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  1. I think it depends on the order of the Radiant Also, I see Kaladin as chaotic good, as he has the best intentions, but rebels against the society he is in (does not bother Syl until he does something morally wrong)
  2. So my boyfriend is the biggest DND fan, and as I was having trouble understanding subtle differences between character archetypes of the alignment chart, we sat down, discussed it, and filled it out with SA characters (this helped me understand it so much better). Anyways, I thought I would share and see what everyone else thinks! Lawful Good: Dalinar (later in life obviously) Neutral Good: Shallan (my boyfriend was reluctant to have her on the list because he is not a fan) Chaotic Good: Kaladin Lawful Neutral: Naln * True Neutral: Jasnah Chaotic Neutral: Wit Lawful Evil: Taravangian Neutral Evil: Sadeas Chaotic Evil: Odium * *(I don't know how fair it is to use shards as examples as they are very exreme)
  3. The was Sanderson made a world, then let it age 300 years and then will let it age more in the future and EVERYTHING works is all I'm her for
  4. Sarene's uncle, Kiin
  5. Oooh what is it
  6. Imagine the mischief