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  1. When you're scrolling through Insta and take the opportunity to plug the Cosmere:
  2. What is your favorite number(s)?
  3. How did you choose your username for the 17th Shard?
  4. What song(s) makes you nostalgic?
  5. YKYAS when you name your new Kindle Evi
  6. In your esteemed opinion, what is the best waffle topping? Edit: Just realized I double posted...
  7. Welcome to the Shard! What's your second favorite song?
  8. I dare you to find Hoid in a non-Sanderson book/TV show/movie.
  9. What's your favorite dessert?
  10. You may. Have you ever sleepwalked or talked in your sleep?
  11. You have two options in this thread, basically. You can ask for a Truth, a question that you have to answer truthfully, or you can request a Dare, a dare that you are morally compelled to complete. You can only give someone one question or dare at one time unless they specifically request more.
  12. Do you have a favorite book-movie adaptation?
  13. What's your least favorite day of the year?
  14. I dare you to find Hoid in a non-Sanderson book.
  15. What's the worst interaction you've had with a relative?
  16. They are adorable!
  17. Married
  18. I really like the concept of your story and the characters! Are you looking for any advice? Also, fyi, the Volume I link leads to your Character Portraits post.
  19. Young
  20. “Usually when I get mad there’s a lot of punching, and I’m not the one getting punched.” - My friend "You're all my sacks of sugar. But some of you are being lazy sacks of sugar." - My Spanish teacher lecturing us about doing our work
  21. 382: Don't resist medical treatment. Acting macho isn't going to fix that stab wound in your leg, and you'll just hinder your allies if you try to fight.
  22. Probably death/oblivion.
  23. I request truth!