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  1. Trevor muttered a bit, but agreed. "Sounds good." He ran in a crouch across the room to Isabelle and grabbed her arm, rising to his full height (not much more than his crouch) and ready to run. "Boss said to get you," he said in a rush. "We're attempting an escape. Merl's getting the Professor and Stefan is getting a poky ball. Can these guys hold them off?"
  2. "Yeah. We could run and get to safety, ditch one of her crazy animals, and use the freed-up ball thing-y to get Dax," Trevor offered.
  3. Wide eyed, Trevor faced Stefan. "Can you make a portal to get us out of here? Quickly?" Trevor asked him.
  4. What am I supposed to say to that? Trevor panicked. He said don't thank. But that was for the other thing. Gosh, had he really gotten that rusty with his social skills? He went with a bashful, "I trained," which he hadn't, and admired the creatures with him.
  5. Trevor did follow, deciding Merl knew what he was doing and at last getting his act together. "Yeah, uh, fine," he said, his face heating up. Was he supposed to say 'thank you'? He found himself not wanting to seem rude to Merl, so he said, "thanks" as quickly as possible and hoped with everything he had that Merl would pretend it didn't happen. Then he remembered what was going on and watched as Isabelle's pok-y animals formed.
  6. "Ahhhhh-ahhhhh-AHHHHHHH!" Trevor shrieked, letting his lunchbox slide to the floor with a crash. Jumping at his own noise, he covered his ears. Several shocks of adrenaline shot through him as he scrambled to get behind Merl. @STAG
  7. Again, Trevor was the first to jump in with his lunch box safely in hand--or, pressed against his abdomen since he still wouldn't use his hands.
  8. Trevor lifted a shoulder in response, ready to get past the technical stuff and go find the thing.
  9. "Steve's place is niiiiiiiiiiice," Trevor said, walking along the table and trailing the back of his hand (un-burned) across it. "How'd he manage to land his own universe?" He smiled and pulled himself out a chair. "Just kidding. So, where's this Dax dude?"
  10. Trevor scrambled to jump inside the circle-thing so no one forgot him.
  11. "Yeah. Had a buddy for a couple years that I had to...catch, so. A, um, magical animal buddy, of course."
  12. "Uhhh, okayyyyy, I won't I guess." He turned away from the strange man to accept the jar from Stefan. "Trevor. I'm from Spatula. Thanks for the cream."