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  1. I think it's that the brain has limited storage space, so, to keep the memories he gathered, after all he has like 14,000 years of memory to keep track of or something ludicrous, he was forced to store them externally as investiture, in this case, as breath.
  2. Draft 5 up to 40%!
  3. This gives me hope the ardent that Dalinar sparred with might become a bondsmith squire!
  4. In history it seems that, no matter whether a monarch was good or bad, it's who preceded them that effects the publics opinion the most. He fulfilled a lot of what alethi society considered upholding the status quo and generally that is the mark of a good king but when compared to the change and power his father wielded? He is so much weaker by comparison and, to be honest, opinion of him isn't likely to change as Queen Jasnah, is likely to be a better ruler and just better for the current scheming political landscape that she finds herself in, worsening elhokars legacy as a bad king to the worst between two great giants of change and power. Elhokar also let civil disputes and wars ravage his kingdom constantly so land was always in flux. Something that the Gavilar may not have ever let happen because it hurt his idea of unity, to the point where Gavilar probably wouldn't have called his son a good king either even if that war like attitude is key to the alethi's society
  5. So I was wondering, since Urithiru was once a hub of Spren activity and The Oathgate Spren used to let people access Shadesmar through the oathgates before they were closed off. From there I was thinking perhaps there is or used to be a Spren city in the cognitive reflection of Urithiru and maybe the whole 'closest to Honor' issue with Urithiru has something to do with Honor's location in Shadesmar? Did the knights radiant trade with worldhoppers? Did Knights radiant grab a drink with their spren in shadesmar? Are there any cities forgotten by spren that still exist in the cognitive realm, perhaps the recreance killed many of the spren who remebered the old cities? Or it is just 10 empty oathgate platforms in a circle in the middle of a sea of beads.
  6. For one, this WOB shows it's not one to one exactly but other than that Urithiru has to have 10 oathgates platforms with oathgate spren on them in Shadesmar as well as the fact that Urithiru supported so many people in the past it must have some kind of reservoir of water or at least a river the keep the people from dying of dehydration. However, it wouldn't be much of an adventure if they just instantly went to the place the Sibling is located using the location of Urithiru in the cognitive realm. So perhaps they start in a different location and make their way to Urithiru or they go from Urithiru to the location of the Sibling. Another tangent is the 'study of cognitive reflections of the spren at the tower' could just be referring to a city at the location of Urithiru or something considering it must have had a huge spren population at one point. (Possibly abandoned after they left Urithiru and forgotten after the recreance when many of the inhabitants died and became deadeyes) Edit: sorry I don't really know how the quote feature works
  7. To go slightly on a tangent from the previous discussion, I'd like to ask why they are going to shadesmar? I found that this quote in the chapter 68 epigraph of OB "My research into the cognitive reflections of the spren at the tower has been deeply illustrative. Some thought that the Sibling had withdrawn from men by intent- but I find counter to that theory." The first sentence and second sentence seem quite disconnected but perhaps this is some foreshadowing to the sibling's disappearance being due to something in the cognitive realm occuring, hence why Shallan and Adolin need to go to shadesmar at all. Or I could be completely wrong. Link to the other epigraphs:
  8. Just to show that windrunmer squires have gravitation, in part two of oathbringer, we hear “Drehy, you used a quarter of a Basic Lashing, by Kaladin’s terminology?” Sigzil continued, still making notes. A basic lashing is part of the gravitation surge. So it leads me to think that squires have gravitation. And therefore Rock could have used gravitation. I do still think it is weird that Brandon brings up how odd it is that he can draw the shard bow so it still might not be gravitation, but im still married to the idea that it is caused by some surge, possibly even tension (It would be slightly funny to have our first stoneward to be called Rock, I don't really think he would be a bondsmith but I have no basis for either possibility). Still I can't wait to read and find out, in the unfortunately maybe delayed until around book 5 novella for Rock.
  9. Couldn't he have just used gravitation to make the arrow fall in the direction of the bow string and then just release it to aid the force needed to draw the bow? It feels like a pretty natural use of gravitation, like how Kaladin increased the speed he fell horizontally when attacking that shardbearer in words of radiance? This is just what I assumed when reading it for the first time but IDK.
  10. I’ve sent a newsletter request 4 times, and I’ve waited over twenty four hours after most of them. I’ve emailed Peter so hopefully he’ll contact the right people. I think you’re right about it being the new website design