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  1. Blue is better! Any blue, really.
  2. I'll... just not vote. That work? Yes.
  3. Glissando peeks back down the stairs. "Hey, are you guys coming?"
  4. I prefer blue. Then purple, especially lavender.
  5. I... agree with the Turtle part. I am also slightly overwhelmed by this (and QF48). I think I'll jump on the eltruT bandwagon for now.
  6. I was already aware of this and chose to let it pass. However, I must now correct it because I have been summoned. *Front view of Windrunner lamp.
  7. Orange is gross. Except fall leaves. Bright pink is bad, light pink's good.
  8. I am! I'm listening in English and using subtitles in Spanish to pick up some new Spanish words. I'm on episode 6.
  9. Why thanks! It's not Shakespeare, but I liked it too.
  10. "Hey! What did you do that for?" Daolan steps in between Wrenden and Taln.
  11. "What was that?!" squealed Andante, trying to wipe off the liquid.
  12. Herate looked down. "I think... he's probably okay."
  13. When did I pass you in number of posts?

    All sorts of weird things happen when Fadran takes a break from the Shard.

    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      I've known that you were going to pass my post count for awhile now.

    2. Condensation


      I mean, I guess I just wasn't checking all that much!

      I do post a lot.