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  1. "You've said once that "Scadrial" was the name of the planet as Ruin and Preservation knew it" the made scadrial and felt it was/should be "scadrial" and so called it as such
  2. apparently most of them were already named before the shattering/before shards arrived. I think they kind of already had names and the shards or whoever was just like "well it feel like it should be named this" either it was Adonalsium, or the Shards literally named them from the "feel" of the planet Thorondir (paraphrased) Who names the planets? You've said once that "Scadrial" was the name of the planet as Ruin and Preservation knew it, but where'd they get that name? Do the Shardholders all get together and vote on it or something? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) He said thay already had their names and that the all the planets existed before the shardholders got there. Footnote: This is true for all worlds save Scadrial, which was created by Ruin and Preservation. Oslo signing, 2011 (May 30, 2011)
  3. aluminum doesn't "hold a charge", which would mean that the Investiture would run across it An example is how Nightbloods sheath(made of aluminum) becomes a weapon even if he is only partly unsheathed. If only partly unsheathed, merely touching the sheath could be "deadly" in Brandons words but if fully unsheathed, the sheath works as a block against his powers/investiture(as seen by the fused in OB blocking an attack from Nightblood) so maybe to get Aluminum through a perp, you need to make the metal "think" that its part of you.(like how when partly unsheathed, it "thinks" its a part of nightblood) That should be enough right?
  4. Exactly. And to extend this a little further. How i see it, is if all Sixteen were combined back into one, it wouldnt recreate Adonalsium. Whatever was done to Adonalsium, would still be in effect. More was done than simply divinding his power into 16 pieces and simply recombining those pieces wont undo what was done. Like, the shattering was a side effect of what was done to Ado, not the main thing done to him.
  5. we know that the Shard's Intent has a role to play in the initiation of a magic system we also know that the Aethers will be "very like" how we saw them in Aether of Night if they are like how they were in AoN, I dont see how finding and bonding something(probably) similar to a spren or something can be seen as Whimsy. I feel like it probably be Invention or one of the ones we dont know.
  6. Yeah,I know. that's really just semantics in the point of this topic though. In the case of Nalthis, Breath, Immortals and specifically storing memories in that breath. You can use "returned" and "fifth heightening persons" interchangeably almost 100% of the time True. And with this quote, I finally understand. lol on a side note, what do you think happens if you don't store memories? Would you just forgot them? Would you go crazy? Or would you just like... die or something... I feel like maybe there is some spiritual aspect to why it needs to be done. Like how your spiritweb knows how old you are and pushes for that, maybe it only allows for a certain amount of memory? But if that were the case, I feel like we would know it by now
  7. I'm sorry, but I still don't quite get your point. Back to this quote "His current method has an order of magnitude more testing and was designed by a Shard for sustaining immortal beings" Were you trying to say that all Returned are storing memories in Breath? Or more specifically the ones that live too long?that they all somehow know the technique and have been practicing with it for some time now?
  8. I know that, but what you originally quoted was about storing memories using invested Arts. How does the fifth heightening and Returned relate to that?
  9. was any of this stated/confirmed?
  10. Theres only one that we know of. It doesnt meal that Kel is the only CS on Scadrial though i imagine that they are probably pretty sparse, as Scadrial doesnt really have lots of free flowing investiture
  11. Thanks. I totally missed that. Brandon has recently said and we have the older WoB that says that the Rhythms are a cosmere wide Phenomena that manifests in a specific way on Roshar. so that seems to be true
  12. I dont think anyone should be elevated to the level of “god” even the Shards I consider to be hands-off or relatively uninvolved, still have their hands in everything. i would Splinter them all. unless, on the off chance, 16 perfect vessels were found. Ones who didn’t bend to their Intent, who didn’t get involved, who dont start wars for power, or just use lower beings(everyone) to fulfill their wishes and whims but that would never happen....
  13. The Intent of a Shard doesnt determine what the magic will do. it merely determines how the magic system is initiated/obtained so its not like Whismy will just have some ever changing, non uniform magic or something like that WoB
  14. Whoopsies.... thanks for reminding me.
  15. yeah. I dont think its anywhere near that simple. with what was learned in RoW