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  1. "I lived in the UK, although apparently I was originally from Spain."
  2. "You definitely don't sound all right. Can I help? How do I help?"
  3. "Wait - you're from Earth?!" Andante exclaimed. "And your last name... never mind. You're from Earth too!"
  4. "Ashimeer and Agonia." Andante smiled at Soren and gave him a thumbs-up.
  5. "Oh, sorry. Of course! I think... there should be something in one of the storage tents, but the soldiers might have something hot. Whatever works. I can take you there."
  6. Andante rubbed her forehead. "Sorry, I'm just a bit confused. Three new people: Midnight, N'Fehn, and Soren?" She smiled. "I'm Andante. Nice to have you. Where are you all from?"
  7. "Morning, Gerald!" Melody waved.
  8. Time skip! Melody woke up early the next morning and sat up, stretching. The birds were chirping in the trees and sun shone through the tent fabric. She grinned and looked over at the others. @Channelknight Fadran and I think xino's already here.
  9. Wait... I didn't read that well enough. I guess I just assumed... Seventh time's the charm!
  10. I agree.
  11. I... I mean, I would have really liked to win... Since I still haven't won even once and this is my seventh game... But yeah, I'd probably end up regretting it. Journey before destination.
  12. Time skip?
  13. "All right!" Melody walked over to the tent and snuggled down in her sleeping bag. "Good night!"