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  1. Emotional Beats?? I‘m a virtual student of Brandon Sanderson and his process before every scene/chapter is to build a sequence of plot events and emotional beats. I copied below my notes on the topic. I’m not sure I fully understand his view on what are emotional beats and would like your opinions. My view is it can be something as basic as at first the characters are nervous and scared, but at the end of the scene they are triumphant and realize they were being foolish and there was nothing to worry about. Or it can be more deeper like in Stormlight Kaladin decides not to give up and kill himself, but fight—so this beat has a sequence from giving up to not to fighting. Perhaps there are simpler beats like this scene I want humor, this I want mystery. Any advice would be appreciated! before sitting down to write a scene warm up: (i) bullet sequence of events (emotional beats and plot events); (ii) character goals [maybe character fails to act and then feels like a loser]; and (iii) senses—what do i hear, feel, temperature,, smells, taste
  2. Hi, Is this group active? I’m drafting my fantasy novel now and will be ready for alpha readers in a few months. I will of course also be ready to review others’ work at that time in exchange...