wait, the strange man over there, he's hurt." Vapor grabbed the other potion and ran over to Santonio's side. "I feel like I should know him..." she said as she uncorked the bottle.
  10. "Wait, what? By who? I think I might be having memory loss."
  11. "Anyone else need help?" Vapor shouts.
  12. Vapor finishes with the salve and checks her metalmind. It's all used up, so she grabs the man. "You got any useful supplies?" "Er... Uh... Yeah. Here." He pulls his bag off of his shoulder and pulls out a bunch of spheres, metalminds, and random collectibles. Vapor grabs some pewter, brass, bronze, bendalloy, gold, and electrum. "You sure have a lot of these. How long have you been stealing?" Vapor picks up 2 small bottles labeled Health and distributes supplies. "Here." She hands Fadran a gold band and pours a potion into now slightly conscious Elaine's mouth.
  13. Vapor pulls out a salve and spreads it over the burns. "This'll sting for a bit, but it should help." She turns to Q. "We'll need some bandages for the wings. T, I saw some antidotes in your bag. Could you come over here?"
  14. As Enter is safe, Vapor turns to the man and then the other wounded. "I'll deal with you later," she says to the man. "We've got other people to help. She first turns to Elaine. "Q, do you have something to help?"