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  1. I think they're only doing the one printing for the Kickstarter. after they get sent out to backers, you might be able to find someone selling their copy online. Also, its probably not what you were looking for, but you could always print and bind your own copy- if you want, modeling it after the kickstarter copy -using the pdf Brandon provided(thats what i did). There is a number of websites that will do it for you, for like $20 at most, and are of pretty good quality.
  2. Yeah. You got me there... lol it could be a result of the way D&D viewed things? if humans "discovered" the magic pre-splintering like Khriss said, then they discovered Aons, which means they couldnt have directly shaped them. I guess it was just unconscious human perception?
  3. I always just assumed they Aon's and other magical shapes and what not were naturally formed by the Shards settling/investing Sel. Not as a result of the Dor in the arcanum khriss says "I believe that early on, the Shards took an unconcerned approach to humankind—and society was shaped by the slow, steady discovery of the powers that permeated the landscape. i think thats what the people were discovering. Im not sure the Aons are impacted by human perception like that. Thats been my only conclusion. WoB is that Elantris was built before the splintering of D&D and also that Elantris was built using "the local magic" so Aon's/Elantrians had to have already existed "pre-splintering" if the only thing that made the powers regional was the power moving to the Cognitive, then if the powers existed before(which they did) then it shouldnt have been regional. Right?
  4. itll probably be like 6 or so years before he releases it publicly, but im so hyped already! I would sign all the NDA's and contracts i had to, if i could just get a day or two to read all of Brandons unpublished manuscripts lol. Theres so much we haven't seen. Mistborn prime, i think, had some pretty great worldbuilding. You can tell Brandon put of lot of work into designing that world. There were some areas that lacked, but a lot that really worked.
  5. Ive only read the sample chapter of Final Empire Prime and thought it was pretty good(the lord ruler is one of my favorite characters, so i loved seeing what he evolved from) That one sample chapter seemed to have a lot more cosmere connections/elements than the entirety of Mistborn Prime you can still request Mistborn Prime using the link up above. hope this helps!
  6. Ive been questioning this HoA annotation lately and wanted to ask if anyone has ever asked brandon about this or not. In the chapter 55 annotation, Brandon states that Preservation's mind(Leras) was a part of Adonalsium. Not his Power but his mind. Was that an error? Heres the quote Or did the original Vessels do something and each take part of Adonalsium's mind or something? And can others(new Vessels or humans) use their mind as power like leras did?
  7. theory

    Good theory. Ive had the same thoughts for a while too. Brandon has said(not recently) that Microkinesis is still a canon magic but it doesn't work anymore after the Shattering. maybe it has something to do with the fact that the dawnshards seem to be different after the shattering? in Dawnshard we learned they were used to "undo"/kill Ado. And through WoB we also know that the weapon used to kill Ado isnt in its orginal form anymore. It was "expended"
  8. Dragonsteel just sent out the digital art package to backers today, and i was going through the art of the different orders of Radiant, and got to a depiction of Shalash and the file was labeled "stoneward" all of the other radiant depictions match their order(the windrunner is kal, the skybreaker is szeth, bondsmith is navani, elsecaller is jasnah, etc..) there is also one of Taravangian with the Dustbringers, so maybe its just showing people aligned with those orders?(or those of that order? Taravan & Malata. And Ash & Taln) I know its a popular theory that she would become a dustbringer, but this is making me doubt that.
  9. so much happened in episode 5!!! With, episode 5, all the pieces are coming together, and its pretty clear wanda will be a major "villain" Random thoughts:
  10. He could be. I was just thinking... what if when the gods died, it caused some kind of wound on the spiritual realm(kinda like threnody) and skullmoss/fain was born.
  11. I just remembered, apparently it was one of the Dawnshards that was supposed to be helpful towards space travel. and brandon has said that the Dawnshards are relevant to space age cosmere, so maybe well find out eventually(if he hasnt changed that aspect)
  12. I definitely think some of the "redacted" words was the Command he held. something along the lines of "change" or "destroy" seeing as how his microkinetic abilities were destructive. it would fit really good in this sentence below: Original sentence: "Go! Jerick ordered, without result. [REDACTED]! his mind wailed ineffectually." New sentence: "Go! Jerick ordered, without result. CHANGE/DESTROY! his mind wailed ineffectually." on a side note, i remember someone saying that one of the characters powers in Dragonsteel would be helpful for space travel or something like that. I wonder what power could that be. none of the ones we know about really scream "space travel" we have microkinesis to grow/change things(hoid) microkinesis to destroy/change things(jerick) some light bending power(ryalla) Tzai blows(tzai warriors) tamu keks(everyone)
  13. I dont know if its just me, but ive been thinking of them as collar/rib bones
  14. Thats exactly how ive viewed them. They have a constant connection to the power(somewhat like Vessels do) They're, in a sense, kinda like Unbound mini "shards"(exept not, because they dont actully hold the power, for the most part, they're just capable of directing it in whichever manner they please) Thats what makes them so powerful. They can actively shape whatever they want their magic to do(and they can make it do anything, as long as they know the "codes"), as opposed to a allomancer who just gets "swallow iron=push metal"