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  1. They look epic!
  2. Hi, guys. I'm never on here, but I had to share this for anyone who will find it. Slavery is real today, and you can be prepared to help do something about it if you go to and find their 1 hour training. This is a video about the truths of trafficking by Operation Underground Railroad, which was founded by Tim Ballard.


  3. "Stupid iron-y iron-iron ironclads," Ernie grumbled, not sure why everyone was calling them ironclads, but enjoying it much the same. They must be the beasts Cavalier was telling him about. "No meat, no honor. Well, are we going to help this dragon fight then?"
  4. "Cavalier of Cavalier the Cavalier," Ernie replied, pointing to Cavalier, the kippy beside him. "And who is this Phaedrus-dragon of which you all speak?"
  5. Ernie nodded, then switched to his booming voice again, though it was a touch softer now. Still enough to get a good echo. "Fear not, I chose to spare him out of mercy and because you are all his friends, I shall not partake of your meat. The Cavalier would be wrathful if I did."
  6. Ernie's wild eyes darted around awkwardly. "Uhhh..." he lowered his voice, a little embarrassed. "Did you say 'hi'? No. Never mind. I...think you did. Anyway." He straightened, clearing his throat. "Hello, young kippling. Nice you." His tail twitched back and forth nervously as he waited for her reply. Dang, he had never been so nervous around another kippy before! What was wrong with him?!
  7. Ernie flushed with pride, though it was impossible to see through his fur.
  8. Ernie grunted at his performance. Looked easy to him. "No food," he grumbled, following after the Cavalier. He got about half his body through before getting stuck. Shooting the kippie a warning look that clearly meant "stay away", he twisted and struggled until at last he popped through, deciding that though squishy was a very delightful word, he did not like the experience of it. And the queer piece of meat was able to get through it so easily! Ernie tried not to glower. No. He would have to regain his youth. And he could do it by observing the other kippies like Cavalier. opportunity of sorts. "So what's this 'epic fire dragon battle'?" he asked.
  9. "Squishy," Ernie repeated. As soon as the word left his lips, he laughed. "Squishy! It's perfect! Let's find this squishy exit. Oh, and I'll bring my rocks! Wait, do your friends have meat? I'm hungry."
  10. "No about the...the..." Ernie struggled to remember the strange word that the kippy-kid had said. "The squash...? You called the wall squash...? Yeah. That was it. Squash!"
  11. Ernie squinted. "What did you say?"
  12. Ernie jabbed at the pile. "You have to feel it. Touch them. Toss them. Do whatever kippies do with them. One day, I hope to see them in light, but for now we explore their majesty in other ways."
  13. "Ah, yes, yes," Ernie said, waving off his words. "Other kippies I presume? Well, you shall soon see what keeps a warrior like me entertained up here. Come, follow me." He waved him forward and picked through a pile of...whoops. Wrong one. Definitely the wrong one. "Don't step in that," he warned, taking a careful, blind step to the left. Dang darkness. And dang kid. He was starting to sound like the kid! How long would it take before he was acting like the kid, too? He shook himself, then gestured to the second pile, which was maybe a little too close to the first. "This is what you need to see."
  14. Ernie straightened up, glad he had won the voice contest. He knew the caves so well the youngster Cavalier could never beat his intricate echos. Well, never mind. The kip wanted a game to be played. Childish, he thought. This Cavalier must learn to be a man. "Perhaps I should give you a tour of my cave instead?" he suggested. He leaned in, eager for his reply, though he would never admit it. Maybe it had been too long since he had had visitors. Okay, and maybe he wanted to show him his rock collection, too.
  15. "YOU ARE SO WELCOME." Ahhh, yes. There was a twinkle in Ernie's eye at the end of that one.