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  1. I don't say much on the shard, but I thought I'd post here. I'm also LDS, though I've got some things to work through.
  2. It's either something Slowswift says or something Cett says about him in Hero of Ages.
  3. How did the kandra feel after turning into a dog? MeLaan-collie.
  4. I thought about sitting this one out, but is it Gneorndin?
  5. Okay, here are the hints so far: 1: this character is invested 2: this character has one ability 3: this character is a criminal 4: this character is in Era 2 and 5: this character has a partner with a related ability
  6. None of the above. Should I do another hint?
  7. Not Kelsina. This character is in Era 2.