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  1. Okay, whatever you say. Good night! See you all Monday!
  2. Yeah, you're in a different time zone. For me, it's 11 PM. My dad says it's time for bed, and I probably(but maybe) won't get on tomorrow, since it's Sunday, so I'll see you all Monday. Don't overburden me with things to read, please
  3. Oh, it is that bad. It's even worse, and It's worth it because I enjoy them. such is my genius.
  4. Okay, it just didn't look like anyone was on. I'm excited about all my roleplays and wouldn't be able to go to sleep if I went to bed.
  5. Tee hee! next time I need to hide a secret message, I have a worse one.
  6. Zola glances at Taeli then turns her focus back to Sel. "Promise you won't swim in it? My ma always said nothin' good comes from meddling with things ya don't understand."
  7. "That's not for swimming in, though." Zola plants herself in front of Sel and glares up at her.
  8. Hotman! Hotman. Hotman? Is no one else on? @DramaQueen? @The_Truthwatcher?
  10. They walked through the halls and came to a room locked with more security precautions than any of the other doors Tion had seen. Konna stepped up to the door, scanned her eyeball, fingerprints, and spoke into a small microphone. She then pulled out a ring of keys, selected four, and placed them each in a keyhole. She and three soldiers turned the keys at the same time, then turned the doorknob and walked into the room. Tion balked, but was shoved forward by the soldiers to either side of her. Inside the room, there was a table, a one-way window, and a chair with restraints on the chest, wrists, and ankles. It was this chair that Tion was forced into, and her shackles were replaced with the restraints. She struggled, but could not escape. Konna placed an odd-looking helmet on Tion's head and buckled it under her chin tightly. Konna and the soldiers filed out of the room, presumably to watch through the one-way glass. Tion felt a weird tugging sensation in her head. She felt the helmet buzz and watched the room gain a greenish tint from the lights on the helmet--that was the last thing she did before blacking out.
  11. How long is your longest post?
  12. Many thanks for including me, I am honored.