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  1. This is a bit off topic but... I wonder if two Shards(Honor and Cultivation) working together and sharing their every move and intent would be enough to over come the future sight vs future sight problem. Because the reason you cant see someone elses future(whos seeing it too) is because what they do isnt definite. Its always changing based off what they see in the future too... But what if Honor and Cultivation were to share everything important they foresaw and how they were going to act on that information, could they work toward a common goal(defeating odium) without largely disrupting each others future vision?
  2. I didnt mean other Shards cant see the future, just that Odium and other "bad" Shards are the ones most likely to grant future sight to people or have it in their magic system(voidbinding) Odium(having an agenda when it comes to other Shards) probably relies on future sight more than say....Whimsy . And that would probably reflect throughout his systems(the unmade, voidbinding, etc...) and anytime anyone sees the future it interferes with anyone else seeing the future too, regarless if they are using different Investiture(Honor vs Odium) to see the future. Renarins abilities should still have messed with Honor's future sight if he was alive. Odium, the Unmade, Voidbinding, and probably Cultivations own future sight even would have messed with Honors future sight.
  3. While its possible, I dont think it was any of those reasons. Brandon has said that anytime anyone is seeing the future in the Cosmere they are in "dangerous territory"/whatever path to future sight is dangerous. He didnt finish his sentence but he continued to bring up Shards after the "dangerous territory" comment I took that to mean that its pretty much only the "bad/evil" Shards that allow/have magic systems with future sight.(Ruin, Odium, Dominion) it would make sense, these Shards tend to have agendas and probably rely on future sight more than other Shards, and it reflects in their magic systems and what not Questioner So voidbinding is-- one part of voidbinding is seeing the future. And atium is also seeing the future. And I notice annotations for Elantris, you said something about seeing the future could go weird-- sends assassins. Is that a running-- Brandon Sanderson It is a running theme in the cosmere. And it's-- Whatever path you take to do it is dangerous in the cosmere. It's kind of a sign of-- You are in dangerous territory, and drawing upon a Shard that is-- Questioner Potentially... Brandon Sanderson Potentially-- Yes. I mean to say-- Dangerous territory. Salt Lake City signing (Dec. 16, 2017)
  4. I just assumed it was Cultivation. there could only be a few beings that could do that and Cultivation is a prime candidate IMO the Nightwatcher is likely too.
  5. WoB is that there are a few Spren on Scadrial(specifically in Shadesmar) and if anyone could get a Spren there, im willing to bet it would be the Ire.
  6. Hi, and welcome to the Shard! The short answer to your question is. No. Not really. The only place you see the word Lerasium in any of the novels is in the Hemalurgy chart for the 10th anniversary edition of Hero Of Ages(leatherbound edition) besides that its never mentioned by name anywhere other than WoB's and what not
  7. But Brandon said that Pres never actully broke their pact. Just exploited a loophole
  8. Its explained in the Annotation for chapter 35. Basically, if the person holding Nightblood is deemed evil, their desire to kill to with him is enhanced, and if they deem themselves to be evil too, they will end up killing themselves. heres the important snippet:
  9. You can request it in this forum
  10. Someone once asked if there were a lot of HoA who Ascended, other than the ones we saw in the books Brandons response was "i wouldnt say so" so that at least confirms that there were other individuals who ascended. Just not many of them. Thats the closest WoB ive seen to actually stating that there were others who Ascended. And, as to why we havent seem them. Maybe they just arent relevant to the story. Or maybe theyre living their life, out of the spotlight, Watching the game, not playing it. Or maybe they did as the Lord Ruler did and chose to move on.
  11. Its not that interesting. the Dawnshard is most likely no longer in the Topaz. The Topaz itself doesnt have any properties anymore. At that point its probably just another gem.
  12. i just came across this old, vague, WoP about Dragonsteel prime and Dawnshards and couldnt find it on the Coppermind or on here anywhere so thought id put it up most of this was essentially confirmed in Dawnshard but there are a few tidbits to the story of Dragonsteel Prime in here
  13. Old topic but i had some thoughts, so here we go. The Dawnshards have influence over the Shards(as per WoB) We know that there are 4 Dawnshards and there's speculation that there are 4 shards that came from or follow the Command of each Dawnshard. The way ive been viewing how the Dawnshards and the Shards are connected is, The Journey is the Intent. The Destination is the Command. the Command is the end goal. What is to be overall achieved. Change! the Intent is the Journey. How that Change is reached. Ruin and Cultivation are wildly different but achieve the same thing overall. Change. Ruin and Cultivation are Change. Just a more specific form. maybe the Dawnshards were more Integral to things back before the Shattering and too dangerous or something and the Shards were a way to achieve the same things through less... direct(cant think of a better word) methods.