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  1. So even after his Ashravans Soul/mind/whatever(too big a can of worms) went to The Beyond there shouldve still been his Spiritweb hanging around in the Spiritual Realm, which essentially denotes who someone is, what they can do and who/where they have Connected to and with and what they have gone through. Ashravans Spiritweb shouldve had a... "mark" because of the attack/his death and iirc Shais forgery just rewrote his Spiritweb so that he survived the attack. The Spiritweb is still there and they have his healed working body, the only other part they need is a "mind" which is what the Essence Mark essentially does/is with the help if Investiture. Also It was said(iirc) that after so long Ashravan might not need to be stamped anymore, and i think that is because after feeding a little source of Investiture(the Soulstamps Investiture) into an essentially empty vessel with a "program"(Ashravans Soulstamp/Essence Mark itself) over time some of the Investiture kinda stuck(like with a lifeless) and essentially gained its own sentience/sapience(?) based on Ashravan's Soul/Stamp
  2. Random, possibly disjointed thought. If the Dawnshard gave Sig the ability to metabolize Investiture.... what if when he became the Dawnshard he somehow absorbed his Spren, which was also a part Sig's soul, as they were bonded, and instead of just letting him use the investiture for some power as we see in SP4... his Spren just kinda became part of him
  3. My bad, i though i was replying to someone else. Had both of us backwards.
  4. Ok, but Im confused at how that info from the uncanonical work means that the Sho Del, in the current canon Cosmere, are in the service of anybody. You can have a god and not be in their service. p.s. I kinda hope it is still the Dragons that are their "gods". Theyre really fascinating and if you think about it, I feel like the Dragons should be some of the most knowledable beings about pre-shattering lore and mechanics(probably post shattering too) and that, imo, they should be way more important in the Cosmere. I mean, they are functionally immortal and the very first one(s) Ado created could very well still be out there. Also, i just feel that, given theyre status, they should have had a pretty big part to play in some events before/leading up to the shattering, like they were obvi too knowlegable and maybe messed something up in the past(maybe they made Fain?) and thats why they decided not to intervene or share knowledge(Frost in both Dragonsteel Prime and Stormlight Epigraphs)
  5. Hmm, i didnt get that vibe. All we got was a description of them and that they are goods guides due to having "a direct line to their gods" We dont know that they serve these "gods" just that they have a Conmection to them
  6. "The most versatile substance on the planet, and they use it to make a frisbee" -Ultron
  7. Thats what i took away from it too. I dont know if its quite as dramatic as "Discord taking over" it def could be, but i do think the fact that it wasn't there that time does indicate that it proably was "in" Sazed. I did get bad vibes from him there. In the last sentence, He doesnt even dismiss that he may one day become the villain.
  8. I think that is a strong possibility for the future. I think she already is or will be one of Hoid's apprentices and thus, might get a novella or some
  9. I havent read it but you can get a glimpse in the sample chapters released. Dragonsteel started as a liquid metal at first. Once touched, it could be formed into any shape with Intent and would then permenently harden into that shape and was indestructable, and apparentely could cut through anything(shardblade-esque)
  10. I always assumed Dragonsteel was his Godmetal. Though from, RoW spoilers
  11. There is this old-ish WoB on the subject
  12. Besides the theee things we canonically know(Hoid shoulda loved him, and was his apprentice, and "a man who didn't know who he was ) theres prob a couple of WoB on him but besides that everything else is from the Liar of Partinel sample chapters, which features(very briefly) the real Hoid and Midius/Hoid Though he dies in the first chapter(or is dead already depending on the version)) so we dont even get to see much
  13. Well it could be said that Harmony's tone is his and also Ruin and Pres' combined. When tones combine it isnt a simply putting the two tones together, they are changed to be in... Harmony(pun intended) Though, you maybe could find three tones on for Harmony. One for Ruin, Pres and Harmony. Brandon has said before(iirc) that if he wanted to, Sazed/Harmony could "split off a piece of Preservation"(or Ruin presumably) and do "this and that" with it. So if there can still be pure Ruin or Pres Investiture around, then it should have a tone.
  14. I think it would change but i dont think a new Vessel would be needed. Imo Harmony isnt a true Intent, its not... permenent like Ruin and Pres are, its how he views the combination of those two powers. His perception, while though a lot, isnt everything. Honestly i bet as of current books his tone probably sounds a little Discordant already.
  15. Rysn isnt a Radiant but has had Regrowth applied to her before and Perception still applies to that so she never healed Im pretty sure that mightve been Leras in Secret History Edit: it was Leras. The quote is: "Men—all things, truly—are like a ray of light. The floor is the Physical Realm, where that light pools. The sun is the Spiritual Realm, where it begins. This Realm, the Cognitive Realm, is the space between where that beam stretches.”