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About Me

I am the sister of Mist(older sister) and Vapor(younger sister). Off the Shard, I have Fog(younger brother), Cloud(youngest sister), Transpiration(father), and Evaporation(mother). My cousins are Dew, Brook, Flurry, Tap Water, Moist, and H2O.

I also introduced some people to the Shard! @bruh, @KyL, @Yere Wave, and @lightshaper123!

Total book nerd!!!! PM me with or for book suggestions PLEASE!

My current Shardbuddies!(by application only and subject to approval)(spoilered for eventual length, hopefully)


@Channelknight Fadran, @DramaQueen, @Vapor, @revelryintheart, @Scarletfox, @Mist, @Nathrangking, @Matrim's Dice, @The_Truthwatcher, @AonEne, @Ark1002, @Spren of Kindness, @turtle, @Emi, @Experience, @Chasmgoat, @Doomstick, @Shard of Reading, @FriarFritz, @Lunamor, @MusicalReader, @Scout_Fox, @Ghanderflaffle, @Truthless of Shinovar, @Hentient, @Somebody from Sel, @Aspiring Writer, @A Windrunner, @Bearer of all Agonies, @The Windrunner Supreme, @Flyingbooks42, @Mystic Syn, @The Awakened Salad, @Lightdancer, @The Windrunner Supreme, @Exotwo @Breaker, @Random Bystander, @Tesh, @HoidWasTaken

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use appropriate punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and spelling. If you don't, I will correct you(most likely). It really bugs me, but people keep doing it. Please stop.

The RPs I'm part of: Scholar, Radiant Academy, Forged Iron, The Fellowship of the Thing (I'm bored. Let's mess around), The Fellowship of the Thing: Side Tales(maybe dead?), The Mishmash Inn(rather dead), The Fellowship of the Thing: Other Stories, Crystellation, Masquerade: These Masks We Wear, The Caped Crusaders(mostly dead), Siren's Call: an RP, KrystalFyre, Wings of Fire RP, Let's Go Find a Dragon, Athe(pretty dang dead), The Lost Temple, The Linear Thread, The Shortest Thread(necroed a lot), Kippies and Dragons, A Magical Reawakening, Crystellation: Autonomy for the People(dead), The New Empire(quite dead), Fellowship: Seasonal(mostly dead), The Happy Inquisitor(far gone), Oakenwey: Thorns & Arrows(not really part of this one anymore...), Title Absent(just need to introduce my character... eventually...), Medical Mysteries with Karla Omer, Two Sides of the Same Coin: Tails, The Fellowship of the Thing: Just the Plot, The Toraiik of Tailzesesh Almor (The mages of the city of scorpions) (rather dead since the person running it is gone), and Anyone want to buy a shardblade?

RP Characters: To be added later when I have time.

Former Titles: The Living Spellcheck, The Walking Dictionary, Brightness Grammar, The Witch of the Keyboard, Grammar Nazi, Totally not in too many RPs, Undetected, unexpected, with stealth perfected, USE GOOD GRAMMAR! Seriously, do I have to start naming names?, The Shipper Lady(I blame Discord), Captain Obvious, GrammarQueen(in homage to DramaQueen)

Title Ideas: Haver of Many Nicknames, Queen of Grammar

Brandon Sanderson books I've read:

Stormlight: Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer, Edgedancer, Dawnshard, Rhythm of War

Mistborn: Mistborn, Well of Ascension, Hero of Ages, Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self, Bands of Mourning, Secret History 1, Eleventh Metal, Allomancer Jak

Alcatraz: Alcatraz #1, Alcatraz #2, Alcatraz #3, Alcatraz #4, Alcatraz #5

Steelheart: Steelheart, Firefight, Calamity, Mitosis

Elantris: Elantris, Emperor's Soul, Hope of Elantris

White Sands: #1, #2, #3

Wheel of Time: None of them yet :( 

Skyward: Skyward, Starsight

Miscellaneous: Warbreaker, Rithmatist, Shadows for Silence, Sixth of the Dusk, Perfect State, Dreamer, Dragonsteel, WoK prime, Legion, Aether