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  1. Further proof: as of right now, this was posted 16 hours ago!
  2. A pencil that's been sharpened 42 times
  3. YKYASF when your entire Spanish class hears faint voices coming from somewhere above (our school has one story), and you think, "What are the odds everyone here is a cytonic?" Also, when your Kahoot nickname is Elsecaller (I came in 3rd place).
  4. Some incorrect quotes (SA spoilers):
  5. Not so much memes as incorrect Nedd quotes.
  6. This might be a stupid question, but I couldn't find it in the Coppermind or Arcanum. In the prologue of AoL, how did Paalm leave Lessie's bones after she "died" without being noticed? Did Harmony have something to do with it?
  7. The 10 orders doing homework Windrunner: Does homework on time, fulfills the minimum requirements. Reminds everyone else to study and lets anyone work with them during class. Skybreaker: Shows work on every problem, cannot even fathom the idea of copying, lectures everyone on the long-term effects of cheating and plagiarism. Dustbringer: Their assignments can usually be found crumpled at the bottom of their backpack, but they're creative about finding other places (like the washing machine or a bonfire). Edgedancer: Does homework on the car ride to their sport practice. Uses sticky notes to remember what to do. Occasionally shares answers and provides emotional support. Truthwatcher: Prefers to work alone, likes to finish homework in class. Sometimes has panic/anxiety attacks the night before a test. Lightweaver: Doodles during the class notes, procrastinates, and uses Google to "check" their answers. They like to compare work with someone else, mostly the Willshaper. Elsecaller: Studies obsessively, overthinks every question, creates cheat sheets. When pressed for answers, they only give hints. Willshaper: Listens to music when they do decide to start. The rest of the time they procrastinate and try to compare answers, usually with the Lightweaver. Stoneward: Always does homework in a certain order, keeps a calendar, submits all assignments on time. They guard their answers like the last (spike-free, obviously) cookie. Bondsmith: Helps others when done with their own homework, prefers not to work alone and asks the other orders to join their study group. They do not approve of cheating, but try to avoid arguments.
  8. Thank you, both of you!
  9. OB spoilers!
  10. Second favorite Aon? Favorite shape? Do you say GIF or JIF? What came first, the chicken or the egg? Favorite section in a grocery store? Which part of the day are you most productive in? How long have you been on the Shard?
  11. Rereading Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages.
  12. Sure! *High fives Ene*
  13. I love your "About Me" description!

    1. Cosmoriente


      I thank you! I relate to your inability to navigate nowhere. There's no biological compass on this body whatsoever either..

  14. My Talent is being absolutely unable to navigate anywhere. Seriously. I don't even know how to get to the grocery store. I also have the ability to pronounce any word I learn from a book completely wrong.
  15. YKYAS when you shamelessly advertise the Stormlight Archive (yes, this actually happened):
  16. Great question! Personally, I don't think Rock can see Shardblades as dead spren, but that could be a factor in why he is a chef, not a warrior.
  17. Kaladin: Joins army to protect Tien Also Kaladin:
  18. David Charleston and Mat Cauthon are surprisingly similar. They both have a sense of humor and tend to be impulsive and reckless. Anyone else have Sanderson character comparisons (any book)?
  19. Meanwhile, I drew a majestic chicken in a tornado:
  20. Here's the pictures I used. The English letters on the script image look pretty similar, so double-check you're writing the right shape!
  21. You know you're a Sanderfan when you write your name in Alethi script and glyphs (sorry for bad quality).
  22. Definitely agree!
  23. I was wondering if anyone else made that connection! Have you read it?