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  1. Hey y'all, Wildcard again. I'm practicing my game vfx skills for my portfolio and I thought Spren would be a perfect subject to make if anyone had suggestions if their favorites. It doesn't have to be a spren, but a magic effect like a seon, or the goop in elantris/soul stamp.
  2. Now absorbing stormlight
  3. I found a blender plugin that generates some common gem styles called Jewlcraft and tried a few things.
  4. Im wondering if anyone knows if Brandon calls out specific gem cut styles when describing gems for Sphere and fabrials. It seems likely specific cuts are better then others rather than it being an arbitrary detail. Coppermind only says that cut gems hold more stormlight somehow. Hopefully this question doesn't Rafo'd or something.
  5. Currently, I'm doing some changes to make it a Niagara component ( basically so I can dynamicly change the color and brightness, and boy I tell ya, it can get really bright) Off the top of my head, I know chips, marks and broams have a different cut gem in the glass bead but I don't remember exactly what shape they were, I'm sure someone on the forms knows and that would be pretty easy to change.
  6. I made it in unreal engine. The Stormlight swirling around is just a pretty simple panning material, attached to some circular cards stacked and playing at different speeds. The circular cards have special uvs so the planner looks like it's rotating, and I made it in Maya along with the gem, but the gem is nothing special. The wispy texture I got was made using this thing. https://www.escapemotions.com/experiments/flame/index.php I can make a more in depth mini-tutorial if people are interested.
  7. Hey y'all Wildcard here, I'm just gonna post this here because this is the one place that would appreciate my take on what a skymark looks like.
  8. I wonder if it's possible to soothe/riot a radiants Spren directly, like allomancers can do to Kandara and Koloss? I'm not sure what effect that would have, sounds bad for the radiant somehow though. Maybe there's a WOB about that.
  9. of course, you have to consider this strategy being thwarted by an aluminum foil hat....
  10. I donno man, A misborn-sparker would do the trick. There's no way any metal born could beat a Radiant head on. However; with clever manipulation of emotions via soothing and rioting and possibly cheesing duralumin you may be able to cause the radiant to stress or break it's nahel bond, weaking it. As an example, how easy would it be to wreak havok on kaladins depression as a mistborn while compounding zinc. He lost syl at one point because of it so the bonds seem pretty fragile. Also mental quickness is a pretty nice power to compound in this situation.
  11. They probably already use it. Remember that knife that killed Jezrien?
  12. That's the catch 22 about the whole Intent thing, if you have an Omnipresent shardholder tugging strings in the cognitive realm does that count as intent? Infact; how does intent get manifested in shadesmar? Is there intent Spren?
  13. This is exactly the kind of soap opera drama I want more of, can you imagine if Veil has a affair, Shallan and gets pregnant? You think there's DNA testing fabrials on Roshar?
  14. Hello! I'm also a creative type, technical animator here. If you make some decent character models I'd be happy to rig it something up. I make game rigs professionally in Maya, but I've been itching to learn more blender and blender script. It would be awesome to have some fan projects to add to my portfolio of passion pieces. My favorite cosmere character is a tossup between MeLaan or Vasher. What character would you be interested in sculpting?
  15. Firstly, In way of Kings Hoid asked Dalinar if he's ever heard of Adonalsium. Hoid then mentions that it's gibberish, and that if he was torn to pieces and put back together to give him a gibberish name. Hoid was basically describing a anagram and sure enough, makes Aluminados. And then we have the god metals that get their names from the shard holder. Atium - Ati Lerasium - Leras Harmonium - Harmony( although this should be Sazedium for my theory to be better) Aluminum - Aluminados I wonder if that is the reason why aluminum has such a weird effect on the cosmere, and that would be a convenient True name for Adonalsium pre shattering. just a theory, what do you think?