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  1. Alcatraz believes that Biblioden pretended to have the forgetting talent. But Brandon Sanderson characters with otherwise good instincts tend to not notice somethings, and with how book 5 ended, he wouldn't have had much time to think.
  2. So here are some of the things that made me think of this theory: I think it said somewhere Smedry siblings have similar talents. In the case of Attica and Kazan, one talent teleports things, the other talent teleports you. Firebringer's lenses shoot out fire, while the glass they use for torches sets itself on fire. Then there's Shatterer's lenses that break glass, and Restoring glass which breaks and restores itself, perhaps 'forgetting' it was broken. So, I think that the Breaking talent and forgetting talent are related, and that someone with the forgetting talent can forget things like injuries and maybe aging. Any thoughts?
  3. I have read Emperor's Soul. I have a hard time choosing favorites, but I'm impatient for Alcatraz book 6. Ugh.
  4. I like Wayne, Lift, Lopen, and I'm curious if you can replicate life sense with F-nicrosil.
  5. Hi, I've been lurking around for a long time and finally decided to join. I've read everything original by him except Snapshot, Starsight, and maybe a couple of short stories.