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  1. But Brandon said that Pres never actully broke their pact. Just exploited a loophole
  2. Its explained in the Annotation for chapter 35. Basically, if the person holding Nightblood is deemed evil, their desire to kill to with him is enhanced, and if they deem themselves to be evil too, they will end up killing themselves. heres the important snippet:
  3. You can request it in this forum
  4. Someone once asked if there were a lot of HoA who Ascended, other than the ones we saw in the books Brandons response was "i wouldnt say so" so that at least confirms that there were other individuals who ascended. Just not many of them. Thats the closest WoB ive seen to actually stating that there were others who Ascended. And, as to why we havent seem them. Maybe they just arent relevant to the story. Or maybe theyre living their life, out of the spotlight, Watching the game, not playing it. Or maybe they did as the Lord Ruler did and chose to move on.
  5. Its not that interesting. the Dawnshard is most likely no longer in the Topaz. The Topaz itself doesnt have any properties anymore. At that point its probably just another gem.
  6. i just came across this old, vague, WoP about Dragonsteel prime and Dawnshards and couldnt find it on the Coppermind or on here anywhere so thought id put it up most of this was essentially confirmed in Dawnshard but there are a few tidbits to the story of Dragonsteel Prime in here
  7. Old topic but i had some thoughts, so here we go. The Dawnshards have influence over the Shards(as per WoB) We know that there are 4 Dawnshards and there's speculation that there are 4 shards that came from or follow the Command of each Dawnshard. The way ive been viewing how the Dawnshards and the Shards are connected is, The Journey is the Intent. The Destination is the Command. the Command is the end goal. What is to be overall achieved. Change! the Intent is the Journey. How that Change is reached. Ruin and Cultivation are wildly different but achieve the same thing overall. Change. Ruin and Cultivation are Change. Just a more specific form. maybe the Dawnshards were more Integral to things back before the Shattering and too dangerous or something and the Shards were a way to achieve the same things through less... direct(cant think of a better word) methods.
  8. As for "where are the Ashynites?", a lot of them migrated to Roshar but a few remained behind on floating cities in the sky as per the Silence Divine Just a sidenote, but i believe there are people living on the planet off of the floating cities. Khriss states in the AU that people on ashyn "live in very small pockets of survivability, including the famous floating cities." Which definitely suggests that people live off of the floating cities. And if not of the ground then where else?
  9. Thanks for the heads up
  10. In a recent WoB, A questioner asked if Shards themselves experiance time dilation(due to having such vast ammounts of Investiture) Brandon said that the Shards dont experiance time dilation because they are almost entirely in the Spiritual Realm(where time isnt relevant) He did state that large piles of Investiture that make it into the physical or cognitive realm are going to cause time dilation(which we already knew) he also ended the WoB by saying "That's gonna make some exclamation points raise above the heads of some people" This made me start thinking about places in the Cosmere with massive ammounts of free flowing investiture around. I Immidietely thought of Sel. A good portion of D+D is stuffed into the cognitive realm. So much so that the CR there is a massive "plasma" storm of Investiture. This should be causing time dilation around all of Sel. And if so, shouldnt all of Sel be moving through time faster than the rest of the cosmere?(or whatever the proper phrasing is) what are the implications of this?
  11. the Lord Ruler wasnt a Lerasium Mistborn. When he held the power and Ascended, he actually rewrote his Spiritweb to make himself a insanely poweful Allomancer.
  12. I would start with Elantris and then move on to Emperors soul after. There are a couple of minor Easter eggs in Emperors soul that you wouldnt pick up on until after reading Elantris. nothing really relevent, but cool nonetheless. its up to you though. Elantris is definitely of way lower quality(not to say that its not a great book, but it is of lower quality)than Emperors soul, and much longer. Because brandon wrote Elantris before the cosmere was even really fully formed, It does have cosmere elements, but you can kind of tell that Brandon wrote them into the book not knowing exactly what or how they would work or how he would use them later on. They were really just plot devices to be developed and used later on. Emperors soul, on the other hand, is definitely of higher qualtity than Elantris(brandon's writing got a lot better) and a lot shorter in length. The Cosmere elements used are more fleshed out and developed(you can tell it has its place in the cosmere) than what was in Elantris. Indeed, its not just the cosmere elements that are more fleshed out, but everything. Brandons writing style has evolved considerably since Elantris.
  13. Back when RoW was first released, I noticed that Brandon seems to have used an element from Final Empire Prime for the Shards. Before RoW was out, i was reading the Final Empire Prime sample chapter and there is one part where the Conqueror(Lord Ruler character) is thinking to himself that he had to seperate part of his mind from the power of "Sha" that he holds, lest it overwhelm him.(if FEP was current cosmere. "Sha" would be a Shard I think) then in RoW, in Sazed's letter he states that Hoid said "that the power itself must be treated as separate in our minds from the Vessel who controls it" After reading that sample chapter, the idea that a Vessel would have to seperate their mind from the power never left my mind. It just seemed too good of a good idea that i knew Brandon wouldnt throw it out, and then when RoW came out, Hoid/Sazed just up and stated it. i just think its awesome that Brandon is always looking back at his unpublished works for ways to use elements from them in the Canon Cosmere.
  14. Lesser beings like Ulim were capable, yes. I feel like it was stated somewhere that only the some of the weaker voidspren like ulim could get through, but stronger beings couldnt. something about the Oathpact being a cage and some of the voidspren are small enough to fit through the bars or something like that. I could be trippin though Ulim(and others) were always capable of travel between Roshar and Braize. It wasnt his Connection to the planet that held him back, It was the Oathpact. any invested being in the Rosharan system can travel betweeen any of the 3 planets. Radiants and their spren could go to Ashyn or Braize if they wanted. It only makes sense that voidspren would be capable of the same thing. Raboniel(while not technically a spren) even states "my soul is bound to the planet you call braize" while she is on Roshar. Maybe after taking some extra steps... Stormlight(investiture) isnt able to get offworld in a gemstone, so Cogntive shadows shouldnt be able to either. Cogntive Shadows are made up of investiture that still has all those same ties/Connections to the land and what not.
  15. The simplest answer? Because Brandon says so? Brandon mustve took the core values of Merin and really just applied/refined that into Kaladin. He didnt want to create a whole new character so he tweaked the already existing "template". Changed his name and a key decision in life and boom... you have Kaladin. Brandon said that Merin is pretty much the same as Kaladin, if he had only chosen a different path in life(keeping the Shards instead of rejecting them) Brandon actually kept Kal's name as Merin up until one of the later drafts of the published Way of Kings. Merin really just got refined into Kaladin He mustve disliked some core aspects of Shinri's personality that just made him go "its time for a do over"(he states in like 4 WoB that he doesnt view them as the same at all. He had to have disliked something about her to completely exise and replace her, but keep the plot of a Davar ward of Jasnah) So... instead of modelling Shallans character after what he wanted her to be like(like Kal/Merin), he modeled her character over what he knew he didnt want her to be like (Shinri) And that is what makes Kal/merin the same/similar and Shallan/Shinri different.