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  1. I made this to earn fake reddit points Little did I know I could potentially gain real cosmere titles here!
  2. The Lessie ruse
  3. At the end of OB though there is an ever storm that was unpredictable - Odium sent it to destroy the Fleet coming to the aid of Thaylen City and caught everyone by surprise, they only knew of it because of the spanreeds so I think the Everstorm is formed by Odium as and when required Though he must be limited in some way or surely he'd bring on a never ending Everstorm
  4. Fair! Let's hope book four changes your mind!
  5. Very possibly it will! I'm hoping that Shallans arc will be similar to Kaladin in book one, just over a longer period so with a hopefully even bigger pay off! I hope
  6. I do find it strange the anmount of hate Shallan gets, i can see the problem people have in that she's not particularly action packed but she's such a fascinating character!
  7. I couldn't imagine reading it in anything other than the published order! Not that im implicitly against such things! But even though they are individual character view points, they definitely intertwine I'd be interested to see how coherent the book would be by cutting out what will probably be close to a third of the book!
  8. Intern programme from Silverlight University
  9. Thay would make sense, in a similar way that Feruchemy is of both Preservation and Ruin I was mostly going from this which gives a totally different tone to the WoB you quoted! "Yfriedd (paraphrased) Given the Sibling, and the Death Rattle about how "Three of sixteen ruled, but now the Broken One reigns", was there a third Shard on Roshar with Honor and Cultivation prior to Odium's arrival? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) RAFO. Good question."
  10. So we know there are three shards present on Roshar (I'm thinking as a world here not the system - I know odium is on Braize so bear with... ) We know there will be 3 bondsmiths One bonds the Stormfather and is connected to Honour One will bond the Nightwatcher if my understanding is correct which is tied to Cultivation The other is the sibling which is connected, we assume, with Urithuru - I don't imagine the sibling would be connected to Odium so is there another shard on Roshar that we are unaware of? The sibling is in hiding and Brandon has mentioned a Shard that is actively trying to hide - could this be a connection or is my understanding way off?
  11. When was this? Do we have anything solid on this?
  12. This makes a lot of sense! I always for get Roshar is a system and not just a planet!
  13. Could it be invesiture based? He would have used awakening on Nalthis but wouldn't have used any of Odiums investiture and likely wouldn't have used any of autonomys either Either way I cannot wait for an actual conversation between Hoid and Rayse - I think we're heading that way but then )
  14. I'm surprised that there has been no mention from Odium about Hoid being on Roshar as we know there is a pre-shattering relationship there Endowment seemed to know from the letters that he was on planet but Harmony seemed unable to detect him This has had me thinking about what Brandon said about the big scene in book 4 that he's envisioned from the start and i think this could be our first direct interaction between Hoid and a shard since its gotta be coming up and seems like the thing Brandon would cultivate over a long period Thoughts?