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  1. Lift isn't weird! She's only awesome I also think she'll end up being a major character later on in the series so I'm foreseeing an epic character arc for her, plus there's the whole mystery of acquiring stormlight through eating If I had to pick a least favourite character it'd probably be.... Zane maybe? But even then it's a tough choice as they're all quite good at least
  2. Ahoy! I don't know if i could pick favourites, but stormlight as a series has had me audibly cheering or booing the most so I'd say stormlight, WoR if I had to pick one! Favourite characters are tough too, Kelsier would be my number one, Dalinar and Kaladin close second but as they're so central I'll try and come up with someone a little more interesting... Lift! I love how she massively contrasts the world by being such a fun and carefree character for the most part and I can't wait to see her advancement going forward The only work I haven't yet read is aether of night, which I know is non-canon but still looking forward to it (freshly put on my kindle today) and am mostly looking forward to other worlds getting a little more depth so they can compete with the masterworks of mistborn and stormlight
  3. Long time lurker and obsessive and im finnaly cosmere aware enough to possibility get involved with discussions! Honestly I don't know how you people come up with the theories and even the information on the cosmere! I've read all the books at least once and still don't know half as much as you guys here! These forum posts have been invaluable in gaining understanding of what happens where and when and even sometimes who! Thanks to all contributors especially those who provide the all important WOBs and i look forward to existing speculation and all the speculation yet to come!