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  1. "Sure."
  2. Ana walks in through the open door, wearing navy blue sweatpants and a dark green sweatshirt. She was wearing black-rimmed glasses and a baseball cap covering her purple hair. "Uh, hi."
  3. Eh, not enough yet. TPBM is watching Star Trek
  4. "Spin is here with news from Vapor."
  5. Vapor whispered to her shardblade. "Do you think you can get out? You can? Okay, find the Fellowship. I'll summon you after a while." Spin transformed into her spren form and flew away. Back in Scadrial, Spin appeared next to Jek. "I'm back," she whispered to him, and he jumped. "Oh. Where were you?" "With Vapor." "You were with Vapor? What happened?" "She's in Rish's mindscape and got in some trouble with some bear creatures, and Patch, Vale's friend, says that Rish isn't good. Apparently Nath opened some gates and let out a bunch of demon things." Jek frowned. "Guys, Spin was just with Vapor, and she found her way here."
  6. "He did that?" Vapor asked, surprised.
  7. "Yes, but I can work on my skills with Nathrangking."
  8. OH NO