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  1. "All right." Crescendo sat up and patted the stair beside her. "Want to sit?"
  2. "I'm tired. You?"
  3. "She stole... a necklace. Is that important? Do we need it?"
  4. "Is she here?"
  5. "What about Y, ... arm?"
  6. Crescendo lay down on the stairs, mildly uncomfortable but too tired to shift. She heard a door opening upstairs and halfheartedly glanced that direction.
  7. "Oh, good." Kailer smiled. Maybe it was selfish to wish he didn't have to do this, but he had never been one for chatter. Andante had absolutely nothing to do, so she was sitting under a tree in the shade.
  8. "Yeah - do it anyway." Isati took a deep breath as they went under the ground.
  9. Zola giggled.
  10. "Cadmiumminds? What do those do?" Zola reached for Kell's hand.
  11. "But I didn't want -" Cadenza sighed and looked over her shoulder.
  12. Crescendo sat down on the stairs. She was too tired to go farther, and she knew Leonie would be looking for her. She needed to explain things.
  13. "Y. She's bad news - X's counterpart. She kidnapped me once."
  14. "As long as you can do that."
  15. "Before you use your powers. It's disconcerting." "Hurry - that thing looks bad."