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  1. Somehow I totally missed until now the existence of this specific forum and that we're supposed to introduce ourselves I've been lurking around the rest of the 17th shard forums for the past year or so. I think I'm pretty up to date on anything Brandon has written and on the podcasts (though not on the audio books). IRL I'm an academic researcher of virtual worlds, and thus sci-fi and fantasy naturally blend into my work. On the flip side, I'm also the kind of person who will give talks at fan-cons about stuff like the evolutionary trees of magical creatures, ecology of fantasy worlds etc. Some of you might know me from other forums as the Professor-Rabbi-Captain
  2. We do know from WoBs that autonomy is indeed messing at Sel, including a common fan theory that Jaddeth might be one of her avatars.
  3. It could just be a Yolish magic system (micro-kinesis?) As to Raiina, he could be more powerful but simply not a warrior type and therefor wouldnt want to go against somone with enouhg power who does know how to use it effectively for offensive purposes
  4. ChatGPT has a surprising level of cosmere knowledge. For example, here are conversations it generated to the prompt "Generate a dialogue between kaladin and kelsier in which kelsier explains realmatic theory" and the prompt "Generate a dialogue between hoid and sazed in which hoid explains to sazed in rhymes that odium and autonomy are threats to him"
  5. There was a recent WOB clarifying that they were not stormbreakers, and that at that timepoint Hoid is the only Nahel bond holder to succeed in leaving the Roshar system
  6. Spook didnt have feruchemical powers though, and at the current era one cannot spike himself enough times to get all of the metallic abilities (or even to compund, which might severly limit a mistborn's ability to spike themselves into feruchemists)
  7. Why do you assume there is still more ruin then preservation? Also, one could just assume that Atium is more durable to explosions and that Lerasium is created equally but then burns up in them (which is an interesting flip on ruin/preservation)
  8. And where is Design? By this point Hoid has a Nahel bond which should prevent him from switching systems? (or does his other investiture from other systems make that more flexible?) But even given some flexibility for him, we should at least be seeing a mysterious pattern slinking about him in Roshar? or a disguised person nearby? Could he have just left Design behind?
  9. I liked this book as its own story, but join others here in terms of satisfaction with the bigger picture. Random thoughts: 1. The map?? The continents are connected?! 2. Hoid - how could wax not question him after showing up with he boat? And dud he really just go from stormlight position and battle to six years of being a cabby? What else has he been up to? And where is design? (Will we find out in secret history 2?) 3. Several people on this thread implied kelsier can't use metals - how does that jive with his comment on jumping off if the airship? In general it was nice seeing him put back into human size with limitations rather then his projected power image. 4. I'm wondering if a harmony/discord split is forhowed by the southern view of the gods? The one who makes things move his sister who makes things stop? This never matched well with ruin and preservation... I also think a true combo of ruin and preservation would be closer to cultivation, but that's already taken... Harmony just seems like an unbalanced-preservaton-focused interpretation... 5. I hated that all of Wayne's money went to alliandre. I wanted her to get a fortune and liked that seen, but would have preferred more of that money get scattered to interesting projects building his legacy - allriande might just spend it all to erase his name... 6. Moonlights voice did not feel like Shai to me. But becoming kelsiers top agent totally seems like a Shai thing to do.