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  1. good point about that i was more meaning kandra but the mistwraith seems like the simplest and likely more efficient option and you could probaly just command said mistwraith lifeless to cling to a true body or something simlier if you really wanted it to be humanoid
  2. yeah definatly the main thing i was referencing with the hacking being needed was this wob wich aplies to koloss but is a decent bases for what would happen witht kandra forcing it to be a mistwraith agian the ordering it into a new form definatly should work effectively a shape shifting weapon i geuss i was thinikng about a perfect replication lkie wanting it to take a new complex form albeit thats simply assumig the lifeless has a more limited shapeshfiting capabiliites but theres no way to tell Phantine Would a lifeless Koloss still be super strong? Brandon Sanderson You see, what is happening to create a koloss is a human soul is taken, sliced up, and sutured back together--with the spikes being the "stitches" that holds it all together. That's a problem, since the various forms of investiture don't play very well together. In Awakening, you're basically giving something a counterfeit soul. (But without the skill or knowledge of something like an Essence Mark.) This means that in investing the corpse of the koloss, you have troubles. It's going to want to snap back to the original human shape and strength. If you COULD overcome this, then yes, it would be stronger. /r/books AMA 2015 (Aug. 11, 2015)
  3. so i was thnkng if there was any practcial uses for a kandra or mist wraith lifeless definatly see some use but a few downsides as well i mean a shapeshifting lifless could be awesome if it worked mechanically but i can see it being limited to forms its already digetsed since it cant eat any more bones i imagine a probable difference in the capabilitys of the mist wraith lifless and a kandra lifless but im not sure although making a lifeless out of a kandra may require some hacking do to hemalurgy twisting the soul of the mistwraith what do you guys think about a mistwraith or kandra lifeless and lets say you had one on nalthis what would you use this lifeless for and specify if it was made from a kandra or a mistwraith in your imagined useage
  4. it might be similer to how a seon reacts with a fabrial there aon affetcing what you get so for example i spike a seon with the healing aon i might just get a spike charged with the power of rthe aon or a spike charged with human health i spike a seon with the fire aon i could get a spike charged with warmth and since you can steal any attrbute that can be stored in a metal mind it could just be like stealing human health or warmth but if it is it would only apply to a couple types of aon PhantomMonstrosity Could you steal any trait Hemalurgically that can be stored Feruchemically? Brandon Sanderson Yes, you could steal any trait that can be stored. General Signed Books 2015 (Jan. 6, 2015)
  5. id personally try the soucasting a metal mind wich would be pretty difficult but i imagine what would happen is for example i turn steel into iron theres still power in it but i cant use it like when you mix to metalminds together youd know theres power but couldnt use it now if you tried compounding this metalmind i have no idea id also attempt to make an unsealed metalmind that incoroporates different fabrials to get some extra benefits like see if i can some how link a copper medalion and a spanreed to transmit memories id also see if i could store the emotional effects of the thrill or from a painrial id also test assuming im aware of the memory affecting benefts of being a light weaver interact with a coppermind and maybe if there is a feruchemist that went to the nightwatcher could they some how store the curse in a nicrosil mind while keeping the boon of course hoping they dont get cultivation mad when she finds out
  6. that defiantly seems like a viable way to keep up with some one like a windrunner although soul casting savantism could have some problems to be fair thats only if they were using a soul caster which would result in some parts of the body becoming metal if they have a spren bond the savantism manifests in a unkown way but assuming a soul caster is used i wonder what would occur if one tried to burn the metal there body has now become assuming its allomanticaly viable also burning metals like alluminun would effectively be a death sentence if the metal is usable for allomancy
  7. to answer your question on if it would make a resonance this wob implys that its possible in theory but generally it wont happen this is likely applying to a hemalurgically gained power but we should be able to assume something similer would hapen with the blessings Questioner As far as Hemalurgy, when you give that-- when it's done to somebody, would that create a new resonance? Brandon Sanderson It's possible that it could. Though I'm gonna say, most of the time, no... Lots of things are possible, but I'll give you a "mostly no" on that one. Questioner What about savantism? Is that possible with Hemalurgy? Brandon Sanderson Yes, it is. Skyward Chicago signing (Nov. 16, 2018)
  8. this does add some confusion but in the word of brandon it does say having any form of invested metal in the body will do wierd thinks so it could just be as simple as i have piece of metal A charged with some form of investiture and i jab it into a bind point it could act like a hemalurgic spike warping the body and mind like piece of metal B that i stabbed into someone and ripped out a piece of the soul so at that point its more a semantic issue is metal A considerd a hemalurigc spike even though while it acts like one when jabbed in a bind point but it wasnt made using hemalurgy or is metal B a true spike since it actually used hemlaurgy to charge it in the first place basically stating that it i use metal A in a kandra it could act as spike without actually being made with hemalurgy and this wob specifally says the different blessings react as they do because of what they are stealing meaning all that other wob is saying is metal A could be used to give a kandra sentience even though its power isnt from a use of hemalurgy so it likely less a contradiction and more heres another way to do it Questioner I was wondering a little bit about the kandra and they're made by Hemalurgic spikes. I was wondering if their Blessing comes from the effect that the Hemalurgic spike steals? Brandon Sanderson Yes. Skyward release party (Nov. 6, 2018)
  9. its possible its both simply a thunderclast could just be a mass of sentient investiture wether that be a mind kept going threw absorbtion of power or the power that gained a mind on its own animating stone remember realmatically splinters and cognitive shadows are pretty close to one another being so if a shadow could do it a spren should be able to do something similer which assuming the vision are accurate we have seen they main thing is likely the source of the power both coming from odium because i kinda doubt a radiant spren could even begin to attempt something like that
  10. yeah definatly seems like hed pull something close to hoid i do wonder wich magic hed seek out first assuming he finds out about them if he picked up a shard he probably quickly find out hes pretty much stuck if that shard has invested a planet and might just give it up
  11. for the shard blade it resists being affected by other forms of imvestiture maybe it reacts less to your own but when you steel psuh that isnt your power its preservations/harmonys so yeah its definatly going to resist like trying to push breaths into shardplate it isnt going work unless your able to push threw the interference
  12. for the being able to hear your illusions id take a look at the screamer void spren they can sense when a lashing is used but not when a light weaving is made pattern even says that a light weaving is quieter than a lashing implying a screamers powers is similer to a bronze misting but i bet you could hear it but it woud just be more subtle so if im a mistborn and assuming id run into screamers id think thats a good indication of capabilitys of light weavings
  13. this is certainly interesting to think about if you look at awakening from the perspectvie of a drab there giving up a part of themselves with no real way to get it back so end negative i could see were the fuel is coming from is intresting this wob applying to lifless specifaclly says there soul is drained implying thats what causes the lose of color similer to a blade dead limb wich carves away the souls investiture if we can apply this to awakening an object the colored materials soul is drained and used as fuel while the breath acts as a kind of engine im not sure though PrncRny (paraphrased) What connection is there between Lifeless and Shard-severed limbs? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) They are similar, but different. With Lifeless it's due to the soul being drained away, shrinking to nearly nothing. With Shard-severed limbs, that portion of the soul is sheared clean away. Idaho Falls signing 2014 (Nov. 29, 2014)
  14. aluminum objects dont produce atium shadows but remember aluminum allomancy is the power of presevration fitered threw aluminum so we kinda dont know if it would effect an atium burner like a piece of aluminum would Questioner Would aluminum give an atium shadow? Like if someone threw an aluminum spear? Brandon Sanderson The aluminum would not give an atium shadow. Good question. Words of Radiance San Francisco signing (March 6, 2014)
  15. man that sounds amazing a nalthis puzzle game is something i want to play now