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  1. My guess is that Cultivation saw a Future that Honor didnt, and it involved his Death. theres a WoB that she did help Honor. and destroying Braize would cause him to expend Investiture in ways that Shards dont like doing. the WoB i included isnt about Odium or Braize but i think its relevant enough Ive know for a while this had to be the case(a waiting game. Seeing who expends the energy first to get the first strike), as in Oathbringer, its revealed that the only reason Odium hasn’t destroyed the Stormfather is because he’s afraid of a strike from Cultivation. if destroying a spren(a really powerful one admittedly) is enough to expose him, then imagine if he tried to destroy Braize. He would most definitely be extremely wounded or splintered ———————————————————————————— “I do not feel like men. I do not sicken like men. I am. The Stormfather rumbled. I could have been destroyed, though. Splintered into a thousand pieces. I live only because the enemy fears exposing himself to a strike from Cultivation.” ———————————————————————————— Zas So then why are they hesitant to directly fuel Allomancy? Brandon Sanderson Why are they hesitant to? What do you mean by directly fuel Allomancy? Zas You mention in the Hero of Ages Q&A that they can directly fuel Allomancy, like Vin does with Elend, but it requires expending their energy in a way they are hesitant to do. Brandon Sanderson Because it imbalances them more. Does that make sense? Like, if you are putting your energy here, rather than fighting the other force, you give them an edge somewhere else by trying to gain an edge here. And you have to make sure that's really worth it. Imagine a chess game. Is it worth sacrificing my pawn here to expose myself over here? Orem signing (Sept. 22, 2012)
  2. spoilers

    I'm reading and I'm at the point where Raeth uses his Night Aether to create armor for the first time, but he forgot to make joints, so he cant move. He then thinks to himself That "Having the power and knowing how to use it were two different things." Is it just me or is this very reminiscent of Rashek after Ascending and trying to fix, but ruining, Scadrial? I feel like there might of even been a line like that somewhere in the Mistborn trilogy, if anyone cares to expand.
  3. I loved it!!!! D’naa was my favorite character whos your so far? most of the characters range from dreadfully boring to extremely lacking and the plot was a little see through at times, but the Aethers themselves made the novel worth it, in my opinion.
  4. the Shards see the Future in Different ways. Which is why i think they actually have the ability to see Into the future instead of seeing constant black(Renarins name was blacked out when Odium showed taravangiam how far he sees) or atium shadows-like things If Ruin can see into the future in a way Preservation cant, then there shouldn’t be any(or at least, less)resistance by another from another Shard seeing the future too Questioner When Wax is talking to Harmony he mentions 'the radio' and other things. Are there already societies that have things like that and how is he getting that information. Is it like a Spiritual Realm.. Brandon Sanderson He knows things from his Ascension. He gain an innate knowledge of the universe in interesting ways. In addition, Preservation had some minor innate progno... he could see the future a little bit, and so could Ruin in a little different way. Let's just say that there are a bunch of things mixing together that give Harmony some knowledge that most people wouldn't have. Questioner But will we see some of societies soon or is that further in the future? Brandon Sanderson *RAFOes* You'll find out. Shadows of Self Portland signing (Oct. 10, 2015)
  5. Ive always thought that it was the Stormfather who told him that there should be 10 radiants at the Battle of Thaylen Field. though i wasn’t even Cosmere aware last time i read that part of Oathbringer, so im sure im missed lots of stuff
  6. im not saying that Rashek was the one true Preservation at the time. but he was Preservation On Brandons website he says “When he held it he became the Shard for a short time” the shard in question is Preservation. So replace “the shard” with “preservation” and there you have it. and Leras wasn’t technically alive, he was a mere Shadow and when i said he could do almost anything a full shard could. He can. His only constraint was very limited power. When Rashek Ascended, he was capable of outputting as much power as a regular Shard(he was capable of creating new species, moving the planet, remaking the continent. He could’ve even willed himself to another planet if he so wished) his only Drawback was that it was temporary(he had a cup of power compared to the ocean that is the Spiritual Realm)
  7. his Ascension was quite different from Rashek. when Rashek Ascended, he became for all intents and purposes, the Shard of Preservation.he could do almost anything a full Shard could. His only limitation was that his power supply was limited to the power that was in The Well of Ascension. Also His body would’ve vaporized like Vins did(even if only temporarily) Dalinar on the other hand, just seemed to have access to a lot of power. His body never evaporated(which, to me, means that he himself wasn’t actually holding that much power. He just made a conduit for the power) and he never seemed to get an overload of info like he would if he Ascended like any other weve seen. my guess is that because Honor is Splintered, he Ascended with just a few splinters
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  9. Thats what i was thinking too It was either a brand on their soul or this we know Odium’s power is usually felt as a burning heat(like when he showed Dalinar his true power when they met in a vision) i assume its similar for the Singers. Having their soul ripped/burned away and replaced with Odiums power
  10. I like how Venli mentions Brands and then has a thought that she’s never seen a brand on the skin of a fused. I think the brand isn't on their skin. Its on their soul
  11. Ive thought for a little while that maybe that the Ones Above are the future Iriali
  12. In Brandons “what it the cosmere” video he just released today, he mentioned Aether of Night and something caught my attention. It was a small detail, but interesting nonetheless. he said, in context of Elantris, “and so i wrote Hoid into that book. Then i wrote a book called Dragonsteel where i jumped back and told his backstory on a different planet. Then i wrote Aether of Night a little bit later, where i delved into what had happened to those Characters on a different planet, far far in the future” im a little confused on the Aether part. Brandon says that Aether is supposed to be “far far in the future” compared to Dragonsteel and Elantris. is he also saying that Characters from Dragonsteel are also in Aether? Those characters that we’re seeing “what had happened to” would have to be The Former and Decay Right? Unless hes going by a different name, Hoid’s presence in the Novel is “pop in. Pop out” at best(i still haven’t found him) back then, Brandon’s plan must’ve been something like -write Dragonsteel and introduce Ado and other Cosmere concepts(Realmatic Theory, the shattering etc...) -then write Aether, which was set far in the future after the shattering and re-introduce us to the now ascended Shards and post-shattering mechanics i really like the insight this gives us to his early writing career and how the early Cosmere looked and would’ve played out
  13. Where?? Dont know if you saw this WoB Questioner Is the Iri religion based on knowledge of the [Shattering], anything like that? Brandon Sanderson Kind of, yes. Questioner But they don't know it? Brandon Sanderson They don't know it, yeah. I would say yes, there are echoes of it. There are more recent events that they don't even quite remember that are more influential. Oathbringer London signing (Nov. 28, 2017) For all we know they couldve been to planets we dont know yet. its not like they are limited to what we know interesting WoB Podman36 Did the Iriali have inhuman ancestry at some point in the past? Brandon Sanderson Depends on your definition of human. Most would say yes. Skyward release party (Nov. 6, 2018)
  14. So they killed him and an effect of that was his power dividing into 16 and locking Intents? Huh
  15. Oh yeah. im such an airhead sometimes. recombining all 16 doesn't fix the Shattering. but what if you did reverse the Shattering? Or at least what was done at the shattering?(investiture getting distributed equally across 16 separate Intents) First, There’s something important we need to question was Adonalsium Killed and then his power split and locked to Intents or was he killed as a result of his power being split and locked? Minor distinction but huge difference. im wondering whether undoing that would just undo some restrictions put in place on the Shards and make them into mini Ado’s or if Undoing the Shattering would bring Ado back somehow. even if it could be, i dont think it would be like the original Ado. Too much has been lost. and the use of a Vessel just feels wrong to me. @Invocation just posted about how maybe he mightve been something akin to a spren. And i was actually just getting there. ive had a hunch for a while that Ado was nothing more than Pure investiture that simply was. It was some time after the Cosmere big bang and not a whole lot else really existed yet. And one day.... booom!! It caught a personality That was horribly put and not really how i think it went, but i do think he was, at the very least, Investiture gained Sentiece i was thinking maybe Ado isn’t really dead, he’s just in a sort of Deadeyes state right now. And if the restrictions put in place, at the shattering, are removed and all Shards recombined without a Vessel, and left alone to gain Sentience. It would be the closest thing to Adonalsium since his “death”