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  1. "Swords? Yeah, probably. Got a sword?"
  2. "I suppose you can fight with us, Torao."
  3. Good. And if you need me to, I can go talk to them!
  4. "You're right."
  5. "Thank you."
  6. Alienor pulled her arms up to her chest, uncomfortable. "No, thank you."
  7. "Well, I'm fairly certain they're not supposed to be here. However... as long as they're not causing a problem and they stay out of sight, they're probably fine."
  8. Alienor smiled at Ara, then turned to Wendy. "These kids just what?"
  9. Alienor smiled uncertainly. "Hello. Ah, where did you come from?" She glanced around and saw Wendy and Ara, understanding replacing confusion.
  10. Hey, so... I got invited to play D&D. I really want to, I like D&D, but I don't have a character right now and haven't made one in forever. Anyone experienced who's willing to help?

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Doomstick


      I meant to say "I can help too, Shortie"

    3. Condensation


      Maybe I'll just add you all to the PM.

      Thanks, Shortie!

    4. Doomstick


      No problem, Shortzo!

  11. "Should I move the wall? I can take it where I took the dyrlings."
  12. "Thank you." "What about me? I could steal the amulet - that's what I was trying to do."
  13. "Okay. Could you ask them for me?"
  14. Alienor hesitated outside the ballroom, wondering if it would be worse to be late or not attend at all. Of course, she knew the answer to that. She was just stalling, and she really needed to stop that.
  15. "I... would have to disagree. Although maybe if there's something you think I need to do, you could help me figure it out?" Melody smiled, relieved she found a way to put a positive spin on it.