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  1. Vivace nonchalantly walked behind a member of the mob, then bopped him on the head and snatched his torch. She ran behind a building so he wouldn't spot her and smirked, then ran around the building just to be safe.
  2. "Calling? Calling you?" Melody asked.
  3. You're great Connie!

  4. "Can you close that?" asks Andante, irritated. She spits out a strand of hair and swipes it away from her face.
  5. OMGoodness I'm a MISTBORN yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 

    Thanks, y'all!

    Also is it just me, or has the number of status updates increased rapidly recently? *says in status update*

    also it smells like food and mmmmmmmmm (my school thing we're making food)

    1. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm

      Yeah, i've been doing doing a lot of SUs and i feel like others have to. I actually had two more i wanted to do today, i decided to stagger them out instead lol (cause of how many I've done lately) I like them, though, it makes me feel we're all one big friend group haha :D


      Food is good

      Since it snowed here, we had tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch, and then we each had a preserved peach after

      It was heaven 


    2. Robin Hatter

      Robin Hatter

      I think so too, but I enjoy status updates, so I don't mind. (I've got too much spare time anyway...)

    3. Condensation


      I don't have all that much time in the Shard and going through my notifications on my phone takes a while. I just wish there was some way to limit the number or order them so that the more important ones I can definitely see. 

      I will be fine if I don't see your reaction to the new Spiderman, for example. But I want to know if you're having a hard time or something! Yeah. 

  6. Andante followed the group out and along the road, admiring Martin's awesome hat.
  7. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy so it's my Shardiversary!

    No way I'm thanking all 92 of you... so don't feel bad if I leave you out, you're awesome peoples and my ADD brain just forgot you don'tfeeloffendediloveyouallplatonically

    @Vapor and @Mist! I love you guys! I've been missing you, Mist, and will continue. It's always so fun when I see you on and can say hello! Vapor, you're definitely a lot closer to me than Mist physically (hah we share a room) so obviously I don't miss you, but I'm so glad we can be here to support each other at the same time as we fight. Happy Shardiversary, V! I was definitely on first.

    @Zephrun's Imperium, Happy Shardiversary! I love sharing a Shardiversary with you. Congrats on 3 years, and here's to many more! I love your art, it's soooo gooooood! Thanks for the coloured pencils and always being there to chat!

    @Channelknight Fadran! Where would I be without you and your amazing RPs, exuberance, and support? Thank you for being there for V when she needs you. I'll never forget joining the Shard and being welcomed as a very amateur RPer by the Fellowship of the Thing!

    @DramaQueen! You are so talented and fun to be around! You also look epic in a goatee. Thanks for being welcoming, can't wait to see Kimora back, and sorry about the train thing. :)

    @Ed Venture, you are an amazing human. You're so caring and kind and are always there when I'm feeling down - even when both of us should probably be sleeping. Thanks for keeping me accountable for my own self-health. Drink more water, remember you're beautiful, and read Blue Matter on Webtoons!

    @Tesh! aaaaaaaaaaaaa Hadestown music is so good! As soon as I learn the lyrics, I'll be ready to spam them with you! (don't worry, mods, not on the Shard.) Lost my feather, but what really mattered was knowing you. I hope you and Kaladin have an epic new year!

    @DoomStick, gotta love your lower-than-average height, ya shortie. It is incredible how you are always on Discord when I get on. Seriously, do you never sleep? Thanks for being a friend, and maybe someday I'll find the right pair of heels to top you. :)

    Ene! Can't find your username, am I just losing my mind? You're epic! I'm running out of things to say, dang it. Thanks for the cute mitten-wish I could actually wear it. ;)

    Ok speed run time

    Hey CG you rock
    Nath I love your poetry
    Emi kippies are the cutest
    Hen I haven't seen you in a while
    Enter nice backpack
    EmLee love your art
    Writer hi! cute pfp

    Bearer come back
    Fish you too (jk life i get it)
    Ward hey sorry I'm such a slack-off (also post on Crystellation)
    Dannnnnnnnnnnex you deserve all of the ns
    Darkfinder is a cute snek
    Noam hi! love you platonically
    Goob still love your pfp
    Jester Ara's my favourite
    Knight your colour of green is my favourite also yay hollow knight
    Mat hi where have you gone
    Syn! art is on point love your thread
    Null pls come back
    XP hey I think CAP is done for
    Truthless! Long time no see, where you gone?
    Random hey mini me ;)
    rev hi good art (running out of steam)
    fox! Both of you! hi!
    spock you going on another shopping trip? ;)
    Kindness you brighten my day!
    all of the szeths hi there don't know you so well
    sald hi *thumbs up*
    truth you rock love talking to you
    wind come baaaaaaaack
    aaaa xino I should probably have summoned you up higher hi this might be long. Hey we should do something for Fellowship but mostly I love you platonically your cat face is amazing hang in there

    Anyway I know I missed a lot, but I hope I got a lot of you. At least, I hope I get everyone who checks this. Oh wait maybe - Hi, Storming Stormfather! You're so good at checking status updates!

    Okay. Yeah, it's been an amazing two years! It's been a ride, but y'all have gotten me through it. I'll be posting some art later, so stay tuned, but I love you all platonically! Sorry for all offenses, imagined and real, and I hope we'll have many more years together!

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      I would like to relay my dad's advice to you--if you get stuck, don't bang your head against the wall.

      He meant it figuratively but I'm definitely saying it literally

    3. 2EmLee2


      !ytisrevidrahS hppaH

    4. Condensation


      I mean, in some cases, Enter, that can promote positive blood flow. Like tapping a soda bottle against your head or doing a handstand!

      !eelmE ,uoy knahT

  8. "No you!" Vivace said cheerfully, then turned back to the mob and Chorale's friend.
  9. "Not at all. I'm never stupid, unlike your species. It'll be perfectly reasonable for the situation." Vivace smirked. "Now get going."
  10. the fellowship of the thing

    Aria tromped inside, covered in snow. "When's Santa coming?" "Soon, I hope, but he can't come until we're all asleep. You ready for bed?" said Herate.
  11. "Go find Val and check out the portal, make sure it's free. I'll get Aerith out of there."
  12. I love all musicals. I especially love Wicked, Six, Dear Evan Hansen, Company, anything by Stephen Sondheim, Little Shop of Horrors, Hadestown, a bunch that have never ever been on Broadway, and Hamilton! I love listening to the music while I read. It helps me focus - yay brain problems.