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  1. "Thank you!" Pianissimo walked through the gates.
  2. "They're a little... wild."
  3. Vivace snorted.
  4. the fellowship of the thing

    "I have an objection," Luz mumbled. "You're all idiots and we should go home."
  5. "Thanks," Sostenuto puffed.
  6. "O-okay." Cadenza spared a last glance toward Corwin.
  7. Side Character nods their head sadly.
  8. the fellowship of the thing

    Aria rolled her eyes, mirroring Fadran. "Adults."
  9. Vivace shook her head.
  10. "Yes. It's right here." Trylle pulled out the flag. "And I'm not that big of a fan of my team."
  11. "Phaedrus needs help."
  12. "Probably shouldn't ask that... especially when we're trying to convince him to get medical help."
  13. Two-sentence horror story competition at my local library. I'd like to challenge y'all. Here's mine:

    A dark, frigid night spent alone.


    But was it truly alone?

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Experience


      A terror staring back at you. A monster or the mirror?

    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Welcome to Harrison High. The man looked back at the old man and shivered.

    4. Chinkoln


      “The screams and moans of the pained filled the air, haunting the eyes of those around me.

      It made sense, that the apocalypse would come on the day that the school’s wifi finally started working.”