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  1. There's hope yet! OMG how could I forget!
  2. And hates himself for it
  3. I'm glad I am not alone
  4. Ok I need this to happen now
  5. Personally, I'd want Wayne. I can see Jasnah or Lift becoming one too. What are your thoughts?
  6. Kaladin would moodily do a hairflip and just be profound and deep
  7. “Honor is dead. But I'll see what I can do.” - Kaladin (a LITTLE dramatic, but impactful nevertheless)
  8. Speaking of Syl, everything that comes out of her mouth basically. Here's a few: "I know this because I am intelligent and articulate. You should compliment me now." "I don't smash into things. I am an elegant and graceful weapon, stupid." "I know you’ve been busy lately fighting guys in white clothing and stuff, but I’ve been doing research. People lock their doors, but there’s plenty of room to get in underneath. I figured, since you don’t seem inclined to do any learning yourself, I should study. So if you have questions..."
  9. Classic
  10. I mean, they need immediate help
  11. Where does Mistborn Era 2 fit within the cosmere timeline? I'll need to keep a look out for him