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  1. I was talking about him planning a novella in between WoK and WoR do you have a rough timestamp for that/ i'd really appreciate it.
  2. whoa when did he say that? this is news to me.
  3. are you sure? I cant imagine what he'd write one for. iYou could sort of pretend WB is that novella though. even though its wayy too big.
  4. if only we had an SA novel in between tWoK and WoR then the structure of SA Arc 1 would mirror each SA book, of being 5 parts with 4 interludes between them.
  5. Welcome! who are your favorite characters so far? and how are you liking Words of Radiance?
  6. where in Arcanum Unbounded? I don't remember seeing it.
  7. do you mean Wax? or is Vax someone else?
  8. "alright, so you know how a lot of fantasy has just a bunch of random magic that make's no sense? well the magic in this feels like you're getting a physics lesson. theres actual rules and an insane amount of creativity in it. The one thing Sanderson excels in is setup and payoff. the first half of his books can be a little slow, but man when you get to the end, you physically cannot stop reading. there are things in books that have boon foreshadowed in previous books from literally a decade ago. and when the payoff hits, it feels Incredible" that's probably how I'd try to explain it.
  9. I think most people here have read most if not all of the cosmere books. personally, the only books i have yet to read are the white sand books and rhythm of war.
  10. you think you could send me some of those links?
  11. how is remember11? is it worth it? it's honestly a bit of a pain just finding a way to play it. (also I haven't finished ever17 so no spoilers thanks)
  12. I would place sazed in the bondsmiths. He's bonded together a few Shattered things.
  13. huh never heard of it, who's the author?
  14. idk if this counts as reading but I'm reading a screenshot lets play of a visual novel(Ever 17). here is the lets play if you're interested.
  15. will this actually be, the final post? probably not idk