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  1. So I read a part if the Rythm of War Prologue and a paragraph caught my attention. Its Navani's PoV and shes looking for Gavilar on the night of his murder and finds him whispering with 2 other people. I think one might've been Nale. From my understanding, they have discovered a way to send,probably voidspren(although it could be regular spren), back and forth from Braize. But one of the "Heralds" says that going back and forth from Braize is "too close to be relevant" Gavilar says that it was impossible just a few years back and mentions that the Oathpact isn't gone and that it can be "warped" to allow for travel and mentions that it isnt as far as theyd like to go but they're still in the beginning stages. So the big question is.... where the hell do the Sons of Honor want to send these Spren. Spren are bound to their system, but if Roshar to Braize isn't far enough, where do they want to send them? One of the 10 gas giants? Or maybe theyd find a way around the Location problem and wanted to send spren all over the cosmere XD
  2. You might like this one
  3. I think they had to have existed pre-shattering too. As there were worldhoppers back then. Questioner Before the Shattering, were people already able to worldhop from Yolen to the other planets like Roshar, and so on? Brandon Sanderson It was possible, it did not happen nearly on the extent that it happens now. It's possible. I would say that, I don't know if there, yeah very very very few instances. Prague Signing (Oct. 26, 2019) I dont think it was because of that. Well... it probably was too But im thinking since the mists were kinda of alive and looking for a host that they wouldn't let let themselves or whatever get eaten by anyone. Exept someone it chose
  4. Thats what I got from it
  5. That's why I said only part of the book She was so annoying in the second half ROFL She never gave Raeth/Hern a chance. She assumed he was a jerk so she hated on him before she even had a chance to see who he really was
  6. Not bad. There's some truth in your predictions. I won't say what though What do you think of D'naa? She was my favorite for most of the book. A fierce woman with a powerful Aether bond that shouldn't have been. Love it!
  7. I think so. Shardblades cut the soul and spikes are placed on certain bind points to spike a certain part of the soul. Now, that's not to say you can't just respike yourself on another bind point for the same effect
  8. I think H+C probably back him into a corner(probably using too much power on one thing, so it made him vulnerable to attack) Since it's 2 against 1, Odium probably can't expend as much power without risking an attack from H+C Then forced him to accept him imprisonment or be splintered or permanently weaken him(if possible) And as we know, Shards have nothing but time, so Odium probably agreed to be bound on Braize This quote is what makes me think this: "In visions, Honor had left Dalinar with a task. Vex Odium, convince him that he can lose, and appoint a champion. He will take that chance instead of risking defeat again, as he has suffered so often. This is the best advice I can give you."
  9. A few of my favorites Fairy Tail(kinda like My hero academia) Shiki(vampire horror) Vampire Knight (highschool - Humans during the day. Vampires at night) Soul Eater(humans train at Death's academy to learn to fight Kishin a.k.a demons) The Wallflower(comedy. 4 highschoolers have to transform their landlady's niece from a Goth paranoid wallflower to a beautiful lady or start paying rent) Danganronpa (horror highschool. Student can only leave if they successfully kill a classmate and get away with it) Kakegurui(wild gambling highschool)
  10. We never get any useful information except that he was trapped in the 4 lesser Aethers and he was "closest" to Verdant and that the Twins both had to agree to imprison The Former Probably because the twins each held part of his power and then the whole "shards can't break an oath" thing. I imagine the Former could've chose to imprison himself but wouldn't. So Decay went to the Twins who each held half his power and, instead, got them both to agree to imprison The Former(in exchange for the power to defeat the other twin) which we know they never got because they were also imprisoned. The Former promised not to intervene between the Twins so he was probably helpless to stop them from agreeing to imprison him. One thing I've been wondering though... Why did the Former get trapped in the "impure" Aethers and why did the "less powerful" twins get trapped in the "pure" Divine Aethers? What are the Twins? They seem to be at shard levels(in terms of power), but without the nigh-omniscience of The Former(as displayed in the Epilogue) and have physical bodies. The twins not being as powerful as the Former makes sense but everything they say(destroying and creating worlds) puts them at shardic levels
  11. I think the Skycolor/shifting colors is just the color the darksiders fluoresce. WoB says that their Hair, Eyes and Nail glow from the UV Rays. Khriss notes on Kentons eyes not having Skycolor. And Khriss says so in the AU: "The ultraviolet light that shines through the ring causes a certain reflective luminescence" In the prose khriss talks about replacing the sunlight with Skycolors. I imagine in the twilight of Darkside, the glow from the people is probably brighter than the incoming light from the star. Also speculating here but I imagine the colors would reflect back into the atmosphere to make a sort of Aurora like @Dreamer noted.
  12. WoB says he has been with several people. I like the idea RiyriaMistborn Has Hoid ever had a love interest? Brandon Sanderson Yes! Several! General Signed Books 2018 (March 14, 2018)
  13. This WoB is quite revealing as to the nature of Shards So if Shards are just "supercharged" pieces of sapient magic, similar to Spren and whatnot, I bet they can be killed in the same or similar ways as a Spren or CS. Thoughts? Iceblade44 So White Sand [then Elantris] is earlier... Then how the heck old is Khriss then? Will we ever get an answer as to why every worldhopper is flippin' immortal? Brandon Sanderson There is some time-dilation going on. I'll explain it eventually; we're almost to the point where I can start talking about that. Suffice it to say that there's a mix of both actual slowing of the aging process and relative time going on, depending on the individual. Very few are actually immortal. Faera Implying that some are actually immortal? Brandon Sanderson Depends on which definition of immortal you mean. Doesn't age, but can be killed by conventional means. (You've seen some of these in the cosmere, but I'll leave you to discuss who.) Heals from wounds, but still ages. (Knights Radiant with Stormlight are like this.) Reborn when killed. (The Heralds.) Doesn't age and can heal, but dependent upon magic to stay this way, and so have distinct weakness to be exploited. (The Lord Ruler, among others.) Hive beings who are constantly losing individual members, but maintaining a persistent personality spread across all of them, immortal in that as long as too much of the hive isn't wiped out, the personality can persist. (The Sleepless.) Bits of sapient magic, eternal and endless, though the personality can be "destroyed" in specific ways. (Seons. Spren. Nightblood. Cognitive Shadows, like a certain character from Scadrial.) Shards (Really just a supercharged version of the previous category.) And then, of course, there's Hoid. I'm not going to say which category, if any, he's in. Some of these blend together--the Heralds, for example, are technically a variety of Cognitive Shadow. I'm not saying each of these categories above are distinct, intended to be the end-all definitions. They're off the cuff groupings I made to explain a point: immortality is a theme of the cosmere works--which, at their core, are experiments on what happens when men are given the power of deity.
  14. spoilers

    I love how the concept of "Living Night" was in 3 Sanderson novels. First in Mythwalker with Ix. Which didn't work Then with The Aether of Night Which he still didn't like. Then finally in the Stormlight Archive Where it finally found its home. After failing to place it in 2 other novels. It's a great way to see how brandons writing skills evolved. The same concept in 3 novels.
  15. spoilers

    so RN Aethers are Pre-Shattering Magic. that's a pretty big WoB i wonder how the magic changed after the shattering? and if they are pre-shattering, that could mean that the Aethers are on a planet without any shard in residence. Pagerunner Are the Aethers from one of the Shards that we know? Or are they of a Shard we haven't learned about? Brandon Sanderson Right now they are pre-Shattering. But I will probably change that. General Signed Books 2018 (Oct. 15, 2018)