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  1. Brandon took the Night Aether in this book and kinda turned it into the Midnight Essance of the Stormlight Archive. You'll notice lots of similarities there. Makkal was trapped in Chaos, or Night. Agaris was trapped in Order, or Illuminous, which is what the Vo-Dari use to Send. They were both still in their prisons, but they were capable of seeing and influencing the world through the people. They were only let out of their prisons in the epilogue I never got the impression it was the actual Ancestors, I think they were just saying that to mess with their minds. Agaris isn't really "Controlling" them. They believe he's their god and they do what he says The Forgotten were made from the Aether of Night but not Aethers themselves. I think the Aether of Night can be used to make anything, but the humans just used it to make soldiers to kill each other like the twins wanted. Tools of destruction. There one chapter where Raeth forms the night to save Darrro from falling hundreds of feet. Raeth asks Makkal what he can do with the Night, and Makkal says "what can't you do?" Only the source of Night and Illuminous were counted as perpendicularities
  2. I think they used the excess investiture flowing from the perpendicularity, not necessarily the perpendicularity itself. Slight difference I was trying to make a point here, but I forget. The theory itself probably still holds
  3. I think its just a matter of The Vessels perception. Rayse hold Odium which brandon said in a WoB is "arguably that step toward just being all Passion" Rayse sees that Hatred as "Passion" because he probably sees that Intent as being very Passionate. So you can argue that he is "Passion" because thats how he views himself and perception is very important in the Cosmere. But he's still Odium because even thought he's filtering the intent of the Shard to view it as "Passion" he'll never leave an imprint on that shard and its Intent will never change.
  4. You cant just use the investiture from a perpendicularity, otherwise there would be no perpendicularity
  5. She never explicitly says its the first three planets that are inhabited. Just that 3 of them are with a 4th in the habitable zone. The chances that its the first 3 are pretty high. But its never directly stated
  6. I saw a WoB on it. Its not a direct confirmation but I take it as a "if someone were smart enough" thing Fantasy Faction Could any type of spren bond with a person (even if the results wouldn't be a Knight Radiant)? Or only the ones associated with a branch of the Knights? Brandon Sanderson Ooh, that's an excellent question. This is something theoretically possible for a lesser spren to achieve. Fantasy Faction interview (April 24, 2014)
  7. You can bond lesser spren. It wont give you a surge or anything but you can do it
  8. I would, but it never lets me do a lot of these things when Im on mobile
  9. Its never directly stated or anything. Theyre both mad. Ash just doesn't have it as bad Maybe he was her guard and they fell in love. Ash might've been born on Roshar while all the others made the trip from Ashyn. I wonder how much older he is.
  10. You really should give it a read. I dont know if it was because so many elements were familiar from MTFE but I absolutely adored this book I haven't gotten Final Empire Prime yet. Its at the top of my list though because the Lord Ruler is my absolute fav character and I want to see his origins. Back to MP Kathin grew up thinking his father Ivel tried to kill him, but we find out that Ivel only stabbed Kathin to get the metals inside his body to give his son his memories. Kathin doesnt find out till 10 or so years later that his dad didnt try to kill him and has been with him the entire time. Its really very poetic. Kathins history: -Kathin was 8 when vlen took him. -Vlen Trained him for 6 years and took the oath to join his sect and killed his first ward when he was 14 -Assassinated the emperor when he was 17 -Killed the last ward when he was 20 -24 during time of book
  11. you can email Brandon and ask for a copy. but with how busy he is, he probably wont get to it for the better part of a year. maybe longer. @Rask It does remind me a lot of that Dalinar Oath, now that I think of it.
  12. I recently read Mistborn prime and figured id do a small review on it. im not really going to get into the Mechanics and World-building as i could go on for pages about that stuff. Let me start this off by saying, I really enjoyed the book. there was so much more world-building and thought put into this book than I expected. However, the problems started popping up in the last half of the book. Brandon tried writing Mistborn Prime to be shorter than other novels he wrote before. It worked pretty well in the first half of the book, but the last half had lots of pacing issues and just felt extremely rushed. The main character, Kathin, is the son of Ivel - a "Ward of Alondin" - which are good things Mistborn who work for the Empire and its people. In the prologue Kathin's parents are killed by Vlen, an Ex-Ward who has joined a dark Sect of Mistborn who believe they should have control of "The Valley";The area which the Empire rules Kathin, himself, is a Mistborn like his father so after Vlen kills his parents, he decides to take Kathin and raise him as his own and train him to be a powerful Mistborn Assassin. Flash-forward 5-10 years and Kathin has already "accomplished" many things in his time, which include assassinating the Emperor and hunting down the remaining Wards and killing them; for they were the only ones who stood a chance at stopping him. In the present, Kathin and two other mistborn are on a mission to kill the king of one of the kingdoms that formed after the collapse of the Empire. Only, Kathin is betrayed by one of his fellow Mistborn and barely escapes into the country, extremely wounded. The rest of the book is about Kathin being taken in by a family in a small village. There turns out to be a Second Plator(Atium) Mine nearby which the villagers are secretly using to buy necessities for the village becasue the nearby ruler is taking all their food in the form of monthly “offers/tributes". Kathin spends his time recuperating and planning on how he's going to get revenge on the Mistborn who betrayed him and get back his position of power, as well as secure the mine for himself. Slowly Kathin starts to develop feelings for the family who took him in and the other villagers; he’s completely clueless as to why he is feeling what he's feeling because he never got anything like that from his adoptive father Vlen- who was always more of a Commander,a tutor, a teacher,etc... he needs the Plator before he can confront the Mistborn who betrayed him. He could just kill the villagers and take it like he was taught, but something is holding him back, a feeling he doesn't quite understand. So instead he agrees to teach the villagers to defend themselves in exchange for the Plator. Eventually Kathin realizes that there is Love and Trust and all these other things in the world(pretty cliche). the book ends with Kathin deciding to "build" instead of "destroy" I didn’t get into the magic at all so ill do a few sentences on that. Mistborn in MP are capable of burning metals in their own bodies as well as anothers. to burn metals in another's body, you either have to make them ingest the metal or get it into their bloodsteam There are nine “Prime Metals" with a mythological tenth one. The "tenth" metal isn't actually a metal. Iron: Pull metals to you Steel: Push metals away from you Silver: Enhances senses. changed to Tin in The Final Empire Gold: Enhances strength,speed. changed to Pewter in The Final Empire Mercury: Perfect memory recollection. Inside your mind while burning. For Kathin its a black hallway with hundreds of rooms on each side. in each room is a statue/memory, and when you go near or touch the statue if will take you to that memory and you'll relive it as if actually there again but watching. Bronze: Communication. If two Mistborn burn the exact same alloy of bronze at the same time and hold a piece of metal, their voices will be projected from the metal they are holding. Plator: See into future. Changed to Atium in The Final Empire Lead: If burnt in anothers body, it will rot their bones from the inside out. Copper: If burnt in anthers body, it will temporarily paralyze them with pain Overall, I thought this was a pretty solid book. Maybe even better than Aether Of Night(in my opinion). It had quite a few good fight scenes-including a scene with a mistwraith. His casual thoughts about murdering the family that took him in were interesting, as was his complete lack of understanding of why he was developing feelings for them. I loved the nomenclature used, especially in the names. For example- “Vlen Korvleshor” & “Ivel/Kathin Shardesk- these are just such commanding names and it fits with the theme of the book. I thought Oresoor was a much better character in this book than the published works. He generally wasn't afraid to state how he felt and his opinions on things. After Kathin made him turn into a dog he was kinda passive aggressive with Kathin which i found entertaining. The history of the Kandra was explored more in the Prime. How they're raised and trained was talked about. For example Oresoor trained in cooking alone for 4 years. I loved reading this as we don't learn much of it in the canon books. There's a scene when Kathin is burning mercury, searching his mind for a specific memory and he's in the black hallway and then statues of his father, Ivel, appear in every doorway, faced as if looking directly at him. This is the only time in the book that I actually got the chills. It was stormin creepy. I left out A LOT, but we can discuss further if anyone wishes.
  13. I definitely recommend asking for Aether of Night. Its a little rough around the edges, but arguably just as good as the published books Welcome to the Shard!
  14. WhiteSand Prose really is better than the Graphic novels, in my opinion.
  15. From the illustration right before chapter 15 of the Dragonsteel Edition. is this supposed to be hoid?